Blocker-Mover Offense
Dick Bennett Blocker-Mover Offense $37.00
    The purest form of basketball team offense is the half-court motion offense. This video presents Coach Dick Bennett’s approach to motion offense. It is an offense which allows a coach to incorporate players of different skills and abilities into a productive team system. Bennett presents the different variations the offense can take on, depending on the personnel available. He presents his own offensive philosophies and the principles which have made this offense so successful. The Blocker-Mover offense allows you to build your team around the talents of one standout player or those of multi-talented athletes. Chapters: Introduction Slide Lane Top Lane Lane Lane Wide Conclusion
Grinnell Basketball Offense
Dave Arseneault Grinnell Basketball Offense $39.99
      The Grinnell offensive system has grown over the years and Coach Dave Arseneault uses his players in this on-court demonstration to show the system in its entirety. The DVD begins with the offense after being scored on and all the options - which include point guard attacking the rim, right wing off a double screen, trailer option, left wing setting a screen and using screens and finally a swing/swing option. The offense also employs a two-man game when the point guard is forced from the middle. The options are the same when attacking off a live ball change of possession. Their offensive attack versus a zone is also demonstrated. The on-court demonstrations finish with a 10-minute drill to teach the players how to play until effectively tired. Coach Arseneault concludes the DVD with 2008.
High Low Triangle Offense Basketball with Lason Perkins Lason Perkins High Low Triangle Offense
Lason Perkins High-Low Triangle Offense $29.99
High Low Triangle Offense with Lason Perkins  The High-Low Triangle incorporates concepts from the famous Tex Winter Triple-Post offense, commonly known as the Triangle offense; the Flex offense; and the Shuffle-Cut offense. It provides constant movement, screening and good floor spacing, and offers a variety of options that allow you to take advantage of your talented players. Because the High-Low Triangle is effective against both man-to-man defenses and zone defenses, it provides tremendous flexibility with multiple entries and options. Whether you have a great outside shooting team or a dominant inside presence- or neither- this is a powerful offense at any level of play.
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Simple Offense for Youth Basketball Coaches Teams youth basketball offense against man to man zone
Randy Erickson Complete Youth Basketball Offense $24.99 $39.99
  Looking for a youth basketball offense that you can actually run and run it against any defense?  Then Complete Youth Basketball Offense is for you.  Veteran youth basketball coach Randy Erickson will teach you simple yet effective offenses including a fastbreak into the offenses. Whether or not you have coached youth basketball before, Complete Youth Offense provides simplified offenses that both the coach and player can pick up quickly. The offenses promote team play and fundamental skills of basketball. Your players won't just be learning to go to "spots" but will actually learn to play and think the game. The offenses are broken down into Breakdown Drills that will teach your team the offenses from the ground up. So even if you don't always have enough players to go 5 on 5, you can still work on the offense.  Complete Youth Offense will keep things simple yet allow enough complexity that you can add features as your team develops. This DVD is perfect for beginngers up to junior high. Youth Basketball Offense Vs. Zone The DVD includes simple zone offense that will keep your players moving and the defense guessing.  Zone offense shouldn't be overly complicated and Randy Erickson will keep it simple yet effective.   Youth Basketball Offense Vs. Man to Man Defense Youth offense should be a continuity offense that keeps running and doesn't break down.  This DVD gives you simple man to man youth basketball offenses that won't teach your players to be robots but instead teach them to read and react to the defense.  The worst mistake you can make as a youth basketball coach is to teach your players a bunch of plays that they have to remember.  Don't be that Coach! Youth Basketball Fastbreak Offense Also included is a youth basketball fastbreak offense that will allow you to transition from defense to offense and get easy scores.  The reality in youth basketball is that transition offense is more important that set offense because the game is so chaotic and scoring in transition is easier than running a set offense. Use the fastbreak offense from Randy Erickson to look for that initial quick score down the court and if that doesn't work you'll be right into your set offense.
