(Rental)-The Simplified Unstoppable Fast Break


(Rental)-The Simplified Unstoppable Fast Break

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Simple Fast Break Offense

With a 104-14 record over the past four seasons, Whitman College head coach Eric Bridgeland has made a name for himself at the Division III level. With over 300 career wins, Bridgeland has an offensive system that is fast-paced, fun, and puts up plenty of points. In this video, Bridgeland teaches you his fast break system that is simple and attacks all defenses.

Philosophy of the Simple Fast Break Offense

Coach Bridgeland teaches players to get to the paint no matter what. Players dribble and attack, hit the wings and get up the floor and attack the middle. If a player has an opportunity to drive to the basket, he takes it. If he can fill a lane to get to the paint, he does it. By applying this constant pressure on a defense, opponents often find themselves in foul trouble and frustrated because of the number of easy baskets allowed.

You will also learn how to draw two defenders to open up the floor and create more driving lanes. With all of your players looking to attack the paint, it becomes hard for defenses to take away any single player in the offense.

Spacing and Rules

To space the floor properly, Coach Bridgeland uses a traditional setup with two wings, an inbounder, a post runner, and a ball handler. The ball handler looks to move the ball up the floor as quickly as possible either by dribbling or passing to an open wing. There are three rules that point guards must follow:

  • Get the ball inbounds as quickly as possible
  • Get to the paint as soon as possible
  • Make sure you have a trail inbounder

Simple Fast Break Offense Drills

To teach players to get used to sprinting to their spots in transition, Coach Bridgeland uses a 4-on-0 drill. Players start at 75 percent pace learning how to move up and down the floor and create proper spacing and positioning.

Coach Bridgeland uses other traditional fast break drills as well to help players develop the speed and passing skills needed to play fast and get the ball to the paint. Guards use a 2-on-2 drill to focus on getting open off the inbound pass and attacking the middle of the floor. In 5-on-0 and 5-on-5 drills, players put everything together. With an emphasis on time, players get an idea of how quickly they must move up and down the floor.

This 61-minute video is an outstanding resource for any program at any level. Players love transition basketball and coaches love it when their players are collecting easy fast break points. Rent this simple fast break offense DVD today.

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