The Triple Pitch


The Triple Pitch

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Revolutionize Your Game

Introducing The Triple Pitch - a groundbreaking softball pitch that melds the reliability of a changeup, curveball, and dropball into one dynamic, game-changing technique. Created by veteran pitching coach Jerry Johnson, The Triple Pitch offers a unique spin that bewilders batters and leaves catchers in awe. Imagine having a pitch in your arsenal that combines the speed of a fastball with the unpredictability of a curve and the sudden drop of a dropball. That's the power of The Triple Pitch.

Why The Triple Pitch?

  • Exclusive Combination: Integrates the mechanics of three traditional pitches into one superior pitch for an unparalleled edge on the mound.
  • Versatile Application: Designed with two grips and two releases to suit both intermediate and advanced pitchers.
  • Unpredictable Trajectory: Its unique spin results in a pitch that's hard to predict and even harder to hit, enhancing your pitching efficacy.
  • Comprehensive Training: Comes with step-by-step instructional DVDs, featuring teacher and student demonstrations for optimal learning and practice.
  • Affordable Expertise: Gain access to Jerry Johnson's 30+ years of pitching coaching experience for just $19.95 per DVD - a fraction of the cost of other instructional materials.

What Pitchers Are Saying

"The first time I saw Jerry demonstrate The Triple Pitch, I was baffled. The mechanics and the effect it had were unlike anything I'd seen. It's sharp, unpredictable, and when mastered, an unstoppable force on the field." – The Late Coach Ernie Parker

Your Path to Mastery

Embrace the challenge and excitement of learning The Triple Pitch. Whether you're aiming to refine your pitching repertoire or seeking an edge that could define your career, Jerry Johnson's methodical approach and expert guidance can turn your potential into success. This is more than just another pitch; it's a new philosophy in softball pitching.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is The Triple Pitch suitable for beginners?
    While The Triple Pitch is designed for intermediate to advanced pitchers, motivated beginners with a solid understanding of basic pitching mechanics can also benefit from it with proper guidance and practice.
  • How long will it take to learn The Triple Pitch?
    The time it takes to master The Triple Pitch varies by individual, depending on your current skill level, practice frequency, and dedication. However, with consistent practice, noticeable improvements can be achieved in a few months.
  • Can The Triple Pitch be used in official games?
    Yes, The Triple Pitch is designed to be a legal pitch in softball games, giving you a competitive edge legally and ethically.
  • What if I have issues mastering the pitch?
    Jerry Johnson's DVDs provide comprehensive guidance, but if you're struggling, consider reaching out for personal coaching or attending one of Jerry's clinics for hands-on instruction.

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