5 & 4 Out Offensive System for Basketball by Bob McKillop Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Bob McKillop (Rental)-5 & 4 Out Offensive System for Basketball $18.99
5 & 4 Out Offensive System by Bob McKillop  Install a 5 & 4 Out offensive system that is built on simple strategies and focuses on teaching players rather than teaching sets. That is exactly what Davidson head coach Bob McKillop has done during his outstanding career with the Wildcats. With 16 trips to postseason tournaments and 550-plus career victories, McKillop has built an offensive system that has adapted over the past thirty years. In this video, he shares with you his basic philosophy, strategies and techniques, and even offers a great drill to teach it all. Philosophy and Principles McKillop has strived to keep the game simple for his players. There are seven fundamental keys to success that guide McKillop’s offense: Seeing Talking Acting Detailed Flesh to flesh contact Finish things Down and balanced Using these principles as a guide, McKillop has been able to create a balanced offensive attack that features just five simple rules. Attack space, finish your cut, dribble with a purpose, help someone, and catch and see. This is how you teach players without teaching sets. Strategies and Techniques All McKillop’s players must have a basic understanding of the offense. Coach McKillop teaches his players the basics using a 3-on-0 setup. He helps his players understand how to read a defense and how to attack any open space. Players are able to learn the movements, actions, and techniques needed to be successful. McKillop also teaches that the “next shot is the most important shot” which is a mindset he wants his players to have. 3 Possession Reads This drill is perfect for teaching the principles, actions, and movements of Coach McKillop’s offense. Three simple actions – Step in Screen, Cut Screen, and Fade Screen – will increase scoring opportunities for players. These simple screens multiply the number of actions that are possible for your players to get open shots. Coach McKillop teaches that timing of the screens is vital. In the end, this 107-minute video is an outstanding motion offense guide. Using simple actions, Coach McKillop shows you how players can get open easily. It’s easy to see why McKillop has been able to win so many games. If you want to learn more motion offense, this DVD is for you. Rent this 5 & 4 Out Offensive System DVD today.
The Mover Blocker Offense by Tom Jicha Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Tom Jicha (Rental)-The Mover Blocker Offense $17.99
Mover Blocker Offense The Mover-Blocker offense is one that is gaining momentum at all levels of basketball. John A. Ferguson (FL) High School head coach Tom Jicha created the offense for a number of reasons. He begins this presentation with an explanation of why he uses the Mover-Blocker offense. The luxury of motion Puts the ball in best players’ hands Moves and removes help defense Offers numerous counters and options to exploit a defense Mover Blocker Offense Setup Coach Jicha details the basic structure of the offense. Players fit into one of two roles: blocker or mover. Coach Jicha explains the positioning and responsibilities of each player. Blockers, for example, must learn how to carry out a variety of screens for the guards to get open looks. Jicha emphasizes the two screens that are used the most – the pin down and flare. The role of the movers is also addressed. Coach Jicha explains how they are positioned, how they move, and how they initiate the offense. For the most part, movers play 3-on-3 basketball with their defenders and then use the blockers to attack the defense and get open shots. With the positional responsibilities taken care of, Coach Jicha moves on to the basic motion of the offense which is called Circle. Everything is built off of Circle. There are five main areas where players can get scoring opportunities. They include: 3-point attempt off a pin down screen Dump inside to the post Back screen layup Re-screen on the opposite side Two-man game Starting & Scoring in the Mover Blocker Offense Coach Jicha shows you five ways to initiate the offense against different defenses. Players will use straight pop outs, crosses, bumps, L-cuts, and dribble hand-offs to start the offense. Then, Coach Jicha covers the nine areas of attack to create scoring opportunities. These include back screens, flares and 7-cuts. From there, Jicha demonstrates how to score in the offense. He shows you seven types of the two-man game, four re-screen options, and two alternatives for the offense in a secondary set. This is the perfect offense for any junior high or middle school or higher level that has only two or three true scorers. It is also great for teams that face opponents that play great help defense. Learn the Mover Blocker offense today!
Flexible Dribble Drive Offense
Jamie Angeli Flexible Dribble Drive Offense $29.99
If you're looking for a great continuity offense that combines the aggressive actions of the Dribble Drive but also has great structure like the Flex, than this unique offensive system is for you! This is a hard to guard and hard to scout offensive system that uses interchangeable players and positions for quick attack actions. Using blur screens, curl cuts, flex cuts and dribble-drive attacks, Coach Jamie Angeli emphasizes spacing, cutting, screening, and driving with the result being backdoor layups, post up actions and rim attacks. The five Breakdown Drills are the perfect way to reinforce the offense and its principles at practice on a daily basis. Included on the DVD is a printable PDF ebook of Flexible Dribble Drive Offense that includes additional plays, diagrams, and more information! Running Time: 50 Minutes. 2012
Michigan-Style 2-Guard Front Offense
Tom Jicha Michigan-Style 2-Guard Front Offense $39.99
High School Coach Tom Jicha has spent years breaking down this offense made famous by Michigan’s John Beilein. In this DVD Coach Jicha shows the three main sets (chin, motion and shuffle) and how they flow together in one seamless offensive system. The offense is run out of a 2-3 alignment and gives the coach the opportunity to control the offense by calling sets or the players the responsibility by reading the defense. Each set has it’s own unique action that makes the offense hard to scout and defend. Jicha thoroughly takes you through each aspect of the offense and each option off every pass. Running Time: 58 Minutes. 2009.  
