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Build Hand Speed, Strength, & Quickness with the S.W.A.G. Adjustable Weighted Gloves...for Men or Women

Adjustable Weighted Gloves for Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Running, Walking, Shadow Boxing, & More!

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Benefits of Weighted Training Gloves by Sport

Training with Weighted Gloves improves strength, speed, and quickness in the hands and forearms. They even benefit the shoulder muscles. So here are the results you can expect to see when you train with the S.W.A.G. Adjustable Weighted Gloves.


  • More control of the basketball so you don't get it stolen
  • Dribble the ball with power and get by defenders


  • Improved Finger Control when catching the football means more first downs and touchdowns
  • Greater grip strength on the football means less fumbles


  • Develop more upper body strength in your running to cut time off your personal records
  • Throwers can train with weighted gloves to build those forearm and hand muscles to get those extra inches on throws.


  • Punch harder! Knock them out!
  • Quicker hand reaction on both offense and defense


  • Greater Power on your Swing means more Home Runs
  • Throw the ball further and harder & throw runners out


  • Build more upper body strength for greater speed
  • Increase endurance with weighted gloves while doing soccer drills.


  • Greater Power on your Swing means more Aces
  • Faster & Quicker Racket Swing means you'll return more shots


  • Greater Power on your Swing means longer drives
  • Hit the ball with more power

heavy weighted gloves for training men women

heavy weighted gloves hand training

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