(Rental)-Unscoutable On-Ball Offense


(Rental)-Unscoutable On-Ball Offense

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On Ball Screen Offense that's Unscoutable 

Today’s basketball offenses must understand the ball screen. In this presentation, Whitman College head coach Eric Bridgeland shows you how to teach your players on ball screen offense recognition and reads in an effort to increase the number of easy scoring opportunities. Bridgeland is the 2018 HoopDirt.com Division III Coach of the Year after leading Whitman to its second consecutive unbeaten conference record. In four seasons at Whitman, Bridgeland is 104-14. A big reason why the Blues have won so often is Bridgeland’s system of offense.

On Ball Screen Offense Philosophy

The idea of the offense is to create scoring opportunities as close to the basket as possible. Ball screens are the best way to get the ball into the paint and close to the basket. Coach Bridgeland teaches his players how to run, get into the paint, and apply constant pressure to defenses. Ball screens create the offensive action, which gives players extra incentive as they are the ones applying the ball screens.

On Ball Screen Offense Guard Play

There are a number of ways that defenses attack ball screen offenses: hard show, soft show, switches, and icing the ball handler. Coach Bridgeland teaches his guards how to attack each when coming off of a screen. Using 2-on-2 drills, guards learn to change their speed as they approach the screen. They can look to square up just as they pass the screener creating some misdirection. Guards can also get low using a bulldog drive into the paint. Whatever they do, your players can create advantages to get to the paint.

On Ball Screen Offense Post Play

Coach Bridgeland teaches his post players how to set solid screens and keep appropriate spacing. Posts learn how to pop off a screen if they have the range to help spread a defense. Posts also learn to roll to the basket by going wide outside the lane line. This allows the ball handler to continue attacking the rim and get to the paint.

Bridgeland uses a 1-on-1 drill to teach post players how to set the screen and then read the help side defender and react off of him. Coach Bridgeland’s presentation ends with 3-on-3 and 4-on-4 drills where players learn to read screens at game speed. These drills help Bridgeland control the practice environment and help players adjust to the faster pace of game action.

If you are looking to complement your offense with balls screens, this 81-minute video can help you master the concept. Coach Bridgeland can teach you how to open up a number of scoring opportunities using ball screens. Rent this On Ball Screen Offense DVD today.

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