Quick Striking Swing Offense Entries
Bo Ryan Quick Striking Swing Offense Entries $39.99
Bo Ryan shows 18 entries into the swing offense that can get a quick score and keep the defense on their toes. In this on-court clinic DVD Coach Ryan demonstrates a variety of entries from different attack plans. The entries include back door opportunities, clear out actions, entries to the post and three-point scoring chances. He shows multiple series of plays out of specific actions and all flow naturally back into the swing offense. Running Time: 52 Minutes. 2007.
Encyclopedia Of The Horns Offense by Fran Fraschilla Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Fran Fraschilla (Rental)-Encyclopedia Of The Horns Offense $24.99
The Encyclopedia of the Horns Offense This is the ultimate guide to one of the most potent basketball attacks in the country – the Horns offense. Fran Fraschilla – a former head coach at Manhattan, St. John’s, and New Mexico – uses his decades of experience to show you the entire Horns offense and how you can adapt it to your own current offensive system. In addition, Fraschilla shares over 25 set plays that are being used at the highest levels of play, including the NBA and international basketball. The Horns Offense Coach Fraschilla teaches you the basics of the Horns offense including the spacing and the roles of each individual player on the floor. You will learn how you can put together a series of two- and three-player actions in structured motion based on four main types of cuts. With each cut, you will see the options your players can use by reading the defense as well as the techniques necessary to score. The actions you will see include wide pin down screens, dribble hand offs, ball screens, flex cuts, dribble penetration, and others. Ball Screens in the Horns Offense The ball screen is very important in the Horns offense and Fraschilla teaches you how to improve the effectiveness of them. Over the course of his career, Fraschilla has studied the best teams throughout the world and has incorporated what he has learned into his teaching. You will see how to use false motion to scramble a defense. You will learn how to optimize spacing and separate your post from his defender when sprinting into a ball screen. Get an inside look at some new tactics to execute ball screens, including flip screens for defenders that go under, the short roll against over-aggressive defenses, back action for sagging defenders, and the invisible screen to open up dribble penetration. Set Plays for the Horns Offense Coach Fraschilla shares a number of set plays with you. He shows you a series of plays taken from some of the world’s best international teams. You will see how to score using staggered screens, pin downs, flex screens, and post ups. The Horns set used by the Argentinian national team is broken down in detail and you will see how multiple options can be created to score a number of different ways. Fraschilla also shares a number of ways to isolate your best players and how to get them scoring opportunities in late-game situations. You will see how the 2015 Golden State Warriors used the Horns offense with a secondary break that used wide pin downs and stagger screens to free up their shooters. This 149-minute video is the ultimate resource for the Horns offense. Any coach can take bits and pieces from Coach Fraschilla and easily integrate them into an existing offense to improve an offense. Rent this Horns Offense DVD today.
Set Plays & Drills For The Mover Blocker Offense by Tom Jicha Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Tom Jicha (Rental)-Set Plays & Drills For The Mover Blocker Offense $17.99
Mover Blocker Offense Drills & Plays John A. Ferguson High School head coach Tom Jicha builds upon his Mover-Blocker offense video with this presentation that focuses on set plays and basic drills and skills. You will see 12 different set plays that are used when defenses begin to figure out what the offense is doing. These types of plays are great after a timeout, at the end of a quarter, or for the first play of the second half. Coach Jicha discusses the importance of players being able to score in a number of ways and addresses those skills with a series of drills. Set Plays in the Mover Blocker Offense Being able to attack a defense without changing personnel is a big advantage for an offense. This keeps the defense guessing. The essential actions of the Mover-Blocker offense – flare screens, back screens, pin-downs, etc. – are easy to recognize after a while. When a defense recognizes these actions, it’s time to hit them with set plays designed for quick scores. You will see 12 plays the cover the five major scoring areas identified in the initial Mover-Blocker offense video. Each play produces either a layup or a 3-point attempt. Drills for the Mover Blocker Offense The drills begin with a basic warm up that incorporates several different motions including layups off a curl, jumpers off a curl, 3-pointers, and fades to the corner. Coach Jicha then moves to 2-on-0 breakdown drills where players work on backdoor cuts, flare 3-point shots, attacking the paint, attacking baseline, and screening/re-screening. The final segment of the video focuses on a series of two-man game drills. Players work on the pick and roll, pick and pop, 7 cut, and the dribble hand-off. This video ensures that your players will learn the actions necessary to run the Mover-Blocker offense. It also gives you a number of set plays to turn to when the defense starts recognizing those actions. Rent this mover blocker offense drills DVD today.
