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Al Marshall's 2-3 Zone by Al Marshall Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Al Marshall (Rental)-Al Marshall's 2-3 Zone $19.99
Al Marshall's 2-3 Zone Defense If you are playing Cascade HS in Iowa, it’s going to be a long night. Long-time head coach Al Marshall and his 2-3 zone is one of the best defenses to ever grace a high school basketball floor. Marshall’s defense has been so good it has helped him win over 700 games. His 738 victories rank him third in the state of Iowa. Marshall has 42 district and conference championships in his 45 years of coaching and in this video he shares the secrets behind his smothering 2-3 zone. Coach Marshall’s 2-3 Zone is a proven system that works at the high school level. Marshall’s teams have led the state of Iowa in field goal percentage allowed for six straight seasons. In addition, Coach Marshall and his Cascade Cougars set a school record by limiting opponents to just 31.9 points per game for an entire season. When teams can’t score, they can’t win. The 2-3 zone taught by Coach Marshall is unique and different than the basic 2-3 zone implemented across the country. It is not a lazy defense where defenders simply sit back with their hands up. Coach Marshall teaches an aggressive attacking mentality that smothers opponents. The beauty in the system is that Marshall emphasizes just a few basic concepts making his 2-3 zone system easy to teach. Al Marshall's 2-3 Zone Defense Keys to Success Coach Marshall’s presentation begins with a discussion of the keys to successful zone defense, the initial setup and the basic slides. You will see the drills that Coach Marshall uses to build the defense including drills to develop quickness and anticipation. Using live demonstrations of his 2-3, Coach Marshall reviews the key teaching points and how the 2-3 zone takes away easy shots and frustrates the offense. The presentation then gets into common offenses and how they attack the 2-3 zone. Coach Marshall discusses how to defend certain set plays that he sees as well as how to make adjustments based on an opponent and your personnel. This is a complete and proven 2-3 zone defensive system that is easy to install. Coach Marshall shows you exactly how it can be done in this 110-minute video presentation. Become a defense your opponents will hate by adding this video to your collection today! Rent Al Marshall's 2-3 Zone Defense DVD today.
100 Drills & Sets For Implementing The Dribble Drive by Vance Walberg Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Vance Walberg (Rental)-100 Drills & Sets For Implementing The Dribble Drive $29.99
The Dribble Drive offense Coach Vance Walberg is one of the most recent trending strategies in the world of basketball. It has taking the teams by storm! In this on-court presentation, Coach Walberg shared his individual breakdown drills by positioning and demonstrating the team drills he uses while teaching the offense. INDIVIDUAL DRILLS Coach Walberg offered a detailed breakdown of positions of the individual skills needed to run the dribble drive most efficiently. He brought up over 40 drills to compliment his Daily 45 drills (as seen in Mastering the Dribble Drive Attack Offense) and included not just offensive footwork movement but also getting shots within the offensive framework. When you follow this presentation, you'll pick some of his favorite drills such as "20 Minutes of 3's." in this scheme; players are paired up and must get through several preliminary shooting exercises before shooting 3's. The players would chart their shots to see how many they make in the time allowed. It is one of the greatest conditioning drill and it will enable you determine who will be your "Streak Shooters." Coach Walberg also shared individual drills for the 4-man including quick ups, lobs, jump-jump, re-locations, clean-ups, combinations, and the "Drop 4 series". TEAM DRILLS Coach Walberg utilized over 60 breakdown drills/sets to instruct and illusterated the formations and action of the Dribble Drive offense. These breakdowns are three-man groups including 1-2-4 breakdown, 1-4-5 breakdown, and 2-3-4 breakdown. In these breakdown groups, Coach Vance Walberg would take you through the dribble drive actions that may take place and the movements involved. He as well shared examples of the rack series, drop series, drag series, fist series, pistol series, quick series, replace series, kickback series, 415 series, re-loop series, thumbs up series, and skip series. Combining different players, Walberg explained the series actions and how the formation of plays comes together for the Dribble Drive. In the on-court presentation,Walberg wrapped it all in his "Two Stops or One Turnover Drill" which is a half court, 5-on-5 drill used to reinforce the breakdown drill work. This DVD set demonstrated deeply how the Dribble Drive offense works and ways to help teach it to your team. It is a must have for anyone using or thinking of installing the Dribble Drive.
