Drills to Improve Any Defense by Johnny Dawkins Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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With Johnny Dawkins, University of Central Florida Head Coach; 2012 & 2015 NIT Championships with Stanford; 2017 NIT Final Four appearance in first year at UCF; led NCAA D-I schools in defensive field goal percentage (2017). Even great offensive teams will have nights where it seems like there's a lid on the basket. In those moments, you need a defense that is consistently 'on' to help your team persist and win the game. Johnny Dawkins creates winning basketball programs with a foundation rooted in strong defense. In his first two years as Central Florida head coach, his teams have been national leaders in multiple defensive categories, including top 10 rankings in field-goal percentage defense, scoring defense, and fewest fouls. Coach Dawkins unloads his defensive drills package in this video, starting from the individual foundation and leading up to five player team defense. You'll see how he teaches defensive fundamentals through these drills, from proper slides to transition defense. Progressive Drill Series Develop players who can lock down the ball with this progressive drills series that will refine their technique for great on-ball defense! Your players will warm-up while training the footwork needed to be mobile in the full court with two variations of the Slide Drill. Dawkins gives you a strategy he uses to emphasize defending with active hands. Additionally, three versions of the Zig-Zag drill teach your players how to keep their balance and play with proper angles to keep their man in front. The Tunnel Drill creates a 1-on-1 competition that will push your players to improve on both sides of the ball, whether it be through their ball handling or on-ball defense. Athletes will learn how to adjust their ball pressure based on the caliber of player they are guarding. This package of drills will show your players how to shut down opponents at the point of attack! Defending as a Team Dawkins also shares a variety of drills that will help your players become great team defenders. The "Knight Jump to the Ball" drill teaches players to closeout with great form while also playing in perfect help position to defend cutters. Other drills reinforce defending high ball screens, scrambling to cover shooters with great help rotations when your defense breaks down, beating screen-aways, down screens, and flare screens, and more. Dawkins covers how to build your transition defense through every disadvantage situation with the "Progressive Fast Break." Additionally, the 5-on-5 Defensive Points Drill is the ultimate way to establish pride in your team for getting defensive stops. Practice the fundamentals that are essential to any dominant defense with the drills you'll find in this video from Coach Dawkins! 81 minutes. 2018.