Off Ball Screening Man to Man Motion Offense by Mike White Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Mike White (Rental)-Off Ball Screening Man to Man Motion Offense $18.99
Off-Ball Screening Man-to-Man Motion Offense Mike White built a winner at Louisiana Tech before coming to Florida where the Gators are one of the SEC elites. White continues his strong tradition of success with his man-to-man offense. In this video, you will see White’s ideas about transition offense and how to go faster. He also shares transition and half-court drills to help you establish a quick-hitting offense. Transition Offense & Drills Coach White starts by covering the roles of each player in the transition offense. He goes over things like the best area to outlet when starting the break, perimeter players running to corners, and more. White then goes into several drills that teach your team how to play fast and aggressive. You will see how to add more difficulty to the three-man weave as well as a couple variations of a transition shooting drill. Full-Court Threes 180 and 140 get the whole team running and working on jump shots, layups, and three-pointers. The Mincy Drill has players score off of different actions within the transition offense and a continuous disadvantage drill helps players learn to read and attack a defense in transition. Half-Court Man-to-Man Offense White then shifts to his half-court offense where he shares some of his favorite fundamental drills. Passing, pivoting, and shot preparation are all covered in the fundamental drills. Then, Coach White goes into what makes up his 4-out, 1-in man-to-man offense. It starts with a 3-on-0 segment and builds up to 4-on-0 and 5-on-0. Players go through the different screens and cuts before adding five defenders. No matter what style of offense you run, there is something in this video for you. As the game moves to a more “position-less” offense, you will find a number of concepts from Coach White that you can incorporate into your program.
Motion Offense Concepts for Any Offensive System by Matt Lewis Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Matt Lewis (Rental)-Motion Offense Concepts for Any Offensive System $18.99
Motion Offense Concepts That Can Be Applied to Any Offensive System Matt Lewis won the 2019 NCAA Division III national championship as the head coach at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. His team won the 2019 WIAC regular season and, as a result, Lewis was awarded the NABC Division III Coach of the Year, 2019 Coach of the Year, and the 2019 DIII News Coach of the Year awards. Coach Lewis’s career winning percentage of .906 heading into the 2019-20 season was the best among all active NCAA coaches. One of the things that make Lewis’s teams so good is their ability to run the motion offense. In this video, Coach Lewis covers footwork, passing, movement, and finishing in a coaching clinic setting. The drills and motion concepts he presents can help your team score more efficiently. Stride Stop The presentation starts with a drill that practices the stride stop, which puts players in position to either finish or quickly kick the ball out to the perimeter. Using a traditional jump stop requires an extra step which means more time. The stride stop puts a player in position to score or pass immediately which doesn’t give the defense much time to react and rotate. Attacking Players need to learn how to attack the basket and read the defense in a motion offense. Coach Lewis introduces a number of drills that incorporate attacking the basket, cutting to the basket, moving without the ball, and getting deep dribble penetration. When players attack, it forces defenses into help position which opens up a number of scoring opportunities. Roles/Menus Another important part of the motion offense is how to handle transition. Coach Lewis designates players as a “crash” or a “get back” player. Crash players, of course, have a responsibility to hunt for offensive rebounds. Get back players prevent a run-out in transition. Coach Lewis offers a ton of information for coaches looking to install a motion offense from scratch. Footwork, understanding cuts, and moving without the basketball – all basic skills – are covered in this outstanding presentation.