Read & React Offense (original 6 Dvds) by Rick Torbett Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Rick Torbett (Rental)-Read & React Offense (original 6 Dvds) $49.99
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Keith Haske's Uptempo Basketball System by Keith Haske Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Keith Haske (Rental)-Keith Haske's Uptempo Basketball System $24.99
Keith Haske Uptempo Basketball System on DVD Long-time Michigan high school boys and girls basketball coach Keith Haske offers you up a two-DVD set that features his up-tempo offensive and defensive system. His fast-paced tempo helped Haske win more than 650 games and take five different teams to state championship games. Coach Haske’s system was embraced by his players because it was fun and produced wins. Now, you can do the same as you get a full look at Haske’s entire system. Keith Haske Uptempo Basketball Defense Coach Haske introduces to you his high pressure defense in the first DVD. It all starts with the full-court press. Haske will show you how he combines both man and zone principles into a hybrid press that confuses opponents because it appears different every time the ball is brought up the court. Coach Haske uses the whiteboard for explanation of the press and then shows you eight different drills he uses to teach it. You get the step-by-step process of teaching the press to your team. You will learn trapping fundamentals as well as ways to improve your team’s ability to get deflections and create tempo. Coach Haske takes you through his Blue, White, and Gold presses. They are easy to learn since they all follow similar rules. You will also see how to handle a variety of situations that arise when pressing opponents. Coach Haske will review items like handling reversal passes, what to do against a great point guard, and more. Coach also gets into his half-court defense and how it can create tempo as well. Keith Haske Uptempo Basketball Offense The second video begins with a recap of the first before diving into transition offense. Haske preaches a constant mentality of attacking an opponent. Thus, the fast break is of primary importance, but Coach Haske teaches players to maintain fundamentals and to take good shots. Coach Haske’s teams routinely scored 80 and 90 points per game using a number of quick hitters which he reviews in this video. You will see seven quick hitters that you can use in transition or even in the half-court offense to generate points. Coach Haske will also take you through his motion offense which is also easy to learn. It is based on a few simple principles such as spacing and ball movement. The video concludes with seven different breakdown drills you can use to teach the motion offense. There are drills for guards and posts. Haske will also show you how he attacks zone defenses and offers a few quick hitters. Coach Haske’s system is easy to use, simple to teach and install, and has been proven effective. It’s a system that can be used at virtually any level. In Coach Haske’s first year of coaching a girls program, he installed this system at the freshman, JV, and Varsity levels. His teams went 60-0! Rent the Keith Haske Uptempo Basketball DVD today.
Footwork Training System With Michal Lancaster by Micah Lancaster Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Micah Lancaster (Rental)-Footwork Training System With Michal Lancaster $49.99
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Attack & Counter Skill Development Don Kelbick by Don Kelbick Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Don Kelbick (Rental)-Attack & Counter Skill Development Don Kelbick $44.99
  The Attack & Counter Skill Development System: Take Your Game to the Next Level If you're a basketball player looking to elevate your skills on the court, then you're in luck. NBA skills coach Don Kelbick has designed a one-of-a-kind skill development program called the Attack and Counter System that can help players at all levels and positions improve their game. In this article, we'll delve into the details of this comprehensive system and explore how it can transform your basketball abilities. Mastering the Attack and Counter Philosophy The Attack and Counter System is built upon a simple yet powerful philosophy: "attack" and then "counter." This means that players learn how to make aggressive moves on offense and quickly adjust their strategy based on the defense's reaction. By mastering this approach, players can enhance their shooting, ballhandling, footwork, perimeter moves, post moves, finishing, aggressiveness, quickness, confidence, mentality, and overall game. Simplicity: The Key to Success One of the remarkable aspects of the Attack and Counter System is its simplicity. While other skill development programs can be overwhelming and complicated, this system breaks down the game into easy-to-understand concepts that players of all levels can grasp. NBA and professional players have benefited from this program, attesting to its effectiveness and efficiency. As Albert Einstein once said, "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." Don Kelbick's deep understanding of basketball and player development allows him to simplify complex moves, mentalities, and practice techniques. This unique and genius approach has helped thousands of players, ranging from youth-level athletes to NBA professionals, reach their full potential. Suitable for Players, Coaches, and Trainers The Attack and Counter System isn't limited to individual players alone. It is a versatile program that can benefit team coaches and trainers as well. Whether you're an aspiring player looking to improve your skills, a coach seeking effective training methods for your team, or a trainer aiming to enhance your expertise, this system provides valuable insights and techniques. What You'll Gain from the Attack and Counter System The Attack and Counter System offers a comprehensive learning experience through its Video 4-Pack and eBook. Let's take a closer look at what each chapter has to offer: Chapter 1: Introduction (6 minutes) In this chapter, Don Kelbick provides an overview of the Attack and Counter System and sets the expectations for what you'll learn. Here are some key highlights: The development and rationale behind the Attack & Counter system. How the system accelerates skill development by reducing the number of things players need to learn. The game-simplifying nature of the system. The definition of a good player and why simplifying the game leads to greatness. Techniques for practicing game-like drills when you don't have a partner. Strategies for more efficient practice sessions. Chapter 2: Introduction to Footwork and Mentality (61 minutes) This chapter serves as the foundation for player development. You'll delve into the fundamentals of attacking techniques, footwork, and mentality. Here's what you can expect to learn: Techniques for improving footwork efficiency. Tips for enhancing your first step quickness. Strategies to simplify your