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Defense wins championships is the saying and it's true.  If teams struggle to score against your team or even if you make it harder for them. you will be in and win more basketball games.  Our basketball defense drills DVDs for rent feature the top college coaches showing you what defensive drills they use and how they teach them.

Now you could go look up a bunch of drills on YouTube or some coaching site, but you won't see how the best of the best Teach.  And that's important because these coaches are Pros and they get paid to win basketball games so they know how to do it and you can learn how they do it as well. Watch these coaches teach their players and then you can take that knowledge and apply it right to the court in your basketball practices.

Youth Basketball Defense Drills

In our selection of basketball DVDs for rent we have plenty of titles to get the best youth basketball defense drills to teach your youth team how to shut down the opponent.  You will also be preparing your youth players to succeed at the next level of basketball because they will understand how to defense which means they will less likely get beat and all teams need good defenders and coaches like players that know and understand the game.  By using our DVDs and these youth basketball defense drills future coaches will love the players you coached because it will be less work for that coach and he can teach them even more and have a better team.

Man to Man & Zone Basketball Defense Drills

No matter what type of defense you run we have basketball defense drill DVDs for you from the best coaches in the game.  Whether you want to run a full court man to man defense or pack in a 2-3 zone we have what you need to succeed as a basketball coach.  

Rent our Basketball Defense Drills DVDs today and teach defense like the Pros do!

Defensive Drills For Creating Turnovers by Bob Huggins Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Bob Huggins (Rental)-Defensive Drills For Creating Turnovers $19.99
Defensive Drills for Creating Turnovers Nothing can turn up the heat on an offense like pressure defense. In this drills for creating turnovers video, West Virginia head coach Bob Huggins opens the doors to one of his defensive-focused practices where you will see how he builds both his full- and half-court defenses. Huggins is well known throughout the nation for his pressure defenses that lead to turnovers and easy points. His defenses throughout the years have been a big part of his 765 career wins. Using whiteboard diagrams, lecture, and practice footage; Huggins describes his philosophy of defense and takes you through many of the drills that help develop his style of play. Defensive Philosophy Coach Huggins discusses spacing first showing how to cut the court in half, shrink space for offenses, and how doing so enables trapping areas. You will hear Huggins speak of the traits his players must have in order to play good team defense. Coach Huggins prefers an up-the-line/on-the-line style of defense which is known to disrupt an opponent’s attack, take away vision, and now allow direct passing lanes. You will also hear about the Mountaineers’ approach to defending the pick and roll, when to trap, how to defend an inbound pass, scouting, rebounding, and toughness. Up-the-Line, On-the-Line Drills For Huggins, help defenders must position themselves between the passer and their man. Huggins teaches this skill through several variations of break down drills that teach proper angles on close outs and 1- or 2-pass positioning. Using 2-on-2 drills with the help of an unguarded manager, Huggins shows the proper angles defenders must take in order to deny direct line passes. Players in Huggins’ system learn to push the ball to the sideline and off of the 3-point line. They also learn to deal with back-door cuts. Eventually, the break down drills progress to 4-on-4 where players work on proper positioning and help defense. This group of drills culminates with the 4-on-4 +1 drill that puts the defense at a disadvantage forcing players to scramble and communicate. Position Specific Drills Huggins breaks down drills for individual positions. Perimeter players work on close outs and applying maximum on-ball pressure. Post players go through five different drills designed to improve their on-ball defense. The 1-on-1 Fast Break Drill challenges post players to protect the rim against an attacker operating off a full speed dribble. Full Court Pressure For Coach Huggins, diagramming the press is something that is difficult. He bases his press on taking away what an offense does best and exploiting weaknesses. You will see five drills including the Flick Drill which teaches players how to create fast break opportunities by forcing a turnover with a back tip to a teammate. Post players work on playing up the line to deny flash cuts by players up the sideline. You will also see back line defenders shifting from denial defense to intercepting passes as help defenders. Posts also work on defending the rim in a 2-on-1 situation trying to force an extra pass. All of the drills in Coach Huggins’ 111-minute video are designed to help you raise the pressure of your defensive system and force more turnovers. Rent this drills for creating turnovers DVD today.