Nathan Davis' Basketball Offensive System
Nathan Davis (Rental)-Nathan Davis' Basketball Offensive System $18.99
Nathan Davis’ Basketball Offensive System Bucknell University head coach Nathan Davis has had plenty of success running a high-octane offense that also allows his teams to run the clock if easy shots are not possible. Davis won four straight Patriot League regular season titles from 2016 to 2019, won two league tournaments (2017 & ’18), and has taken home two Patriot League Coach of the Year awards (’16, ’17). See exactly how he runs the floor and flows right into a motion offense with multiple actions, ball screens, and lots of scoring opportunities. Transition to Motion Coach Davis philosophy is to get the ball out quickly on a make or a miss and score within the first six seconds of the shot clock. If that is not possible, the Nathan Davis’ Basketball Offensive System is designed to score in the final six seconds of the shot clock. You will see how Davis likes to run the floor and create scoring opportunities with dribble penetration, kick-outs, pitch-backs, or screens. Coach Davis also likes the low post player to stay opposite the ball to create space and, ultimately, get catches with two feet in the paint. 5-Man Motion In the 5-Man motion offense, Coach Davis has the post players work together. One plays on the perimeter and one in the post. The first action you see is a post player exchange with one screening for the other. The action also creates an opportunity for a drive from the ball-side corner. A second action is the post player setting a screen for a guard when the ball is passed. The guard reads the defense looking to curl for a layup, use a back cut for a layup, or pop out for an open 3-pointer. The weak-side flare screen is also a way to get the ball into the hands of a good shooter. Ball Screens In addition to running in transition and using the 5-man motion offense, Coach Davis is a big fan of ball screens. He teaches his screeners to sprint to the screen to achieve the element of surprise. Using actions like Triple and Jazz, Coach Davis create opportunities for two- and three-player actions. Warrior is a ball screen action that incorporates a back cut by one guard and a pass-and-follow ball screen. Coach Davis teaches you his up-tempo offense and how to use it to create opportunities for quick scores and how to use the offense to use the clock to get open looks and dictate the pace of games. This is an outstanding look at a complete offense. Rent Nathan Davis’ Basketball Offensive System DVD today.
Developing Players for a Free Flowing Offensive System by Dan D'Antoni Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Dan D'Antoni (Rental)-Developing Players for a Free Flowing Offensive System $18.99
Developing Players for a Free-Flowing Offensive System Marshall University head coach Dan D’Antoni is building a winner and is doing so with a commitment to developing players. He led Marshall to its first NCAA tournament bid since 1987 in 2018 and attributes that to his player development. In this video, Coach D’Antoni dives deep into his philosophy of player development. Player Development Philosophies For D’Antoni, who is the brother of Houston Rockets coach Mike, player development begins with recruiting the right kids. He likes to recruit high-character kids and then develop them by setting a standard of excellence and by holding them accountable. What D’Antoni believes is important in the development of his players are the following: Being a positive coach Refusing to pigeonhole players into predetermined roles Teaching beyond the fundamentals A dedication to strength training and conditioning Development Drills After discussing his philosophy of player development, D’Antoni then demonstrates a number of drills that can help players expand their talents. It all begins with a warmup where players are challenged to get out of their comfort zone with a variety of difficult finishes at the rim. The trademark D’Antoni offense is based upon the idea of positionless basketball and the pick and roll. Coach D’Antoni breaks down how to teach the pick and roll starting with a two-man demonstration and then progressing to include movement by other players off the ball. Coach D’Antoni continues the pick and roll discussion adding how to look for attack angles, how to execute proper roll technique, and how to continue the offense after the initial pick and roll. D’Antoni reviews the pick and roll in a half-court set and when finished goes into how to incorporate the pick and roll into the transition game. This developing players video takes a holistic approach to improving player performance. It starts with high-character players that give great effort in improving their range of skills. For coaches looking to add some new wrinkles to the development of their players, Coach D’Antoni’s presentation will challenge you. Rent this developing players DVD today.
