Winning Hockey Goaltending featuring Coach Richard Shulmistra


Winning Hockey Goaltending featuring Coach Richard Shulmistra

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Unlock the Secrets to Becoming an Elite Goaltender

Discover the comprehensive guide to mastering the art of goaltending with "Winning Hockey Goaltending" video series, meticulously designed and presented by renowned Coach Richard Shulmistra. Leverage Coach Shulmistra's extensive experience as both a player and a coach to elevate your game to new heights. This video is an essential tool for goaltenders and coaches aiming to enhance their understanding and execution of goaltending fundamentals and advanced strategies.

Why This Video Series is a Game-Changer

  • Expert Instruction: Learn from the best as Coach Shulmistra, with his illustrious career as both a player and a coach, shares invaluable insights.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: From basic fundamentals to advanced techniques, this video covers every aspect of goaltending.
  • Practical Drills: Improve your skills with detailed skating and movement drills, save techniques, and puck control exercises.
  • Strategic Gameplay: Master game situation strategies including handling breakaways and dealing with tipped pucks.
  • Exclusive Insights: Benefit from Coach Shulmistra’s unique center line theory and learn how to effectively cover angles.
  • Accessible Learning: Ideal for goalies and coaches at every level seeking to improve their game understanding and performance.


Who can benefit from this video series?
Both aspiring goaltenders and seasoned coaches will find invaluable insights and practical guidance to enhance their skills and coaching techniques.

What level of play is this video aimed at?
This video series is designed for goalies and coaches at every level of play, from beginners seeking to learn the basics to advanced players aiming to refine their skills.

How can I access this video series?
The "Winning Hockey Goaltending" video series is available for purchase and can be accessed anytime, allowing for flexible learning tailored to your schedule.

Dive deep into the world of goaltending mastery and emerge a more confident, skilled goalie or coach. With "Winning Hockey Goaltending" featuring Coach Richard Shulmistra, unlock the potential to not just play, but to win. Elevate your game today!

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