Geno Auriemma's Complete Defensive System by Geno Auriemma Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Geno Auriemma (Rental)-Geno Auriemma's Complete Defensive System $18.99
there Are Six Days And You Have To Prepare Your Team To Play Aggressive, Formidable Defense Then How Are You Supposed To Do That? Well, In This Video, You Will Learn This How To Do That With The Help Of The Most Successful Coach Of Women’s Basketball. you Will Learn The Art Of Achieving A Tough And Formidable Defense. The Coach Auriemma Presents A Clear Philosophy To Apply And How Can The Player Learn The Defensive Principles In The Right Way To Block The Attacks Of The Opposition Team. there Are Three Basic Goals For Every Game That The Coach Has Outlined For The Players. You Will Learn How To Plan Your Practice And Break Down Defensive Skills In Different Stations That Will Help Your Players Improve Their Game In Every Minute Of The Practice. the Defensive Philosophy ball Pressure Is The Starting Point Of Defensive Approach. In Order To Take The Offensive Game Out Of Comfort Zone Of The Opposition Players The Coach Uses The Ball Pressure Method. This Method Forces Them To Make More Mistakes And It Gives More Turnovers And Bad Shoots. the Coach Also Pays Huge Attention To The Most Important Areas Of The Court And Enable Players To Defend In The Best Possible Way. third, There Are Three Main Points Which Are Laid Done By The Coach Auriemma. First Is Elimination Transition Baskets, Elimination Three Point Shots And Not Fouling. These Three Important Objectives Are Accomplished During The Course Of A Game. With These Three Objectives Applied, It Will Be Hard For The Opponent Players To Score. individual Defense Drills the Good Defensive Stance Is The Very First Point To Learn For Improving Individual Defense. There Are Drills For Getting Into A Good Stance And These Drills Will Also Teach You How To Move Correctly. The Mass Drill Which Involves All The Team Works To Improve The On-ball Defense. If You See Even The Best Players Of The Country Pay Huge Importance To The Basics Of The Stance. next Is The Zig-zag Drill. This Drill Is Very Helpful In Improving Your Defensive Skills As Well. So, How Can You Do This? Every On-ball Defender Will Take Part In Two Rounds In Which He Will Guard The Ball To Ball Half Court Line. In The First Dribble When The Half Court Line Is Reached, The Defender Starts The 2nd Round By A Executing A Closeout To The Baseline. There Are Some Other Important Elements Taught As Well Like The Containment Of The Dribble And Forcing Changes. defensive Stations in Order To Teach The Players Best Individual Defense, The Team Is Broken Into Several Groups Where The Defensive Stations Are Used In Which Assistant Coaches Run Five Minutes Drills. In The Defensive Stations Players Learn To Improvise And Learn How To Defend In Breakdowns Of Scenarios That Might Arise During A Game. So, This Will Improve Their Overall Game And Defensive Skills. the 1-on-1 Defensive Station Will Teach The Players To Guard Properly. So, How It Works? Well, The On-ball Defender Is To Position Herself One Arm's Length Away From The Dribbler. To Simulate This, The Inside Hand Reaches Out To Mirror The Basketball While The Other Hand Helps Deny Passes And Drives To The Sideline Or To The Baseline. So, This Method Is Very Effective In Many Ways.  
Breakdown Basketball Defense Drills For Individual & Team Defense by Roy Williams Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Roy Williams (Rental)-Breakdown Basketball Defense Drills For Individual & Team Defense $17.99
Roy Williams: Breakdown Drills for Individual and Team Defense If there is one thing that has helped North Carolina head basketball coach Roy Williams be successful, it is defense. Coach Williams has won over 800 games in his career, been to nine Final Fours, and has three national championships to his credit. In this video, Coach Williams discusses the “22” half-court defense and individual and team drills that have helped him produce all those wins. Defense is about forcing an opponent out of their offense resulting in either a bad shot or a turnover. Coach Williams explains how his Tar Heels go about making opponents uncomfortable. The Basics Defending a player with the basketball is one of the more difficult skills to learn in basketball. Coach Williams starts at the very beginning – the stance. Players must learn the basic defensive stance in order to successful defenders. On-the-ball defense is emphasized since a dribbler must be constantly pressured. Coach Williams shows you how he teaches his players the stance so that they may eventually become quicker in moving laterally. Coach Williams goes through three separate drills designed to improve that lateral quickness and help defenders stay in front of a dribbler. Players learn how to navigate through multiple screens in what Coach Williams calls the Mine Field Drill. The Deny-Help-Deny Drill works on moving quickly from the help position to deny. Off the ball help defense is one of the keys to breaking down an opponent’s offense. The final drill teaches players the closeout and helping off of their man. Game-Like Situations Coach Williams will put players in a 4-on-4 situation emphasizing both on-the-ball and off-the-ball pressure to create an almost game-like atmosphere. A thorough breakdown of each player’s position and their responsibilities is given. Those who play for Coach Williams know that giving up a baseline drive is simply unacceptable. This is explained as well as pressuring the ball, denying the next pass, closing out, and more. The 4-on-4 drills progress, ultimately, to a live, full-court 5-on-5 situation where defenders must learn to work in transition. Players learn to “Guard Their Yard” as Coach Williams preaches and take pride in playing sound pressure defense, something that has helped Williams lead North Carolina to three national titles.