The Spread Motion Offense by Kevin McGeehan Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Kevin McGeehan (Rental)-The Spread Motion Offense $17.99
The Spread Motion Attack Offense Campbell University head coach Kevin McGeehan shares with you the spread motion attack, an offense that allows coaches to play their best five players regardless of size. The spread motion attack was developed over time and is a combination of Pete Carrill’s Princeton offense with NBA-style ball screens and even a little dribble-drive motion sprinkled in. Coach McGeehan gives you a detailed on-court demonstration of the offense that will help you teach your players how to space the floor and create scoring opportunities. Philosophy Coach McGeehan begins by discussing the philosophy of the spread motion offense and how it evolved. What he shares here will help you adapt and adjust the spread motion attack to your system. One of the biggest components of the offense is how it seamlessly adjusts from a 1-2-2 setup to a 4-out-1-in setup. From the basic setups to spacing and backdoor cuts, Coach McGeehan reviews the offense step by step. Setup & Execution Coach McGeehan continues with the 1-2-2 setup as well as the 4-out-1-in setup and explains various entries and scenarios. He simplifies the entire offense into a number of if-then scenarios. The actions he shows get the ball into the high post and create multiple scoring opportunities by screening away. Different screening angles will create different offensive options, but the basic action allows players to score via backdoor cuts, open jumpers, dribble handoffs, ball screens, and more. Coach McGeehan also gives you variations to the basic sets that counter certain defensive tactics. The idea behind the spread motion attack is to put your best players in positions where they can effectively read a defense and create a scoring opportunity. Coach McGeehan’s video will teach you how to transition into the basic sets of the offense and play through a number of options. Over time, your team will develop a high basketball IQ and become very difficult to defend.
Essential Components For A Successful Offense: Cutting, Spacing And Fakes by Melanie Balcomb Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Melanie Balcomb (Rental)-Essential Components For A Successful Offense: Cutting, Spacing And Fakes $17.99
Successful Basketball Offenses: Cutting, Spacing & Fakes Melanie Balcomb is the winningest coach in Vanderbilt women's basketball history thanks, in large part, to her philosophy on the offensive end of the floor. She has over 400 wins, has won three SEC titles, and took Vanderbilt to 12 straight NCAA tournament berths between 2003 and 2014 with an offense that goes much deeper than the set play. In this on-court presentation, Coach Balcomb dives deep into the offense that helped her win an average of 23-plus games per season. Instead of teaching players set plays, Coach Balcomb teaches concepts. Players work conceptually rather than through a series of set plays or quick hitters. Coach Balcomb believes players are more effective when they are taught to read and react to a defense to find multiple scoring opportunities. One of the things you will see in Coach Balcomb's presentation is a discussion of the top four things an offense can do to control any defense. * Proper spacing * Timing * Read defenses * Move without the basketball Successful Basketball Offense Key Points Next, Coach Balcomb moves into areas of offense that are often not stressed enough but can affect outcomes. Off the ball actions are important. Players must understand how to move without the ball. Balcomb also gets into fakes - shot fakes and ball fakes to slow down a defense and make a read. Cutting is another skill that is important in countering defenses.  Through the use of Vandy's main set play, Coach Balcomb shows you five scoring options that include all the elements of the offense. You will see the 5-on-0 Putting It All Together drill in which players must do all of the little things that make an offense effective. In the successful basketball offenses video, Coach Balcomb shares the finer points of offense introducing concepts that every offense must master to become effective. She teaches players how to play and coaches how to coach their players through movements and actions, not just set plays. You will develop players that play more freely reading and attacking defenses at their weak points. Rent this successful basketball offenses DVD today.
