(Rental)-The Best Offensive Basketball Concepts I've Seen


(Rental)-The Best Offensive Basketball Concepts I've Seen

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Supercharge Your Offensive System: The Best Offensive Concepts I’ve Seen

Former Division I head basketball coach Fran Fraschilla (Manhattan, St. John’s, New Mexico) has had the rare opportunity to see basketball from a number of different vantage points. Currently as an International Basketball analyst for ESPN, Fraschilla has learned from some of the top experts in the world. In this video, Fraschilla shares some of the best offensive concepts he has seen. You will see 14 different examples of wrinkles you can add to your existing offense giving even more opportunities to score.

Offensive Actions

Take your base offense and run an entry that can flow right into it and create several scoring chances. Fraschilla shows you a quick hitter that helps your post player at the rim even before you’ve run the main play. You will also see a number of ideas that can help you tweak certain plays depending upon the situation.

Fraschilla will show you four additional plays off of his primary set. Each creates new scoring actions for different players and Fraschilla adds wrinkles to help you defeat common defensive adjustments like switches. You will even see how to turn these wrinkles into sideline inbound plays that are sure to open up scoring opportunities.

Exploiting Your Opponent

It’s common for teams without an outstanding player to face junk defenses. Fraschilla prepares you for those situations with a continuity offense that can easily produce layups against a Box-and-1 zone defense. He will also show you how to create 2-on-1 games by distorting the zone.

Looking for ways to beat a disorganized defense in transition? Fraschillas shows you the Kansas secondary break. The play gets the ball inside through quick ball reversals, lobs, and cross screens. You can also take this fast break play and run it as a half-court offense.

The Horns set is popular at all levels of basketball and Fraschilla shows you how to use it a number of ways. The Boomerang concept is one uses guards to attack mismatches created after defensive switches. You’ll see how to use false motion to get a defense moving and then hit them with a high ball screen.

Coach Fraschilla also includes two options for a sideline inbound play that gets you a two- or three-point attempt in the last seconds of a game. The play has multiple scoring options and is one you can pull out for those critical late-game situations.

There are a number of outstanding ideas for adding depth to your playbook presented here. Coach Fraschilla does an excellent job of sharing some of the best offensive concepts he has seen from around the world. Incorporate them into your offense today!

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