Kevin Boyle (Rental)-20 High Energy Drills For Pressure Defense $17.99
if You Do Not Already Know, Kevin Boyle Is One Of The Country’s Top High School Basketball Coaches Leading Montverde Academy (fl) To The 2018 High School National Championship. It Was The Fourth Time Boyle’s Team Has Won A National Title And He Has Done It By Applying Pressure Defense To Opponents. In This Video, You Will See Exactly How To Teach And Implement The Drills Necessary For Your Program To Become A Defensive Stalwart. coach Boyle’s Presentation Is Done On The Court So That You See How Each Drill Is Taught. Drills Build Upon Each Other In An Effort To Improve Both Individual And Team Defensive Skills. Coaches Will Find All Of Coach Boyle’s Drills Easy To Implement And Physically Demanding. warm Up Drills coach Boyle Begins With Seven Warm Up Drills That Focus On Skills Needed On Both Ends Of The Floor. Passing, Shooting, And Cutting Drills Are Part Of The Progressive Warm Up That Will Help Improve Individual And Team Offensive And Defensive Skills. Coaches And Players Benefit From The Warm Up As It Permits More Time To Work On Other Concepts During The Rest Of Practice. half-court Defense coach Boyle Demonstrates A Number Of Drills Designed To Help You Coach High Pressure Defense. You Will See How Each Drill Is Set Up, How It Is Run, And What Coaching Points Might Be Offered To Help Your Players Improve. The Half-court Drills Include: tracing The Ball: Pressuring The Ball Must Be Quick And Smart. You Will See That This Drill Will Teach Your Players How To Create Pressure On The Ball, An Important Part Of Helping Every Other Aspect Of Your Defense. denying The Passing Lane: Essential To Shutting Down Opponents Is Denying Passing Lanes. Coach Boyle Illustrates How To Space Defenders And How To Move To Protect Passing Lanes. guarding A Cutter: Teams That Consistently Deny Passing Lanes Will Usually See Cutters. Coach Boyle Teaches The Proper Way To Stop And Redirect Cutters And, Ultimately, Frustrate Offenses. help And Recover: Defenders Must Help Teammates When They Get Beat On The Dribble. Help Defenders Must Not Allow An Easy Basket From Their Own Man Though. Coach Boyle Emphasizes Quickness In This Drill. A Quick Closeout Is The Key To The Help And Recover Drill. closeout Drill Series: Modern Offenses Feature More Players That Are Versatile And Can Both Shoot And Penetrate. As A Result, Closeouts Are Crucial To Successful Defensive Play. Coach Boyle Reviews A Collection Of Drills To Help You Teach Closeouts. slide Drill Series: Maintaining Position In Front Of A Ball Handler And Slowing Him Down Is Key To Pressure Defense. The Old Zig-zag Is Given An Upgrade As Coach Boyle Adapts It Today’s Game. Players Learn To Improve Their Slide And To Transition Quicker From Slide To Sprint In A Game Situation. defending Drives From The Wing: Coach Boyle Goes Over Four Drills That Will Help Your Players Cut Off Any Wing Penetration. They Also Will Learn How To Defend Spin Moves That Are The Result Of Cut-offs. guarding Duck-ins And Post-ups: Offenses Will Attempt To Get Players Open Inside With Duck-ins And Post-ups. Coach Boyle Teaches This Drill To Help Players Understand How To Keep Post Players From Getting Into Position For An Easy Shot.