decision-making process and eliminate indecision on the court. Methods for developing an aggressive mentality. Approaches to boosting confidence. The art of impeccable footwork. Insights into how professional players simplify their attack and decision-making process. How pros utilize footwork to outsmart defenders and gain an advantage over the defense. Once you've completed this chapter, you'll have a solid foundation in footwork that you can apply in various game situations. The subsequent chapters will build upon this foundation, demonstrating how the same footwork and mentality can be utilized in different contexts, ultimately accelerating your learning and development process. Chapter 3: Length & Angles (19 minutes) After mastering footwork, it's time to focus on developing length and taking better angles on the court. Speed and quickness are essential in basketball, and this chapter will teach you how to beat your defender with your first step, separate with the ball, and move in straight lines. Key takeaways from this chapter include: Unique drills designed to enhance length and angle control. The impact of these drills on your mentality and confidence. Chapter 4: Ballhandling & Warm Up (40 minutes) Having understood the foundational aspects of footwork, mentality, length, and angles, it's time to apply these concepts to your ballhandling and 1-on-1 dribbling moves. This chapter will cover: Techniques for attacking defenders off the dribble. Strategies to develop a quicker and more efficient first step. The crucial element that can help you beat your defender. Utilizing footwork to create separation and set up scoring opportunities. Comprehensive ballhandling skills improvement. Multi-tasking to save time and accelerate skill development. Turning your warm-up into a skill development session. Various ballhandling drills suitable for individual or team practice. Chapter 5: Shooting (33 minutes) When it comes to shooting, Don Kelbick has a unique and straightforward approach that can boost your confidence and mentality. This chapter will cover: Common mistakes made during solo shooting practice and how to avoid them. Making your shooting workouts more game-like. Efficient practice techniques to maximize your training time. Building rhythm and improving consistency in your shooting. The three keys to becoming a great shooter. Understanding the impact of arc on shooting percentage. The significance of proper footwork in shooting mechanics. Developing consistent footwork for better shooting results. Exploring the mental aspects of shooting. Overcoming shooting challenges caused by feet and mindset. Establishing a consistent shooting form. The influence of the "law of inertia" on shooting percentage. Foundational shooting drills and their progressions and variations. Chapter 6: Post Play (53 minutes) This chapter focuses on the specifics of post play, building upon the footwork and mentality introduced in Chapter 2. You'll learn: Seven drills tailored for post players, along with progressions and variations for each drill. Four essential rules for getting open in the post. Techniques to create openings in the low post and high post. Strategies for dealing with defenders playing low, high, or in front. Utilizing footwork to seal and establish position in the post. Controlling the defense and dictating the game. Developing an aggressive mentality for successful post play. Understanding the mental aspects associated with playing in the post. Effective scoring techniques in the post. Applying footwork in the high post and short corner. Chapter 7: Perimeter Play & Triple Threat (41 minutes) Transitioning to the perimeter, this chapter teaches you how to apply the Attack and Counter Concepts effectively. By building on the footwork and mental aspects learned in Chapter 2, you'll develop your perimeter skills at an accelerated pace. Here's what you'll learn: Four drills with progressions for improving your perimeter play and footwork. Techniques to beat defenders from the triple threat position. Enhancing footwork efficiency on the perimeter. Establishing a quicker and more efficient first step. Creating separation after your initial move for better scoring opportunities. Utilizing footwork to create space against tight defense. Simplifying and improving your triple threat attack for increased scoring. Controlling and dictating the defense with your footwork. Developing an aggressive mentality on the perimeter. Understanding the mental aspects associated with perimeter play. Expanding court vision and becoming a greater offensive threat. Ball protection techniques. Enhancing your explosive first step. Chapter 8: Shooting & Getting Open (39 minutes) Regardless of your shooting prowess, getting open on the court is essential to have scoring opportunities. This chapter focuses on using footwork and changes in speed to create openings and move without the ball. Key takeaways include: Simulating game shots during practice sessions. Controlling the defender while making cuts. Strategically positioning yourself to receive the ball where you want it. Utilizing footwork, particularly the V-cut, to get open. Incorporating footwork to improve movement without the ball. Maximizing footwork to enhance your shooting. Ensuring game-like shooting practice. Optimizing footwork for consistent shooting. The mental aspect of shooting and maintaining focus. Correcting common shooting mistakes related to footwork and mindset. Incorporating foundational shooting drills with progressions and variations. Chapter 9: Mastering Screens and Footwork (56 minutes) In this chapter, you'll dive into the art of getting open with screens and discover how the footwork you learned in Chapter 2 applies to utilizing screens effectively. Whether you're a player or a coach, this section provides valuable insights into setting and using screens of various types. Coach Kelbick covers the following topics: Ball screens, down screens, flare screens, zipper screens, zipper flare, zipper ball screen, new york screens, and corner pin: understanding the fundamentals and proper execution of each type of screen. Applying the footwork techniques learned in Chapter 2 to maximize the effectiveness of each screen. Simplifying the use and reading of screens by teaching a "base attack move." Reading and countering the defense for different screen situations. Creating space through footwork when coming off a screen. Applying perimeter concepts from Chapter 7 to your attack after catching the ball off a screen. Designing combo drills that integrate screen usage, getting open, offensive tactics, perimeter moves, shooting, and ballhandling for efficient and multi-faceted practice sessions. Exploring 8 combo drills (with numerous variations) that focus on screening, shooting, perimeter moves, and ballhandling. Chapter 10: Excelling in Fast Break Situations (24 minutes) This chapter delves into the essential components of fast break basketball, providing drills and techniques to sharpen your skills in this dynamic