Auriemma & Knight: Creativity In Your Motion Offense by Bob Knight Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Bob Knight (Rental)-Auriemma & Knight: Creativity In Your Motion Offense $15.99
Building Creativity and Discipline into Your Motion Offense Two of the greatest to ever walk the sideline – Bob Knight and Geno Auriemma – show you how to build creativity into your motion offense by teaching players to think. Players can go from average to great if they can “think the game” as Coach Knight likes to say. Coach Knight presents a number of drills that are designed to do exactly that – help players think, react, and better understand the game. With over 900 career wins at Indiana and Texas Tech, three national championships, and an Olympic gold medal (1984); Coach Knight is a living coaching legend. Using on-court demonstrations, he shares a warmup series of drills that will make players think about what they are doing on the court. The drills focus on three fundamental concepts – passing, cutting, and screening. These are important in the building of a motion offensive system. Coach Knight then gets into drills and tools that prepare players for game day situations. The drills put players in more challenging positions than they would face in a game. Coach Knight uses a 4-on-5 disadvantage drill that that helps teams deal with traps and double teams. Working in these disadvantage situations makes dealing with game day much easier. Coach Knight gives way to Auriemma who is also a living legend. With over 1,000 career victories and 11 national titles, Coach Auriemma knows a bit about the motion offense. He begins by talking about structure within the motion offense, but then gets into how to give players more freedom. Allowing this freedom forces players to think and react to create scoring opportunities. Coach Auriemma presents four practice drills to lay the foundation of the motion offense. The drills, from 1-on-0 to 5-on-0, will get players from all skill levels involved and teach them the motion offense as well as the fast break. If you run the motion offense, learn how to take your system to the next level by incorporating the teachings of two of the best to have ever coached the game of basketball.
Bob Knight: Spacing To Win by Bob Knight Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Bob Knight (Rental)-Bob Knight: Spacing To Win $24.99
Bob Knight: Spacing to Win For legendary college basketball coach Bob Knight, there is nothing more important to effective play on either end of the floor than spacing. Knight, winner of over 900 career games, three national championships, and four national Coach of the Year awards, presents his ideas on spacing in this DVD. He explains why spacing is so important on offense and defense and shows you how to implement his concepts into your program. Offensive Spacing To execute your offense effectively, you need space. Coach Knight shows you how to create space so your players can cut, screen, rebound, drive to the basket, or get open for a shot attempt. He also shares some insights on how to get more out of your offense. Coach Knight shows you how spacing can improve your screening and improve the play of your posts, especially when it comes to getting to the free throw line. Coach Knight goes on to use the whiteboard to diagram how his offense attacks various defenses. He uses live demonstration and game film to further teach these concepts. Knight shows you how spacing can get your best scorer open against a Box-and-1. He then goes through how to attack different zone defenses including the 2-3, 3-2, and 1-3-1. You will also see how Coach Knight breaks a number of different presses like the full court 2-2-1, the 1-2-1-1 and the 1-2-1-1 half-court trap. Defensive Spacing Spacing is also important on the defensive end and Knight reveals his strategies for using good spacing, positioning, and conversion on defense. This effectively limits the space an offense needs. Coach Knight talks about playing on the ball side, the help side, jumping to the ball, help and recover, and post defense. Once again, Coach Knight goes on the floor with live demonstrations and shows you game film to explain what his concepts look like in game situations. From the youth level all the way to the NBA, spacing is extremely important to playing championship basketball. Watch as one of the game’s great coaches teaches you how to use it to your advantage.
Building Your Offense With A Purpose by Bob McKillop Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Bob McKillop (Rental)-Building Your Offense With A Purpose $15.99
Bob McKillop took over as the head coach at Davidson in 1989. He’s been there ever since and has enjoyed an amazing career. He’s won numerous conference regular season and tournament titles as well as multiple Coach of the Year awards. His 2008 team advanced all the way to the Elite Eight. McKillop has done it all with a very simple philosophy. The details are the foundation of success. In this presentation, McKillop shares his seven keys to successful basketball. These are: Seeing Talking Having an act Be down and balanced Do the little things Flesh-to-flesh contact Finish everything You will also learn the four objectives McKillop uses on a daily basis to teach the game of basketball. They are simple. Let’s get better Have fun Play to win Make every play count These daily objectives are controlled by the coach and, if done right, will improve the learning environment of any basketball practice. Coach McKillop’s philosophy on offense is to use a full-court attacking offense that is extremely aggressive. The offense attacks with discipline taking high percentage shots in transition. The offensive system relies on five basic rules which are given below. Catch and See: Athletes quickly find their teammates, who is guarding them, and where the opponent is guarding. This helps slow the game down for athletes. Dribble with a Purpose: Attack somebody or help somebody. Offense is a Fight for Space: Run through your cut or pivot to create space. Finish Your Cut: Find a spot on the floor and get there after the cut to create space. Help Somebody: Learn to sacrifice. Set a screen, run hard up the floor, make an extra pass. Coach McKillop puts these daily objectives and rules to work in some of his team drills. You will see a 2-Man Stretch Drill, Read the Coach, 3-on-3 with a Coach, and the Triangle Shell Drill. McKillop’s entire career has been based on these simple objective and rules. Strive to be better this season by taking something from Coach McKillop, the 2008 NABC Coach of the Year.