Ball Pressure Defense Drills by Grey Giovanine Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Grey Giovanine (Rental)-Ball Pressure Defense Drills $17.99
open Practice: Ball Pressure Defense Drills grey Giovanine, Head Coach Of Division Iii Power Augustana, Demonstrates A Series Of Defensive Drills Designed To Help You Improve At Defending Ball Screens, Taking Away The Pick And Roll, And Minimizing Breakdowns In Your Defense. Coach Giovanine Is An 8-time Cciw Coach Of The Year And Was The National Division Iii Coach Of The Year In 2017 After Leading Augustana To The National Championship Game. giovanine’s Program Has Become Dominant In Division Iii Because Of A Commitment To Defense And Rebounding. In This Video, You Will Learn The Basic Fundamentals Of Man-to-man Defense And Through Drills And Game Film You Will Learn How To Implement A High-level Championship Defense. philosophy giovanine’s Mantra Is Simple – Defend, Rebound, And Run. It Is A Philosophy That Has Treated Augustana Well. Coach Giovanine Digs Further Into His Philosophy By Simplifying The Game To Its Six Core Elements And Then Stating A Program’s Identity. Part Of That Identity Includes The Pillars Of Defense And How Five Players On The Floor Must Act As One. Finally, You Will See The Traits That Coach Giovanine Uses To Define His Program And How They Can Be Used To Track Your Defensive Success. stance good, Solid Fundamental Defense All Starts With The Stance. Coach Giovanine Teaches The Illinois D Series Which Includes The Proper Defensive Stance. A Series Of Five Drills Helps Players Improve Their Ability To Stick With Defenders All Over The Floor. defense In Transition defense Begins As Soon As An Opponent Grabs A Rebound. The Ability To Get Back In Transition Is Paramount To A Defense’s Success. Coach Giovanine Offers Three Different Transition Defense Drills To Train Players To Succeed In Numbers Disadvantage Situations. The 3-on-2 Chaser And The Tip To Perfect Drills Are Taught And Demonstrated To Help Your Players Execute Basic Fundamentals Of Defense In The Midst Of Transition. build Your Defense coach Giovanine Helps You Build Your Defense From The Ground Up Beginning With The 1-on-1 Operational Drill. Players Work Closeouts, Denial, Help Against Dribble Penetration, And On-ball Defense. The Drills Progress To Post Defense As Well As Two More Drills That Have Players Force Constant Closeouts And Help Them Learn How To Prevent Open Shots Without Giving Up Penetration. shell Drill if There Is One Drill That Will Help You Install Your Defense, It Is Coach Giovanine’s Shell Drill. Using Four Different Progressions Of The Drill, Players Learn How To Position Themselves Correctly, Anticipate Cuts, Passes, And Penetration, Defend The Perimeter, And Rotate To Protect Against Baseline Drives. The Implementation Of The Defense Culminates In The Perfect Defense Drill Where Players Are Challenged To Play Perfect Defense For A Whole Possession.
Essential Drills For Building A Championship Defense by Dwane Casey Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Dwane Casey (Rental)-Essential Drills For Building A Championship Defense $17.99
Basketball Defense Drills for Building a Championship Defense Transition and half-court defenses can make a big difference in the win-loss column. In this video from Detroit Pistons head coach Dwane Casey, you will learn how to build the type of defense that is feared among opponents. As an assistant with the Dallas Mavericks in 2011, it was Casey who designed the defense that helped the Mavericks win an NBA title. Casey’s teams in Toronto were always among the best defenses in the league. In this clinic session, you have the opportunity to learn the defensive system that turned the Raptors franchise around. Casey takes you through the intimate details of his transition and half-court defense, which includes a look at many of the practice drills he uses to train players. Warm Up Basketball Defense Drills The close out is fundamental to excelling in Casey’s system. With a philosophy of “flooding the lane,” it is imperative players master the close out. Casey will present two drills that he uses as a defensive warm up that help develop closing out. The idea of using defensive actions as warm-up drills also emphasizes the importance of defense and helps to develop a team’s defensive mindset. Transition Defense Philosophy  Great defense begins in transition. Coach Casey breaks down how his transition defense shuts down opponents’ fast break opportunities. It begins at the moment the shot is in the air. Players must understand their roles, how to communicate, how to load up to the basketball, and where to influence the ball in transition. Practice Drills Coach Casey then uses a number of on-court demonstrations to break down a series of drills that simulate game situations and teach the critical aspects of the his defensive system. The Closeout Drill progresses from the simple technique to boxing out on rebounds, running shooters off the 3-point line, and how to “X-Rotate” out to shooters on high ball screens. In the Shell Drill, players learn to cut off the baseline drive while helping the helper with the crack down player. This drill helps to eliminate easy scoring opportunities that are created when defenders help on dribble penetration. Players learn to defend the high post, shut down cutters in the paint, and beat dribble hand-offs in the Flash Drill. The Flooding the Lane Drill teaches players the mentality of sending off-ball defenders into the paint for help. The final drill is 5-on-5 Defense which reviews low post defense, denying post feeds, and how to defend cutters when the ball is in the post. There is also a Q&A session where Coach Casey addresses a number of other defensive concepts like moving on the flight of the ball, defending the corner shooter, and how to defend middle ball screens. The 72-minute video is outstanding look inside the mind of one of the NBA’s brightest defensive gurus. Rent this basketball defense drills DVD today.