aspect of the game. Highlights of this chapter include: Maximizing your fast break shooting practice efficiency and repetition by eliminating the need to run the full length of the court. Understanding the fundamental principles of running the fast break. Mastering the art of shooting off the fast break. Engaging in 6 fast break shooting drills with progressions tailored to enhance your fast break performance. Chapter 11: Dynamic Ball Handling and Shooting Drills (27 minutes) In this chapter, you'll discover an additional set of 15 drills that focus on developing your ballhandling and shooting abilities. These drills are versatile, incorporating elements of ballhandling, offense, conditioning, and shooting. Whether you're training individually, with a team, or at a camp, these drills can be seamlessly integrated into your workouts and practice sessions. Chapter 12: Enhancing Post Play Skills (30 minutes) This chapter provides 10 more drills to boost your post play skills. These drills target essential aspects such as mentality, conditioning, footwork, aggressiveness, and scoring in the post. As an added bonus, you'll witness a sample workout where Don works with two post players, demonstrating the drills in action. Chapter 13: Insights for Coaches and Players (15 minutes) This crucial chapter addresses common questions and concerns that may arise after watching the videos. Coach Kelbick clarifies the Attack Counter Concepts, advises on incorporating the drills into practice sessions, teaches shot selection, emphasizes the importance of immediate action on the court, provides guidance on when to implement the system, and offers valuable tips to make the most out of the program. This chapter serves as a valuable resource that ties everything together and addresses common queries. Chapter 14: Final Thoughts and Next Steps (4 minutes) Coach Kelbick wraps up the program by sharing some closing thoughts and providing guidance on the next steps you should take as a player, coach, or trainer. These insights will help you consolidate your learnings and develop a plan for continued growth and improvement. Over 50 Drills and Dozens of Variations The Attack & Counter System offers a wide array of skill-building drills, totaling over 50, with numerous variations to keep your training sessions dynamic and engaging. These drills encompass various aspects of the game, ensuring comprehensive development in the following areas: Ballhandling Finishing Shooting Post moves Footwork Perimeter moves Getting open Screening Offense Fast break Competitive Conditioning Quickness The flexibility of these drills allows you to adapt them to different skill levels, positions, and player numbers. Whether you're working individually, with a partner of similar ability, or in a team setting, the Attack & Counter System provides drills suitable for your specific needs. Flexible for Coaches and Players Coaches can seamlessly integrate the Attack & Counter System into their practice plans. The system accommodates varying numbers of players, ranging from one-on-one sessions to large groups of 30 or more. It caters to players of different ages, genders, positions, and skill levels simultaneously. Post players, perimeter players, and point guards can work together, fostering a collaborative and inclusive training environment. The system's unique drills promote flexibility and efficiency in coaching. For players, the Attack & Counter System offers exceptional versatility. Whether you're training alone, with a partner of a similar skill level, or even with a non-basketball-playing friend, this system allows you to enhance your skills independently. Unlike other programs that rely on partners or passers, this system enables players to train effectively in various situations. With just a ball, a flat surface, and a hoop (indoor or outdoor), you can embark on your journey to improvement. Works for All Positions One of the remarkable aspects of the Attack & Counter System is its applicability to all positions. The footwork, mentality, and skill development remain consistent across positions. This unique approach allows players to seamlessly transition between different roles on the court. Whether you're a point guard or a post player, the system equips you with the necessary footwork and skills to adapt quickly. The Attack & Counter System unifies players under a common skill set, empowering them to excel regardless of their position. Today's point guard may become tomorrow's post player, and vice versa. Simplicity and Rapid Development The Attack & Counter System embraces simplicity as a guiding principle. Based on the study of professional players, Coach Kelbick observed that the greatest players, regardless of size, simplified their approach to the game. Drawing inspiration from this concept, Coach Kelbick integrated it into his skill development program. By streamlining post moves, perimeter moves, triple threat moves, and 1-on-1 dribble moves, players can focus on perfecting their skills and accelerating their development. The simplified approach allows players to progress quickly by reducing the learning curve and refining their techniques. Enhanced Coaching Efficiency In addition to benefiting players, the Attack & Counter System streamlines coaching processes. Coaches no longer need to teach different moves to post players and guards. Instead, all players learn the same moves that are equally effective, if not more so. This simplifies the coaching process and enables coaches to run more efficient practices. By building on previously learned knowledge and skills, the system fosters faster learning and development among players. This progressive approach builds confidence and ensures consistent growth. Emphasis on Footwork, Mentality, and All-Around Skill While many programs overlook footwork and mentality, the Attack and Counter System places significant emphasis on these crucial aspects. Coach Kelbick believes that footwork and mentality are key to becoming a great player. Consequently, the system thoroughly covers various skill development areas, reinforcing footwork techniques and cultivating a winning mindset. Who Can Benefit from the Attack & Counter System? The Attack & Counter System is suitable for a variety of individuals, including: Coaches working with teams from the youth level to college: Whether you're coaching a youth basketball team or a college squad, the Attack & Counter System provides valuable tools and techniques to enhance your players' skills and overall performance. Skill development trainers: Trainers who specialize in improving basketball skills can utilize the Attack & Counter System to design effective and engaging training sessions for their clients. The system's versatility and comprehensive approach make it a valuable resource for skill development professionals. Players seeking skill improvement: The Attack & Counter System is ideal for players who are mature enough and motivated to take their skills to the next level. From middle school to college, players