(Rental)-The Break Point Offense: The All-encompassing Offensive System


(Rental)-The Break Point Offense: The All-encompassing Offensive System

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The Break Point Offense: The All-Encompassing Offensive System

One of the difficulties with coaching basketball is the seemingly endless number of plays that players must learn. There are plays for man defenses and even more for attacking zones. It can become quite confusing for a player at any level. Aaron Garrett, head coach at Amber-Pocasset (OK) HS, addresses that exact problem with his Break Point Offense. Garrett led his team to the Grady County Conference championship in 2016 and was named the league’s Coach of the Year and the big reason why has to do with the Break Point Offense.

In this video, Coach Garrett shows you how to install the offense, teach it, and drill it. He uses a combination of whiteboard discussion and on-court demonstrations to show you his offense which is built around shot selection.


The Break Point offense begins with an entry, so Coach Garrett shows you 23 total entries a team can use. These entries come in the form of press breaks, transitioning with the dribble, transitioning with a pass, out of bounds plays, man offense, and zone offense. All entries lead into the same half-court set where the offense can attack man or zone defenses.

All the actions of the offense are tied to what is called “home position.” There are two types of home position: 1) press break home position and 2) man and zone home position. Press break home position is “five on a dice.” The idea is to have three receivers closer to the ball and one long receiver. Man and zone home position is based on the concept of creating a triangle on one side of the defense. The multiple entries help to disguise your favorite actions.


Coach Garrett then explains what can be created from each of the home positions. From the press break, four options are possible. From man and zone position, the actions are divided into those against man and those against zone. Double screens, stagger doubles, and slices are just a few of the actions used against man. Dribble actions and double flare screens are few of the actions used against zone defenses.

Play Behind the Actions

Garrett then discusses how the Break Point Offense scores most of its points off of entries and actions. The whole idea of the offense is to run the actions to force the defense to its breaking point. In addition to the entries and actions, Garrett discusses how he gets players to understand spacing.

Garrett’s system is all-encompassing and teaches players to score when a defense is at its weakest. You can take a lot away from Coach Garrett’s video, which introduces an entire offensive system you can use in your program.

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