Triphasic Training : A systematic approach to elite speed and explosive strength performance


Triphasic Training : A systematic approach to elite speed and explosive strength performance

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Discover the Secret to Explosive Strength and Speed

Imagine surpassing your competitors with unparalleled speed and explosive strength. "Triphasic Training: A Systematic Approach to Elite Speed and Explosive Strength Performance" is not just a book; it's the blueprint for achieving peak athletic performance. Written by renowned experts in athletic conditioning, Cal Dietz and Dr. Andy Galpin, this groundbreaking guide is the culmination of years of research and hands-on experience with elite athletes.

Why Triphasic Training Stands Out

This innovative approach to training focuses on the triphasic nature of muscle action during sports activities - eccentric, isometric, and concentric movements. By optimizing training for each phase, athletes can unlock previously untapped reserves of strength and speed. Here's what makes "Triphasic Training" indispensable:

  • Unique Narrative Style: Enjoy an engaging read where the information flows seamlessly, thanks to the first-person narrative from an imaginary coach that combines the experiences and knowledge of both authors.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From basic principles to advanced programming, every chapter equips you with the knowledge to enhance your performance or coaching strategies.
  • Practical Applications: It's not just theory. This book provides actionable strategies, coaching points, and exercises tailored for various sports.
  • Free Bonus Content: Gain access to exclusive online resources including video tutorials, advanced principles presentations, and special training considerations for year-long planning.
  • Proven Success: Backed by Cal Dietz's extensive experience training NCAA champions and Olympic athletes, these methods have a proven track record of success.

Transform Your Athletic Performance or Coaching Today

Whether you're an athlete aiming for the top or a coach striving to bring out the best in your team, "Triphasic Training" provides the knowledge and tools to achieve elite performance. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your approach to training.


Is this book suitable for beginners?

Yes! While "Triphasic Training" delves into advanced concepts, it starts with basic principles, making it accessible for beginners while also being invaluable for seasoned athletes and coaches.

Can these methods be applied to any sport?

Absolutely. The triphasic training approach is designed to enhance athletic performance across a wide range of sports by focusing on universal principles of human movement and strength development.

How soon can I expect to see results?

With consistent training and adherence to the principles outlined in the book, many athletes begin to see noticeable improvements in speed and strength within the first few months.

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