Winning in a World Without Barbells: How to run a successful Strength and Conditioning Program for your team during the shut down


Winning in a World Without Barbells: How to run a successful Strength and Conditioning Program for your team during the shut down

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Discover the Ultimate Strength and Conditioning Program for Your Athletes

In the midst of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the closure of schools and gyms has left coaches and athletes facing unprecedented challenges. But what if you could turn this obstacle into an opportunity? With "Winning in a World Without Barbells", we provide a comprehensive solution tailored for home workouts that require minimal equipment, ensuring your athletes not only maintain their strength and athleticism but also enhance it.

Why Choose "Winning in a World Without Barbells"?

  • Expertly Designed Workouts: Crafted by Eric D'Agati, with 20+ years in the fitness industry, these workouts are designed to optimize athlete performance with minimal equipment.
  • Comprehensive Program: Includes conditioning, nutrition, recovery, and equipment recommendations to cover all aspects of athlete development.
  • Easy to Follow: Access to instructional videos for each exercise, making it simple for your athletes to follow along and stay engaged.
  • Interactive Support: Kickstart your program with an introductory Zoom session for your team to ensure a smooth implementation and address any questions.
  • Proven Success: Praised by top coaches for its ease of management and effectiveness in maintaining athletic gains.

What Coaches Are Saying

"The Winning in a World Without Barbells program has given our program a clear plan for how to maintain the gains we made in the weight room this winter! It has been easy for us to manage as coaches and was fast to get rolled out to our kids. Thanks to Coach D'Agati!" - Lou Zampella & Chris Johnston - Hudson Catholic Football

Get Started Today

Don't let the current situation derail your team's progress. With "Winning in a World Without Barbells", equip your athletes with the tools they need to stay active, healthy, and prepared for their sports' return. Contact to book your introductory session and take the first step towards maintaining and building your team's strength and conditioning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do we need any special equipment?
No, the program is designed to be effective with little to no equipment.

Is the program suitable for all sports?
Yes, it's designed to enhance athletic performance across all sports by focusing on strength, power, and durability.

How do we access the instructional videos?
Links to instructional videos will be provided with the purchase of the program, ensuring you have all the resources you need.

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