25 Practice Drills For Defense by Jim Calhoun Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jim Calhoun (Rental)-25 Practice Drills For Defense $17.99 Presents: 25 Practice Drills for Defense It is no secret that defense wins championships. In this video chock full of individual and team drills, learn from some of basketball’s very best how to develop dominant defenders and suffocating team defenses. The video features 25 different practice drills from the likes of Hall of Famers Geno Auriemma, the women’s basketball coach at Connecticut, and Mike Krzyzewski, the head coach of the men’s team at basketball blueblood Duke. Learn how to effectively apply on-the-ball pressure, eliminate penetration, how to help and recover, and limit defensive breakdowns. Individual Drills The video contains 13 drills for individuals to help develop the skills necessary to play outstanding defense. Help defense, close-outs, stunting, and boxing out are all skills that are needed in winning basketball programs. Championship defense starts with the individual player and some of the game’s best help you implement the drills necessary. One of the more important skills in playing defense at any level is learning the closeout. Ben Jacbson, who took Northern Iowa to the 2010 Sweet Sixteen, shows you his Clipper Drill to teach effective closeouts. Gonzaga’s Mark Few offers his 3-ball Closeout drill and Kansas head coach Bill Self teaches the 2-on-1 Closeout. Iowa State head coach teaches a number of Closeout drills – 1-0 Closeouts, 2-0 Help Side Closeouts – with an emphasis on high hands and denial of back door cuts. Modern defenses must also be skilled at defeating screens. Self will illustrate his Guarding Cross Screen/Down Screen drill where he shows you how to teach players to defeat the most common screen and screen-the-screener offenses in existence today. Prohm also shows you his Pick-and-Roll training that teaches players how to fight through screens and communicate. Legendary Connecticut men’s coach Jim Calhoun and Chicago Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg discuss drills for improving rebounding skills. Calhoun teaches a 2-on-2 rebound drill that will help your players develop the technique necessary to block out effectively. Hoiberg uses his Rebound vs. Pad Drill to get players ready for the physicality involved in rebounding situations. Team Drills The remaining 12 drills in the video are team drills that help defensive players learn to work in unison. The team drills teach spacing, defending screens, defending cutters, and help side responsibilities. Auriemma’s 4-on-4 Drill shows you how to place players in the right spots on the floor to eliminate dribble penetration and also deny passes and apply pressure to the ball. There are a number of 2-, 3-, and 4-man shell drills all designed for the sole purpose of helping coaches teach both the basics and the intricasies of championship defense.
Bob Hurley's Drills for Defensive Mastery by Bob Hurley Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Bob Hurley (Rental)-Bob Hurley's Drills for Defensive Mastery $18.99
Bob Hurley’s Drills for Defensive Mastery For 45 years, Bob Hurley Sr. was the head basketball coach at St. Anthony’s High School in New Jersey where he captured 28 state championships, won four national championships, and produced hundreds of quality players that went on to play at the college level. Hurley is well known throughout the coaching ranks as one of the most knowledgeable in the business. In this video, you will be presented with a plethora of knowledge from one of the best coaches in the world. Philosophy For Hurley, all players must follow a pattern of daily habits that help mold not only successful players, but successful people. Hurley has taught and modeled these habits throughout his four decades-plus as a coach and his teams have been remarkably consistent as a result. In addition, Hurley sets the expectation that practice will always be harder than games. Hurley establishes this at the beginning of every season and it helps players strive to work on their weaknesses to improve the team. Drills Each year begins with Hurley teaching the basics of defense. It all starts with the stance and progresses to footwork. Hurley emphasizes desire and hustling after loose balls. It is these types of things that have helped him establish himself as one of the great coaches at the high school level. In addition to defense, players must master the basics of rebounding, which include proper positioning and attacking the glass on either end of the floor. Here, Coach Hurley introduces a series of drills designed to make players better rebounders. Superman Series: Hurley demonstrates five different drills that can be used to develop an absolute stud rebounder, no matter if the player is a post or a guard. Each drill focuses on the fundamentals of rebounding including using two hands, being strong with the ball, and even using a shot fake after an offensive rebound. 6-Man Closeout: Defenses today must be able to contest shots from the perimeter and be prepared for the drive when a post player sprints out to set a ball screen. This drill helps teach ball screen defense under game-like conditions. At the conclusion of the video, Hurley shares his thoughts on offensive celebrations. He teaches his players to eliminate them because once a basket is scored another offense is ready to push the ball up the floor in an effort to score. Hurley’s defenses are so good because after a made basket they sprint back on defense to prepare for the next possession. Whether you are a rookie coach or a veteran of many years, Coach Hurley has some wisdom for you in this 61-minute video. With a list of honors a mile long, Coach Hurley knows a thing or two about successful defense and he shares it with you in this video.
