Zone Killers


Zone Killers


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Transform Your Zone Offense with "Zone Killers" by Coach Lason Perkins

Dominate Any Zone Defense and Boost Your Team's Scoring Power!

Are you ready to turn the tables on teams that rely on zone defense to challenge you? With "Zone Killers" by Coach Lason Perkins, you'll no longer dread seeing a zone defense; you'll welcome it. Discover over 50 innovative scoring actions designed to break down any zone defense and secure easy points for your team.

Unlock the Secret to Overpowering Zone Defenses:

Imagine having a playbook so effective that you actually hope the opposition plays a zone defense against you. "Zone Killers" offers you the ultimate compilation of zone offense plays, turning what used to be a challenge into your most potent weapon.

Dive into a treasure trove of basketball strategies with features that include:

  • Comprehensive Playbook: Over 50 scoring actions including set plays, quick hitters, inbounds plays, and strategies for attacking half-court traps.
  • Expert Guidance: Instruction from Coach Lason Perkins, renowned for his expertise in basketball strategy.
  • Real Game Applications: Techniques proven successful at all levels of basketball, from high school to the NBA and NCAA.

Why "Zone Killers" Stands Out:

  • Versatile Strategies: Learn to screen the zone, create false motion attacks, and isolate defenders to consistently get great looks.
  • Elite Coaching Insights: Discover plays used by Hall of Famers like Jay Wright, Roy Williams, and many others.
  • Practical Demonstrations: On-court player demonstrations with offensive and defensive players offer a realistic, game-like look.
  • Easy to Teach: Dynamic whiteboard diagramming and instructional graphics make sharing and teaching the plays straightforward.
  • Adaptable Plays: Modify any play to suit your team's strengths and your opponent's weaknesses.

Elevate your team's performance and make zone defense a desired strategy from your opponents with "Zone Killers." Whether you're coaching youth basketball or leading a team at the collegiate level, these plays will add depth to your playbook and complexity to your offense.

Don't let zone defenses hold your team back any longer. Order "Zone Killers" now and start dominating the court!


Q: Is "Zone Killers" suitable for teams at all levels? A: Absolutely. The strategies and plays are designed to be effective at any level of basketball, from youth leagues to professional teams.

Q: Can the plays be adapted to fit my team's unique strengths? A: Yes, one of the key benefits of "Zone Killers" is its adaptability. You can tailor each play to leverage your team's strengths and exploit your opponent's weaknesses.

Q: How are the plays and actions presented? A: Coach Lason Perkins uses a combination of on-court demonstrations, whiteboard diagramming, and instructional graphics to present each play in an easy-to-understand and teach format.

Q: Will this help my team against teams that don't use zone defense? A: While "Zone Killers" is focused on overcoming zone defenses, the principles and strategies can enhance your team's overall offensive skills and adaptability, making you more formidable against any defense.