Practice Planning And Program Development by Bob Hurley Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Bob Hurley (Rental)-Practice Planning And Program Development $15.99
Practice Planning for Basketball & Program Development Learn how to build your program from the ground up from one of the best high school coaches of all-time. Bob Hurley was the long-time head coach at St. Anthony’s (NJ) HS where he built a program that captured 28 state parochial championships and three USA Today national championships. A member of the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, Hurley shares with you the building of a successful high school program and how he structures practices. Coach Hurley’s video is packed full of information including new ideas, concepts, and drills to help you lay the groundwork for a successful basketball program. Building a High School Basketball Program Coach Hurley presents the keys to developing a successful program. These eight keys cover everything from having an emphasis on fundamentals and physical fitness to playing hard and his “WIN” statistics. Coach Hurley discusses his coaching philosophy and provides an outline of what you should be thinking about when attempting to build a high school basketball program. In the final section related to building a program, Coach Hurley walks you through his team’s contract. All players and their parents must sign the contract in order to play for Hurley. The contract contains 18 different points and it covers items both on and off the court. Basketball Practice Planning and Drills One area where coaches seek information is in practice planning. Coach Hurley gives you his thoughts and philosophy regarding the topic. He presents eight areas that you should consider when planning a practice. These include items such as practice set up, using the clock, and having 30-second “quick meets,” similar to a timeout, at practice. You will also witness 15 of Coach Hurley’s favorite drills that he used with his teams. The drills include both half-court and full-court situations and work on the fundamentals of basketball. You will see dribbling, passing, catching, shooting drills, and more. Coach Hurley is one of the best high school coaches ever and one of the reasons was his toughness. His demanding style helped players achieve their goals and produce over 1,000 wins in Hurley’s career. More than 100 of his athletes went on to play Division I basketball, a testament to the abilities of Hurley. Add this video to your collection and take some of his ideas as you build your program. Rent this practice planning for basketball DVD today.