Man To Man Defensive Drills And Out Of Bounds Plays by Kevin Boyle Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Kevin Boyle (Rental)-Man To Man Defensive Drills And Out Of Bounds Plays $17.99
Kevin Boyle: Man-to-Man Defense Drills & High Caliber Out-of-Bounds Plays One of America’s premier high school head coaches shares in this video the model of how to implement a lock-down high pressure defense and make your team an annual contender. Kevin Boyle is the head coach at Monteverde Academy (FL), a school that is routinely ranked in the national Top 25 year-in and year-out. His 2018 team was named the high school national champion and he has coached five players taken among the Top 3 in the NBA Draft over the past seven years. Coach Boyle’s players and teams are so good because they adhere to a strong principle of defensive pressure. You will learn the same principles including pressure defense based on offensive personnel, defending the pick-and-roll, and defending multiple offensive sets that Coach Boyle teaches his teams. Defense & Drills Coach Boyle, who is a four-time national high school coach of the year, will take you through a series of drills that can help your program become tougher and more consistent on defense. You will learn how to teach your players to mirror the ball in dead ball situations. Additionally, Coach Boyle illustrates drills designed to teach how to deny the basketball, how to defend the pick-and-roll, and how to help and recover. The drills are progressive and can be adapted to fit your program. Coach Boyle also takes you through defending popular offensive sets. Once players understand the basics of high pressure defense, they learn to defend common play sets. Coach Boyle shows you how he defends such offenses as the Flex offense, the UCLA offense, and Slice offense concepts. Out-of-Bounds Plays In any given game, there are a number of special situations that will occur. As a bonus to his video, Coach Boyle includes demonstrations of several out of bounds plays that can help you and your team add five to ten points per game. You will learn plays to run against a 2-3 zone as well as against man-to-man. He also demonstrates two last-second plays designed to get either a two- or three-point shot. Coach Boyle offers plenty of insight into team defense, special situations, and more in this 65-minute clinic video. If you are looking to take your defense to the next level, Coach Boyle’s high-energy approach to the game and his reputations for success is unmatched.
Defensive Conditioning Without The Ball by Doug Bruno Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Doug Bruno (Rental)-Defensive Conditioning Without The Ball $17.99
Defensive Conditioning Drills for Basketball Without the Ball DePaul University head women’s basketball coach Doug Bruno is well-known throughout coaching circles for his ability to mold and develop talent. He has over 500 career wins and has been heavily involved in USA Women’s Basketball having been an assistant coach for the national team from 2010 to 2015. In this defensive conditioning drills for basketball video, Coach Bruno offers up 13 different drills all designed to turn up the defensive pressure and minimize easy baskets by opponents. The drills you will see are great for developing positive defensive habits and they work as conditioning drills as well. Defensive concepts you will see include on-ball defense, full court defense, half-court defense, and stopping an opponent’s best player. Individual On-Ball Defense Coach Bruno demonstrates a number of drills that will improve your overall team defense. There are drills to establish an athletic defensive stance, where all defense begins. You will also see drills that develop explosive slides and train players to stay in front of the ball. Proper stance and technique can help minimize breakdowns that result from players getting beat off the dribble. This is where you will see improvements in your team defense. Half-Court Defense Coach Bruno introduces four drills designed to improve your half-court defense. The Close Out and Sprint to Help Line Drill works on close out technique and positioning relative to the ball. The 2-on-2 version of the drill forces players to help with dribble penetration before closing out to recover on the skip pass. Two drills emphasize denial defense and how your players can take out a defender. The Continuous Denial drill can be run in both 1-on-1 and 2-on-2 situations. Players deny the wing and cut off the baseline while defending the ball. The second drill forces players to fight through multiple screens while trying to deny the basketball. Transition and Full Court Defense Transition defense is an important part of any team’s defensive package. Coach Bruno brings you four drills to improve your defensive play in transition. The 5-on-5 Across the Free Throw Line Drill challenges your defense to communicate and scramble in a temporary disadvantage situation. The Jump and Run Actions series is perfect for breaking down full court defense. Players work in either a 2-on-2 or 3-on-3 situation and apply maximum pressure to the ball. The drill teaches players how to rotate when switches occur. All of Coach Bruno’s drills can be done without a ball and can help any team at any level to improve its pressure defense and minimize easy baskets. This 74-minute video is full of creative drills that will not only put your team to the defensive test, it will also improve your players’ conditioning. Rent this defensive conditioning drills for basketball DVD today.