can benefit from the system's emphasis on footwork, ballhandling, and all-around skill development. Parents of players: Parents who want to support their child's basketball journey can use the Attack & Counter System as a resource to assist in their child's skill development. Whether your child is a beginner or an advanced player, the system provides valuable guidance and drills for their improvement. The Attack & Counter System: Suitable for All Positions and Skill Levels One of the system's greatest strengths is its versatility across positions and skill levels. It caters to players of all positions, including point guards, perimeter players, shooting guards, forwards, and centers. The system's principles apply to both boys and girls, enabling individuals of all genders to benefit from its techniques and drills. For youth players, the Attack & Counter System emphasizes basic footwork and ballhandling skills, focusing on their proximity to the basket. As players progress and become more advanced, they can incorporate more challenging footwork and ballhandling techniques to enhance their game. The system recognizes that players may transition between positions over time. For example, a guard today may become a post player in the future. By utilizing the same footwork and moves learned in the post, players can seamlessly adapt to different positions. This flexibility is a key advantage of the Attack & Counter System, as it simplifies the game for players and allows them to apply their skills across various roles on the court. Thousands of individuals, including men, women, boys, and girls, have successfully utilized the Attack & Counter System at various age levels. Its widespread effectiveness and applicability have made it a trusted resource for basketball skill development. No matter your role in basketball, whether as a coach, trainer, player, or parent, the Attack & Counter System offers valuable insights and techniques to elevate your skills and take your game to new heights. By following the comprehensive curriculum of the Attack and Counter System, players, coaches, and trainers can unlock their potential on the basketball court. Don Kelbick's expertise and unique approach have simplified the game, making it more accessible and effective for players at all levels. So, whether you're a beginner looking to improve your fundamentals or an advanced player aiming to take your skills to new heights, the Attack and Counter System is your pathway to success. In conclusion, the Attack and Counter System, developed by NBA skills coach Don Kelbick, is a remarkable skill development program that can transform your basketball abilities. With its "attack" and "counter" philosophy, simplified approach, and focus on essential skills such as shooting, ballhandling, footwork, and mentality, this system has proven effective for players at all levels. By following the curriculum provided in the Video 4-Pack and eBook, you can accelerate your learning and development process, becoming a more confident and versatile player on the court. Whether you're an individual player, a team coach, or a trainer, the Attack and Counter System has something to offer for everyone looking to enhance their basketball skills. So lace up your sneakers, grab a basketball, and get ready to take your game to the next level!
2-3 Zone Defense Scouting Adjustments & Breakdown Drills by Mike Hopkins Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Mike Hopkins (Rental)-2-3 Zone Defense Scouting Adjustments & Breakdown Drills $17.99
SCOUTING ADJUSTMENTS AND BREAKDOWN DRILLS FOR 2-3 ZONE DEFENSE You’ll be using the famous Syracuse 2-3 zone defense to shut down the opposition. In this drill, players will learn the following: How to defend against specific offensive actions which are employed with the purpose of destroying or beating the 2-3 zone defense. How to build each critical aspect of your zone defense through breakdown drills for each position. They will also learn how to use the 2-3 zone defense to extend into a full-court man-to-man press. Your players will learn everything they need to know to create a unique zone defense. This will be achieved by a detailed explanation of the responsibilities of the players for each position, breakdown drills, in-game adjustments, as well as many others. 2-3 ZONE DEFENSE AND ROTATION SCOUTING ADJUSTMENTS AND BREAKDOWN DRILLS FOR 2-3 ZONE DEFENSE You’ll be using the famous Syracuse 2-3 zone defense to shut down the opposition. In this drill, players will learn the following: How to defend against specific offensive actions which are employed with the purpose of destroying or beating the 2-3 zone defense. How to build each critical aspect of your zone defense through breakdown drills for each position. They will also learn how to use the 2-3 zone defense to extend into a full-court man-to-man press. Your players will learn everything they need to know to create a unique zone defense. This will be achieved by a detailed explanation of the responsibilities of the players for each position, breakdown drills, in-game adjustments, as well as many others. 2-3 ZONE DEFENSE AND ROTATION The detailed explanation that will be given for each player position will teach players to defend effectively regardless of their position, whether as guards, centers, or forwards. When the ball is at the wing, the drills will help them slide to stop the shot without opening up driving lanes. Players will also learn to take away the high post pass and also cover return passes to the top. Using the 54 trap, your players can put pressure on your opponents and use help-side defenders to counter high post drive. 2-3 ZONE DEFENSE VS COMMON OFFENSE SETS The 2-3 zone defense can be adjusted to deal with constant changes the opposition makes to penetrate and attack the defense. Your players will be able to adapt effectively against several offensive strategies created to break down the defense. Some of these changes you can make defensively includes: When you’re playing against high post players with different skill levels, change your tactics. When the ball gets to the high post, use your center to press up or sag. Making sure that the ball is not in the middle by using your guards to disrupt double high post flashes. Rotate your players to cover the opposition's shooters when there are quick ball reversals. Use your center to create a wall that can effectively defend against high ball screens. Other strategies that can be adopted to defend against the opposition include strategies for defending the low post, covering perimeter shooters by rotating your center, stopping ball screens, stunting to prevent dribble penetration and strategies for defending against opponents that employ the use of four perimeter players on the offense. 2-3 ZONE DEFENSE POSITION DRILLS There are five position-specific drills that can teach each of the zone defense the fundamentals. These effective drills help your players to form a live wall which prevents or shuts down drives into the paint.