Knight: Complete Guide To Motion Offense by Bob Knight Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Bob Knight (Rental)-Knight: Complete Guide To Motion Offense $34.99
Bob Knight, a legendary coach and author of the motion offense, shares everything you need to learn about it. You will be unable to guard your motion offense if you don't use sophisticated screening and reading techniques. With one offense, consistently beat zone, pressure and man-to-man defenses This 2-DVD set includes over 2 hours worth of instruction and game footage. Bob Knight, a legendary coach and basketball player, will take you on the court to teach you everything you need about motion offense. Coach Knight's two-disc set covers screening angles, fundamental spacing, screen reading, rescreening, and more. Two full games are included so that you can see the offense at work. Knight's unique approach to conversion basketball focuses on how to convert your team from defense into offense. Knight will show you how to use a variety screen types, including the down screen (back screen), the flare screen (cross screen) and the T screen. Knight also explains the options that the cutter and screener have for the screen. Knight demonstrates how to prepare your players to deal with fatigue and stress through shooting and passing segments. Knight not only demonstrates how to beat man-to-man defense, but also discusses strategies for beating zone. Knight demonstrates how important it is to dribble against the zone, with an emphasis on creating overload situations and penetrating the gaps. You will be able to design an offense that can compete against pressure, zone, or man defenses with in-depth teaching and demonstration. This style of play is free-flowing and uses the same techniques (spacing/reading, penetration, ball fakes, etc.) to place pressure on any defense. Bob Knight's proven teaching methods can create an offense that is difficult to stop and scout. Main feature: 127 minutes. Bonus material: 114 min (2 DVDs). 2009.
The Cut & Fill Motion Offense by Bob Huggins Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Bob Huggins (Rental)-The Cut & Fill Motion Offense $15.99
Bob Huggins, the '00-01 National Coaches of the Year. Three major components of an offense are cut and broken drills Coaches can learn the system by watching it on court. Coach Huggins' motion offense focuses on cutting, reading defense and looking for back doors. To illustrate his basic motion offense, Huggins uses cones on the ground to start. Huggins uses breakdown drills and cutting drills to help teach the three main components of the offense: spreading out, moving and isolating. Huggins guides players through a five-man cutting structure in order to put together the offense. Screeners will call for screens and the cutter will make an intentional move to open the cut. This offense is difficult to defend because it has both on-ball and non-ball screening options. Huggins is the best source for everything you need to set up this slashing offense. 74 minutes. 2008.
