Today`s Pitcher and the NCAA Rule Book


Today`s Pitcher and the NCAA Rule Book

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Are you ready to elevate your pitching game and fully understand the NCAA rules that govern college softball? "Today's Pitcher and the NCAA Rule Book" is the ultimate guide you need. This in-depth discussion led by some of the most respected coaches in the game, including Cindy Bristow (UC Riverside), Lauren Ebstein (Tufts), Lisa Fernandez (UCLA), Melyssa Lombardi (Oregon), Jennifer Rocha (Oklahoma), Heather Tarr (Washington), and Kirk Walker (UCLA), offers unparalleled insight into the art and science of pitching. With special commentary by Vickie Van Kleeck (NCAA) from the 2021 season, this is your chance to get up-to-speed with the 2022-2023 NCAA rules.

Why "Today's Pitcher and the NCAA Rule Book" is a Must-Have

  • Expert Guidance: Learn directly from some of the most successful coaches in college softball.
  • Up-to-Date Information: Get the latest on the 2022-2023 NCAA rule book, ensuring you're always in compliance.
  • Improve Your Game: Understand the technical aspects of pitching that can take your game to the next level.
  • Invaluable Insights: Gain insights into pitching strategies and techniques that win championships.
  • Exclusive Access: Hear from Vickie Van Kleeck, offering her unique perspective on NCAA rules and their impact on pitching.


Who is this product for?

This is for pitchers at all levels, coaches looking to deepen their understanding of NCAA rules, and anyone passionate about college softball.

What format is the product in?

"Today's Pitcher and the NCAA Rule Book" is a comprehensive video discussion, lasting 46 minutes and 30 seconds.

How can this product help me improve my pitching?

By learning from top coaches and gaining a thorough understanding of NCAA rules, you'll be able to refine your technique, strategy, and overall approach to pitching.

Is the information up-to-date?

Absolutely. The discussion covers the most recent rules and strategies for the 2022-2023 NCAA season.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from the best in the game. "Today's Pitcher and the NCAA Rule Book" is your key to unlocking your full potential on the mound. Get your copy today and start dominating the diamond!

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