The Winning Combination Of The 4 Out 1 In & 5 Out Motion Offense by Mike Brey Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Mike Brey (Rental)-The Winning Combination Of The 4 Out 1 In & 5 Out Motion Offense $18.99
Together as One! The Winning Formula of the 4 Out/1 In & 5 Out Motion Offense Mike Brey has quietly won over 400 games at Notre Dame, a school more widely known for its historic football program. A three-time Big East Coach of the Year, Brey has helped the Fighting Irish compete at the highest level of the game by using a motion-based free-flowing offense that is predicated on sharing the basketball and playing as a team. In this video, Brey takes you through two practice sessions which lay out the foundation of his offense. You will learn to run the offense against two different styles of defense and discover how to find scoring opportunities early in possessions. Coach Brey also provides breakdown drills to help you and your players learn the offense. Day 1 Practice The first 70 minutes of the video is dedicated entirely to offense. Brey stresses the importance of playing together as a unit and uses different drills – individual, pairs, four- and five-man units – to facilitate chemistry and efficiency. You will see how Brey puts his team through a series of exercises that lead up to the free-flowing offensive machine that is his motion offense. Coaching points include: Using 2-man, 3-on-0, 4-on-0, 5-on-0, and 5-on-5 to incrementally put the pieces of the offense together to play as a whole. Coach Brey reviews game film to explain the importance of an unpredictable offense driven by motion in an effort to obtain high percentage shots. 2-on-0 drills pairing bigs and guards together to simulate and break down the most common offensive interactions between the two within the scheme. Individual development using stations for bigs and guards in order to work on the skill sets needed to play within the framework of the offense. Shell-based 5-on-0 work to practice sets such as Cutter, Circle, Wide, and more as a means of developing timing and pace necessary to maximize scoring opportunities Executing transition offense in both 5-on-0 and 5-on-5 situations to increase pace and score when possessing a numbers advantage. Day 2 Practice The second practice maintains the emphasis on offensive execution, but a defensive element is added to complete the offensive equation. Coach Brey adds some wrinkles while emphasizing his idea of cohesion and playing as one. The second practice includes: Individual shooting drills that help players develop a variety of moves based on their position. Shell-based defensive drills that require communication, quick reaction time, and four- and five-player units acting as one to achieve defensive stops. Multiple sets such as Cutter, Circle, Wide, and Slide executed in a 5-on-0 setting to practice proper spacing, pace, and timing. All of the previously mentioned sets executed out of a transition attack. Coach Brey’s video is a complete look at one of the nation’s most effective and efficient offensive attacks.
The Combined 4 Out 1 In & 3 Out 2 In Motion Attack by Bill Self Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Bill Self (Rental)-The Combined 4 Out 1 In & 3 Out 2 In Motion Attack $18.99
Bill Self Motion Offense The Combined 4 Out/1 In & 3 Out/2 In Motion Attack During head coach Bill Self’s tenure at Kansas, the Jayhawks have won a national title, played for another, and have made eight trips to the Elite Eight. To dominate the way Self and Kansas has over the past decade-plus, you have to find ways to stay ahead of the competition. Coach Self has done that with an offensive system that spreads the floor, uses constant movement, and continually attacks defenses. In this 105-minute video, you will gain an understanding of the backbone of the Kansas offensive system. Coach Self uses whiteboard diagrams and has his players demonstrate how to execute both the Fist and Four-Game offenses. You will see how the Jayhawks give their players freedom to make plays and dominate opponents with multiple pick and rolls in a single possession. Fist Offense The Fist offense plays with two posts and is initiated with a feed to one of them. Any set play could be used prior with the option of flowing right into Fist. You will see how Coach Bill Self Motion Offense emphasizes proper spacing of the floor off of the post feed no matter where you are at in the possession. One of the big coaching points is the technique of the low post player sealing their defender with duck-ins. If teams take away the initial post fee, watch how Kansas makes them pay with the opposite post player flashing for a high-low opportunity. Coach Self also shows you how to use the pick and roll on the two-side or the single side. Using his players, Coach Self breaks down a number of specific actions within the Fist offense. You will then see live play to help you understand those actions within the framework of the offense. Four-Game Offense Four-Game is a style of attack that uses one post player and is designed more for smaller teams that like to spread to the floor and constantly drive and kick. The offense uses a series of dribble hand-offs, downhill drives, and ball screens to penetrate the lane. Coach Self again emphasizes spacing especially when the ball goes into the post. Coach Self will reveal how the defense is flattened when the ball is reversed and corner ball screens are used. You also get to see the basic movements of Four-Game and how the Bill Self Motion offense continues from side to side as the ball is reversed. Basketball Set Plays Coach Self offers up two complementary set plays for his offense. “Misdirection” is a play that uses decoys to confuse the defense while you play out multiple options with the pinch post. “L Down” is a method for setting up a defense to take advantage of your big man rolling off of pick and rolls. Coach Self also shows you a unique twist on the play that will generate an open 3-point look when you need it. If you are yearning to learn more about the ball screen offense used at Kansas, this is the video for you. Coach Self gives you an inside look at how his offense has been used to dominate the Big 12. Rent this Bill Self Motion Offense DVD today.