Postionless Motion Offense for Basketball by Todd Lorensen Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Todd Lorensen (Rental)-Postionless Motion Offense for Basketball $18.99
Todd Lorensen: “Positionless” Motion Offense Two of the nation’s best junior college coaches share with you different strategies for the modern motion offense. Todd Lorensen, head coach at Buena Vista University (IA), and Jeremy Shulman, head coach at Eastern Florida State College, pair up to demonstrate the skills, drills, and spacing necessary to develop an offense that incorporates all the elements of the modern game. Lorensen took Buena Vista to the 2017 NJCAA DII national title and Shulman guided Eastern Florida State to the 2018 NJCAA D1 national championship. Each coach has a different take on the motion offense and shares how you can use their principles to be successful at any level. Todd Lorensen: 5-Out Motion Today’s game is moving toward a “positionless” approach to offense. As a result, players need to develop basic skills like cutting, screening, and passing in order to be effective in the modern motion offense. Coach Lorensen shows you 12 two- and three-man drills that emphasize these skills, including proper spacing on dribble penetration. The highlights of Coach Lorensen’s presentation include: Developing a two-foot jump stop to help players avoid charges and blocked shots. How to use drive and drift motions to free up your best shooters for wide open 3-pointers. How to tailor your offense to exploit certain defensive weaknesses. A rapid fire drill that teaches spacing and increases the number of shots players get in practice. Coach Lorensen also provides information on how certain sets can help you identify defensive weaknesses and help you exploit any mismatches. He also gives advice on how to transition into basic motion sets from virtually any spot on the floor. Jeremy Shulman: 4-Out Motion Shullman reveals to you the seven layers of his motion offense, one that scored 1.2 points per possession in 2016-17, the same year that Eastern Florida State won a national championship. Coach Shulman breaks down how each action combines to build an offense that is virtually unstoppable. The different layers allow for the offense to continue to install additional complexity over time making your teams very difficult to scout. Coach Shulman’s presentation includes the following: Proper spacing after ball screen action to pressure the defense and reduce the possibility of a steal. Three ways to use off-ball motion to open up driving lanes and get more layups. How to neutralize an aggressive switching defense. How to take advantage of post positioning to get easy shots. The new modern motion offense is easy to teach and easy for players to understand. Throw the positions out the window. Allow your players the freedom to make reads and react on the court and create an offense that is unstoppable.
Run And Gun The Complete Guide To The Grinnell System by David Arseneault Jr Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
David Arseneault Jr (Rental)-Run And Gun The Complete Guide To The Grinnell System $18.99
Run and Gun Basketball: The Complete Guide to the Grinnell System Up-tempo, high-scoring basketball and Grinnell College have been synonymous for years. Grinnell head coach David Arseneault Jr. explains how you can create more possessions and score more points than you ever have by implementing his offensive and defensive philosophies. You’ll learn how to set up the transition offense and score quickly via a number of special situations as well as learn how to improve your team’s shooting and create turnovers with pressure defense. In Transition Building upon the system of his father David Arseneault Sr., Coach Arseneault teaches how to organize all of your players in transition. Each player has a designated spot to get to and specific responsibilities in creating quick scoring opportunities. Players are taught to operate with a 12-second shot clock in mind. Working the Half-Court When necessary, Coach Arseneault explains how his players have unique plays they can run when the transition offense fails to produce a quality scoring chance. You will see three plays used by Grinnell following a dead ball situation. These plays use high ball screens, stagger screens and combination dribble hand-offs and ball screens to create quick and easy scores. You will also be introduced to how Grinnell utilizes its bench and uses platoon substitutions bringing in an entire new lineup. Each five-man group has a number of half-court plays it uses when transition fails. Special Situations Inbounding the ball under your basket or facing a half-court zone defense are situations that will occur game after game. Understanding how to effectively counter these situations will help your teams play fast no matter what. Coach Arsenault will explain how to stretch zone defenses by spreading the floor with shooters. You will also see how easy it is to flow back into your primary offense very quickly after an inbound situation. Pressure Defense Playing up-tempo means a commitment to doing so on both sides of the ball. Coach Arseneault explains both full- and half-court defenses that can force turnovers and create quick and easy scoring opportunities. Coach Arseneault also introduces a hybrid man-zone full court pressure with detailed roles for all five defenders. Pressure defense is not just used after made baskets either. Learn how you can implement the press after misses as well. Developing Skills Make no mistake. If you want to play fast like Grinnell, you need shooters. The system depends upon it. Coach Arseneault offers you four shooting drills that Grinnell uses to develop their shooters. These drills will give your players the repetitions they need to improve their technique. Coach Arseneault also develops these shooting skills with game-like situational drills where players learn to shoot off the dribble, drive the basket, and score from the low post. The Grinnell system can take your program to new heights when implemented correctly. Learn how from one of the best young coaches in America.