Competitive Drills For Man--to--man Defense by Ben Jacobson Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Ben Jacobson (Rental)-Competitive Drills For Man--to--man Defense $15.99
Competitive Drills for Man-to-Man Defense If you are looking to improve your man-to-man defense, this is the video for you. Ben Jacobson, head basketball coach at the University of Northern Iowa, will help you create a defensive philosophy that will shut down opponents. Coach Jacobson is a two-time Missouri Valley Coach of the Year who took his Panthers to the Sweet 16 in 2010 using an intense, tough man-to-man defense that held opponents to just 63.5 points per game that season. If you have been searching for your team’s defensive identity, Coach Jacobson can help you find it. Coach Jacobson will help you organize your practice so that you improve the effectiveness of your defensive practice time. The four key principles of his quarter-court defense are revealed as well as 10 different defensive drills. These drills provide the foundation as you plan your defensive practice time. The drills begin at the very basic level from 1-on-0 the whole way to a full 5-on-5 situation. Coach Jacobson preaches working on the fundamentals of defense which include maintaining balance, keeping feet on the ground, and squaring up to defenders. He also emphasizes teamwork. Players must learn to communicate in order to be good defenders. These drills also work on pressuring the ball, developing a closed stance to gain an advantage in a short close out, and moving with the ball as it is being moved. Coach Jacobson’s drills advance to 5-on-5 situations which become more game-like. These drills will help you increase your team’s intensity and overall toughness on defense. Pressuring the ball, contesting shots, and maintaining good baseline defense are all keys to Northern Iowa’s success on defense. Coach Jacobson’s philosophy can be adapted to your program and bring you similar success. 65 minutes. 2010.
Coach K: Agility For Defense by Mike Krzyzewski Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Mike Krzyzewski (Rental)-Coach K: Agility For Defense $17.99
Basketball Agility Drills with Coach K Learn Coach K's basketball agility drills. Playing defense requires your players to be in great physical condition. If there is a coach that knows what it takes to produce great defenders, it is Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski. He is the winningest basketball coach in NCAA Division I history with over 1,000 wins. What Coach Krzyzewski has done at Duke is incredible. His teams have won 12 ACC regular season titles, made 12 trips to the Final Four, and have claimed five national championships. In this video, you will see how Coach K instills in his players the mental toughness and discipline that it takes to be an elite defender. Featuring Coach K in his element – on the court at the legendary Cameron Indoor Stadium on Duke’s campus – you will watch as he takes you through 20-plus drills and strategies that will help you improve on defense. Coach K has coached six National Defensive Players of the Year. He knows what it takes to be an outstanding defender and presents that in this video. Basketball Agility Drills to Develop Great Defenders The basketball agility drills presented will help your players develop the most basic of defensive skills including controlling the movement of a ball handler, disrupting passing lanes, and challenging shooters. The idea of elite defenses is to force opponents into situations where they either take a bad shot or turn the ball over. To do so requires athletes that are in great physical shape that also have sound defensive mechanics. All of Coach K’s drills are competitive, which challenges players at all times. While your players will build their level of conditioning, the drills also teach important defensive concepts such as transition defense, increasing pressure on the ball, and weak-side help defense. Coach K will also help you take these drills a step further by creating game-like situations so your players can practice what might happen on the defensive end of the floor. The drills presented by Coach K can be used throughout an entire season to not only improve your team’s defense, but also to build and maintain a level of physical conditioning. The drills are also useful for any level of competition. If they work for Coach K, they can work for you and your program as well. 50 minutes. 2005. Rent this basketball agility drills DVD today.
Drills to Improve Any Defense by Johnny Dawkins Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Johnny Dawkins (Rental)-Drills to Improve Any Defense $18.99
With Johnny Dawkins, University of Central Florida Head Coach; 2012 & 2015 NIT Championships with Stanford; 2017 NIT Final Four appearance in first year at UCF; led NCAA D-I schools in defensive field goal percentage (2017). Even great offensive teams will have nights where it seems like there's a lid on the basket. In those moments, you need a defense that is consistently 'on' to help your team persist and win the game. Johnny Dawkins creates winning basketball programs with a foundation rooted in strong defense. In his first two years as Central Florida head coach, his teams have been national leaders in multiple defensive categories, including top 10 rankings in field-goal percentage defense, scoring defense, and fewest fouls. Coach Dawkins unloads his defensive drills package in this video, starting from the individual foundation and leading up to five player team defense. You'll see how he teaches defensive fundamentals through these drills, from proper slides to transition defense. Progressive Drill Series Develop players who can lock down the ball with this progressive drills series that will refine their technique for great on-ball defense! Your players will warm-up while training the footwork needed to be mobile in the full court with two variations of the Slide Drill. Dawkins gives you a strategy he uses to emphasize defending with active hands. Additionally, three versions of the Zig-Zag drill teach your players how to keep their balance and play with proper angles to keep their man in front. The Tunnel Drill creates a 1-on-1 competition that will push your players to improve on both sides of the ball, whether it be through their ball handling or on-ball defense. Athletes will learn how to adjust their ball pressure based on the caliber of player they are guarding. This package of drills will show your players how to shut down opponents at the point of attack! Defending as a Team Dawkins also shares a variety of drills that will help your players become great team defenders. The "Knight Jump to the Ball" drill teaches players to closeout with great form while also playing in perfect help position to defend cutters. Other drills reinforce defending high ball screens, scrambling to cover shooters with great help rotations when your defense breaks down, beating screen-aways, down screens, and flare screens, and more. Dawkins covers how to build your transition defense through every disadvantage situation with the "Progressive Fast Break." Additionally, the 5-on-5 Defensive Points Drill is the ultimate way to establish pride in your team for getting defensive stops. Practice the fundamentals that are essential to any dominant defense with the drills you'll find in this video from Coach Dawkins! 81 minutes. 2018.