The Mover Blocker Offense by Tom Jicha Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Mover Blocker Offense The Mover-Blocker offense is one that is gaining momentum at all levels of basketball. John A. Ferguson (FL) High School head coach Tom Jicha created the offense for a number of reasons. He begins this presentation with an explanation of why he uses the Mover-Blocker offense. The luxury of motion Puts the ball in best players’ hands Moves and removes help defense Offers numerous counters and options to exploit a defense Mover Blocker Offense Setup Coach Jicha details the basic structure of the offense. Players fit into one of two roles: blocker or mover. Coach Jicha explains the positioning and responsibilities of each player. Blockers, for example, must learn how to carry out a variety of screens for the guards to get open looks. Jicha emphasizes the two screens that are used the most – the pin down and flare. The role of the movers is also addressed. Coach Jicha explains how they are positioned, how they move, and how they initiate the offense. For the most part, movers play 3-on-3 basketball with their defenders and then use the blockers to attack the defense and get open shots. With the positional responsibilities taken care of, Coach Jicha moves on to the basic motion of the offense which is called Circle. Everything is built off of Circle. There are five main areas where players can get scoring opportunities. They include: 3-point attempt off a pin down screen Dump inside to the post Back screen layup Re-screen on the opposite side Two-man game Starting & Scoring in the Mover Blocker Offense Coach Jicha shows you five ways to initiate the offense against different defenses. Players will use straight pop outs, crosses, bumps, L-cuts, and dribble hand-offs to start the offense. Then, Coach Jicha covers the nine areas of attack to create scoring opportunities. These include back screens, flares and 7-cuts. From there, Jicha demonstrates how to score in the offense. He shows you seven types of the two-man game, four re-screen options, and two alternatives for the offense in a secondary set. This is the perfect offense for any junior high or middle school or higher level that has only two or three true scorers. It is also great for teams that face opponents that play great help defense. Learn the Mover Blocker offense today!
The 4--out 1--in Motion Offense by Jay Wright Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jay Wright (Rental)-The 4--out 1--in Motion Offense $15.99
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Dick Bennett (Rental)-The "pack Line" Pressure Defense $15.99
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Shaka Smart: Havoc Pressure Defense Dvd by Shaka Smart Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Shaka Smart: Havoc Pressure Defense Shaka Smart’s style of play is evident in the team’s he has coached. Smart, the current head coach at Texas, took mid-major Virginia Commonwealth to the Final Four in 2011 using a pressure defensive system that he refers to as Havoc. Smart’s VCU teams had four straight 27-win seasons and his Texas teams have been to two NCAA tournaments and have an NIT championship to their credit. Smart’s “Havoc” defense is much more than just running a press. It’s about mindset with its own philosophy and set of core values. In this video, Coach Smart begins there sharing the five core values that make up Havoc and have helped his teams be successful. Smart then breaks down the two full-court presses that helped his VCU teams in 2011-12 and 2012-13 lead the nation in steals and turnover margin. Teaching the Press The presentation then moves to the court where Coach Smart teaches the fundamental concept of how to trap. Players must learn to correctly close out a ball handler, force an obvious pass, and be “elastic” in the trap. Coach Smart gives off-the-ball directions and stresses proper space between your man and the ball. Coach Smart then walks his players through their responsibilities in the Double Fist man-to-man press. Smart does an excellent job in teaching the press. He goes through each step of the press and makes it so simple any coach could easily teach and install it with their team. The second press that Coach Smart breaks down is his version of the Diamond Press. Smart’s 1-2-1-1 attack is a great way to force opponents into bad spots and create scoring opportunities on the other end. Traps come quick and easy and offenses are forced to pass to weaker ball handlers. If you want to wreak havoc on your opponents, install the pressure defense from one of the college game’s top coaches. It’s the same system Coach Smart used to get to the Final Four. Rent this Pressure Defense DVD today. 