Winning with the Unguardable Flow Offense by Pat Skerry Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Pat Skerry (Rental)-Winning with the Unguardable Flow Offense $18.99
Get ready to elevate your coaching game with Pat Skerry's on-court instructional video! This expert coach, known for his ability to transform teams, is sharing his groundbreaking offensive philosophy - The Flow Offense. Discover the secrets behind Coach Skerry's success as he guides you through the evolution of his offensive system and the development of the Flow Offense. You'll gain an in-depth understanding of the key concepts, including maximizing offensive efficiency, reducing turnovers and offensive rebounding. See the Flow Offense in action as Coach Skerry demonstrates each step of the half-court offense, from transition to set plays. You'll learn about the roles and responsibilities of each player, the importance of getting to the paint first, and how to attack the defense with double-staggered screens. Coach Skerry also shares his favorite ball-screening actions, including the 'Chicago Action,' 'Ricochet Action,' and 'Butt-Screen Action,' each designed to take advantage of defensive adjustments throughout the game. With the 'Missed-Shot Transition Drill,' Coach Skerry shows you how to put the Flow Offense into practice, offering a perfect teaching opportunity and a chance to see what you can achieve. You'll also learn about flow sets and actions, including the 'Stack Series' with options for three-point shots, double-ball screens, and a counter that keeps defenses guessing. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from one of the best coaches in the game. Get your copy of Coach Skerry's on-court instructional video today! 73 minutes of expert coaching, 2023.
Building a Motion Offense & Quick Hitters by Ken French Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Ken French (Rental)-Building a Motion Offense & Quick Hitters $18.99
Ken French: Building a Motion Offense & Quick Hitters The Motion offense has been around for years and utilizes player movement, spacing, passing, cutting, and setting screens in an effort to create easy scoring opportunities. In this informative video, University of Rio Grande head coach Ken French teaches you how to build a successful Motion offense from the ground up. In today’s more position-less game, it is important for players to understand all the elements of sound man-to-man offense. Those elements include floor spacing, communication with teammates, how to screen, penetration, and more. Coach French shares a number of drills designed to help you and your players understand the nuances of the Motion offense. Motion Offense Drills One of the biggest challenges in running the Motion offense is helping players understand how to make decisions as the offense begins to take shape. Coach French uses breakdown drills to simplify and reinforce the decision-making process. Repeated practice using these drills will help players become more confident in the offense and lead to greater success. Coach French also introduces drills that help players learn to penetrate and kick effectively. Players learn to read all defenders including help defenders. Players learn the specific move to make – cut, fade, or curl – when a defense reacts to the offense. Coach French explains all the motion actions and reads so that you can build an offense that can unload from 3-point range or attack the basket with penetrating drives. French expands the drills by adding a post player and teaching players how to use screens, including ball screens by the post. Also included is specific instruction on working a two-man game on the strong side. French does a wonderful job of teaching perimeter players to work with post players in what he calls “split the post.” Motion Offense Quick Hitters This 72-minute video also includes a series of quick-hitting half-court offensive plays that can be used in special situations. Need a late-game 3-pointer or quick shot at the end of the half? French has you covered in this segment. You also get a few motion quick hitters in transition that will show you how to take advantage of defenses that don’t get back quick enough. Coach French shares with you a multitude of ways to take advantage of a defense using the motion offense.
Cutting And Screening Motion Offense by Steve Alford Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Steve Alford (Rental)-Cutting And Screening Motion Offense $17.99
Olympic Gold Medalist Steve Alford teaches you how to cut and screen in motion offense. Instructions on screening and cutting, the staples of a motion offense Five essential drills will help you build your own screening and cutting motion games. Steve Alford's success is directly due to his experience as an All-American at Indiana, and a successful coach. Motion offense has many benefits, including shot quality, low turnovers and learning how to play, distorting defense, and reaching the free throw line. Learn how to build your offense using the 2-0, 2/1, 2-2 and 3-3 progressions. Alford's instruction focuses on screening and cutting, two essential elements of motion effectiveness. Alford's unique concepts of wheeling, re-screening and cutting add value to his instruction. Alford provides five fundamental breakdown drills to help you build your own cutting- and screening motion game. You will improve your shot selection and force opponents to foul on a regular basis. These motion drills will help you score easy baskets, free throws and open shots. 71 minutes. 2009.
Continuity Motion Offense And Quick Hitters by Ernie Kent Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Ernie Kent (Rental)-Continuity Motion Offense And Quick Hitters $15.99
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