Practice Drills For Half Court Pressure Defense by Will Wade Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Will Wade: Practice Drills for Half Court Pressure Defense LSU head coach Will Wade has earned a reputation as a well-versed defensive coach despite his youth. Just 35 years of age, Wade has been a head coach at Tennessee-Chattanooga and Virginia Commonwealth before landing at LSU. He was part of Shaka Smart’s staff on the VCU team that went to the Final Four in 2011. Coach Wade takes you through his whole philosophy of defense as well as the drills necessary in building a top-notch defensive ball club. This clinic video will help your team stop easy transition baskets as well as show you how to close out properly and prevent 3-point opportunities. Ball Pressure Coach Wade uses two drills to help defenders learn the art of ball pressure. The drills utilize a scoring system making them very competitive. Both drills emphasize an individual’s ability to apply pressure on the ball as well as rotate and position when off the ball. Your players will develop the skills necessary to disrupt ball handlers and force deflections and turnovers. Winning in Transition Defenses cannot give up easy baskets in transition. Learn how Coach Wade balances an aggressive style of offensive rebounding with limiting fast-break opportunities. Two drills – the Rat Race and 4-on-2 Continuous – serve the dual purpose of teaching transition defense and working as a conditioner. Players learn how to communicate and disrupt an opponent’s fast-break in game-like situations. Closeouts Two specific drills aim at taking away your opponent’s best shooters. Learn the technique that Wade used while at VCU to cover open shooters. The Raiders and Heart Check drills will help your defenders anticipate and learn to be aggressive in covering ground and stopping long-range shots. Post Defense Coach Wade wants his entire team to be able to defend in the post to take away the possibility of a mismatch. Defenses with all players capable of defending in the low post are able to switch on screens more easily. In this segment, Coach Wade presents two very intense, physical drills designed to prevent easy entry passes into the post with an emphasis on full-front denial. Rebounding Defense and rebounding go hand-in-hand and Wade has an aggressive philosophy for both. Rebounding is instinctive and Wade will show you how you can drill to bring out that instinct. Combined with all of the defensive drills, Coach Wade’s 79-minute clinic video is a must for those searching for a way to create pressure and force turnovers on defense.
A Foundation For Success by Roy Rana Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Man-to-Man Defensive Fundamentals: A Foundation for Success In this video, learn the philosophy of Roy Rana, head basketball coach at Ryerson University in Canada. Rana’s defenses were crucial in his leading the Canadian U-19 National Team to a gold medal at the 2017 FIBA championships. Learn how Rana teaches players to stop pick and rolls, play lock down transition defense, and build outstanding individual defenders. Individual Defense Fundamentals In today’s game, players need to understand how to defend dribble penetration, stop easy transition baskets, and defend any pick-and-roll situation. Coach Rana uses three different 1-on-1 drills to teach the proper footwork in the stance and closeout. Coach Rana then progresses to 1-on-2 and 3-on-3 situations where players learn to stunt, recover, and work on help side defense. Pick and Roll Defense Defeating the pick and roll has become a necessary skill for all players on the floor. Coach Rana will illustrate how your players can ice a ball screen all while maintaining sound help side defense. The pick and roll comes in many shapes and sizes and players must become comfortable in defending ball screens, skip passes, and dribble hand-offs. All are explained by Coach Rana in this video. Transition Defense One of the more common situations that defenses face is the shorthanded 5-on-3. Coach Rana describes how to buy time for the remaining defensive help to recover. Players learn how to stop the ball, guard the basket, and defend the first pass. Doing so can give defenders enough time to recover into a 5-on-5 situation. Coach Rana stresses communication as a key to stopping opponents at half court allowing defenders to get back into an even situation. Special Situations The end of a game presents a number of situations that, if practiced properly, can put more Ws in your win column. Defending late game situations can increase your propensity to win. Defending an out of bounds play under the basket with less than 10 seconds to play or a sideline out of bounds with less than five second are situations that, if taught correctly, can improve your team’s winning percentage. You will witness Coach Rana’s amazing attention to detail and see firsthand how man-to-man defense in all situations leads to success. 78 minutes. 2016.