Disrupting Offenses With Pressure Defense by Brad Underwood Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Brad Underwood (Rental)-Disrupting Offenses With Pressure Defense $17.99
Disrupting Offenses with Pressure Defense Brad Underwood has built a coaching career on pressure defense. The Illinois head coach prefers an on-the-line-up-the-line half-court pressure defense that can stifle opposing offenses. Some of Underwood’s previous teams – Oklahoma State and Stephen F. Austin – have been among the nation’s leaders in steals and turnovers. In this video, Coach Underwood teaches you the principles of his defense including positioning, maintaining denial, and keeping pressure on the opponent when defending ball screens. Even less skilled athletes can succeed in Underwood’s defense if they play with great technique and toughness. Basics of On-Ball Defense The whole goal of Coach Underwood’s pressure defense is to prevent opponents from getting into the offense they want to run. The defense begins by shrinking the floor. Coach Underwood then explains the rules and responsibilities of each player. Defenders are taught when to pick up opponents and how to make them uncomfortable through the entire possession. Pressure vs. Common Offensive Actions Coach Underwood shows you how to maintain pressure against the various actions offenses will run. Learn how to move and adjust denial positions every time the ball moves. Coach Underwood breaks down these concepts into 2-on-2, 3-on-3, and 4-on-4 for better understanding. You will also learn how to deny back cuts, play post defense, and stop dribble penetration by sprinting to midline to play help defense. Coach Underwood will also give you techniques for disrupting screening actions like screen aways, down screens, and baseline screens. To tie it all together, Coach Underwood shows you his shell drill. Players must communicate, jump to the ball, and sprint to help. There is an emphasis on player movement and “doing work early” to keep pressure on the offense. Defending Ball Screens To reduce pressure, the offense will try to use ball screens. Coach Underwood details how his defense attacks ball screens and maintains pressure. You will learn how to trap the dribbler in the corner. You’ll see “X-Action” which helps you defend screeners popping into open space for shots. Coach Underwood also shares his Red, White, and Blue communication system to defend on-ball screens. Coach Underwood’s video is a complete and total defensive system that any team can use to pressure offenses into making mistakes.
All Access: Shaka Smart by Shaka Smart Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Basketball practice with Shaka Smart is all about mentality and toughness which are the basis of building a team for Shaka Smart. In this All Access basketball practice video, you will go through the process with which the coach will instill his philosophy into the minds of the players. The players will also go through the trademark enthusiastic flair of coach Smart in which he will push the players to their limits with the help of the famed Havoc attacking defensive and offensive systems. The coach builds an amazing program for the players and with the help of weights and workouts, footage from four basketball practices the players will definitely get a glimpse at that. Basketball Practice Video 1 The second practice of 2013-14 season will be carried out in the first practice session of the program. This will give you a chance to know how the Coach will get familiar with the new players. The Double Fist man-to-man full court pressure defense will be shown in the beginning the when the session will start with a video breakdown. The players will learn lots of things and you will also see how to trap in transition, all pointed out and will be demonstrated by the Coach Smart himself. You will also get to know numerous new concepts explained by the Coach Smart in the secondary break and you will also see how to defend outnumbered situations. The first practice session focuses mainly on the defensive side and there are several drills dedicated to work on help-and-recover versus baseline penetration as well as defending the 5-on-4 and 4-on-3 situations. There is a strategy that the coach uses when the ball is passed out of the trap and the defense is at disadvantage and this strategy is called as Fix it Concept. When it comes to the offensive side, you will go through the Flow Work concept. In the flow work concept there is a up-tempo attack which comes right out of transition and is one of the staples of Coach Smart’s program. Basketball Practice Video 2 In order to provide more direct attention to a smaller group of players, you will learn how to split up the team. Furthermore, the coach will also teach the players to learn how to load the ball in the transition in order to control the opposing point guard. In order to have three available outlets all the time the coach will also make you learn spacing of the floor. After all this the players will go through the Rose Offense in which two-man breakdown drills, 5-on-0 execution, and flowing from the package set play into the offense are carried out. For the defensive side, the players will learn the roles and rotations of the Diamond zone press that are accompanied with an extended walk-through before live play. Basketball Practice Video 3 There will be a 30 minute individual workout for all the players in this practice session. There will also be a interaction session between the coach and the players for better understanding of the game and it would be like a skill development session. There are overall 10 individual shooting exercises in which there are movements which work within the Rose Offense. So, how everything works in it? Well, it will begin with the elbow-to-elbow shots and after that it will extend to different parts of the court. The coach will make the players learn the shot fake into the workout and how it can help the players get positive results if they master this move. There are different attacks and works on balance, footwork, shot fakes, and gaining space off of the pound dribble in the workout. Basketball Practice Video 4 Coach Smart spends a good amount of time working on two main presses, Double Fist and Diamond. The team takes part in three mini-scrimmages. • The first features strictly Double Fist. Both teams work on using this man-to-man run-and-jump press. • The second 5v5 battle showcases only the Diamond press, which is a 1-2-1-1 zone press. • The final scrimmage mixes both presses, with Coach Smart calling them out to players on the fly. Rent Shaka Smart's basketball practice video today.