Warm & Stretching exercises - Individual tasks for PE (+printable cards)


Warm & Stretching exercises - Individual tasks for PE (+printable cards)

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Unlock the Power of Effective Warm-Ups and Stretching

Introducing a comprehensive and innovative solution to invigorate your Physical Education classes - our Warm & Stretching Exercises - Individual Tasks for PE (+printable cards). Designed specifically for elementary PE, this pack includes 41 vibrant and educational task cards complemented by exclusive video demonstrations. These resources are meticulously crafted to boost your confidence and ability to lead your class through engaging warm-up and stretching exercises safely.

Features & Benefits

  • 41 Colorful PE Activity Cards: Print, laminate, and utilize these cards for dynamic and varied lessons. Their versatility allows you to use them as sports hall posters or digital references on your iPad/tablet.
  • 25 Warm-Up Tasks: Choose from on-the-spot or end-to-end tasks to kickstart your lessons with energy and enthusiasm.
  • 16 Stretching Exercises: Finish each session with targeted stretches that improve flexibility, strengthen muscles, and prevent injuries.
  • Online Video Demonstrations: Gain access to instructional videos for each task, ensuring your students perform each exercise safely and effectively.
  • Teaching Reference Tool for Life: Align your teaching with national physical education standards and enhance your curriculum with our professional-grade resources.


Can these cards be used in high school education?

Yes, while designed with elementary students in mind, these task cards are also a great resource for high school settings, offering foundational exercises suitable for older students.

Do I need to print the cards, or can I use them digitally?

You have the flexibility to use these cards in the way that best suits your teaching style and classroom setup. They can be printed out for physical use or displayed digitally on tablets and smartboards.

How often should I introduce new tasks to my students?

We recommend varying the tasks regularly to keep your students engaged and to expose them to a wide range of movements and exercises. Introducing 3-4 new tasks each lesson can keep the content fresh and exciting.

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your PE classes with our Warm & Stretching Exercises Task Cards. Equip yourself with the tools to teach effectively and inspire your students towards a healthy and active lifestyle.

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