Positionless Motion Offense by Steve Bergman Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Steve Bergman (Rental)-Positionless Motion Offense $18.99
Positionless Motion Offense The positonless motion offense can work at any level and Iowa City West (IA) HS head coach Steve Bergman can show you how. Bergman has won six Iowa state championships, including three straight between 2012 and 2014. His teams are a perennial playoff team every year with a cast of revolving players. In this video, Coach Bergman shows you how to install and teach his motion offense. In a whiteboard lecture, Coach Bergman reviews the five key elements of his positionless motion offense as well as the five rules that influence how the offense is executed. Bergman then takes a group of players who have never run the offense before and teaches it to them. From spacing to cutting to post play, you will see how easy it is to teach the Motion offense. Cutting Coach Bergman teaches players how to maintain proper spacing and then how to create constant ball and player movement with cutting and filling. Players learn to read the defense to know when to make a cut. Back screens are also introduced as an alternative method of creating some very easy scoring opportunities. Dribble Penetration Players must learn how to react properly to dribble penetration. Bergman teaches them how to respond and maintain proper spacing depending upon where the dribble penetration takes place. Correct spacing will maximize the number of scoring options for the offense. Coach Bergman shows you two breakdown drills for the positionless motion offense that help post players figure out what to do on dribble penetration. Post Play & Pressure Release Coach Bergman shows you how to put pressure on a defense by working the ball into the post. He will show you four scoring options when the ball gets into the post. Each concept is based on creating additional movement. Bergman also shows you options for teams that have two talented post players. He also gets into how to deal with teams that want to challenge passing lanes. You must have a strategy to maintain ball and player movement. Coach Bergman’s presentation can help you develop a motion offense that can work at any level of competition! Rent this positionless motion offense DVD today.
How To Run The Michigan Two Guard Front Offense (jicha) by Tom Jicha Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Tom Jicha (Rental)-How To Run The Michigan Two Guard Front Offense (jicha) $19.99
How to Run the Michigan Two Guard Front Offense Learn how to run the two guard front offense made famous by former West Virginia and Michigan head coach John Beilein in this video by John A. Ferguson HS (FL) head coach Tom Jicha. Coach Jicha, formerly as Sunset HS (FL), shares his interpretation of the perimeter-based offense. It is designed to help smaller teams that lack a post player more scoring opportunities. Coach Jicha reveals his three main sets: Motion, Shuffle, and Chin and blends them together to show you why his offense is one of the most difficult to defend in today’s game. Chin Set The Chin Set is broken down on the dry erase board first. Coach Jicha guides you through the offense including the four ways to get into it: the middle pass, the side pass, reversal, and the hand off. He then takes you to the court where he demonstrates the spacing and ball movement the offense provides. You’ll see the bump cut and pull-through techniques that are used to counter defensive pressure. Jicha also shows you the importance of high dribble-outs and the handoff to create back doors. Motion Set Motion is the set that is used on almost every trip down the floor. The offense starts with a wing pass and cut by the point. Coach Jicha then demonstrates seven motion options once that entry pass occurs. The secret to Motion is how smoothly it flows into Chin, which is extremely frustrating for defenses. Shuffle Set Shuffle is a unique set that provides wing-to-block shuffle cutting action. It can also flow right into Chin. In addition to the breakdowns of each set, Coach Jicha also teaches 20 quick hitters that can be used with the offense – five each for Chin and Motion and 10 for Shuffle. Coach Jicha closes his presentation with 10 drills he uses to teach offensive actions and to demonstrate how to get game shots. This video breaks down a complex offensive system so well it can be used at any level of play.