The Series Playbook (23 Series To Choose From w/Counters)


The Series Playbook (23 Series To Choose From w/Counters)

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Revolutionize Your Team's Offense

Introducing The Series Playbook by Coach Vann, a comprehensive guide designed to transform your basketball team's offensive game. With years of coaching success under his belt, Coach Vann has compiled the ultimate collection of offensive series, complete with counterplays to outsmart any defense. Make your team's offense unpredictable and unscoutable with over 20 different series to choose from. Tailor your game strategy to your team's strengths and leave opposing defenses bewildered game after game.

Why The Series Playbook Is A Game-Changer

  • Extensive Content: A massive 1,155-page playbook offering a wealth of strategies.
  • Versatility: Choose from 23 different series, each with numerous counters to adapt to how the defense is playing.
  • Customizable: Select plays that match your players' skills, making your offense dynamic and adaptable.
  • Expert Insights: Leverage Coach Vann's 20+ years of coaching experience at high school, collegiate levels, and AAU business.
  • Comprehensive Guide: Not just plays, but adjustments and strategies for making the right call at the perfect moment.

Empower Your Coaching

Whether you're a seasoned coach or just starting out, The Series Playbook is tailored to elevate your coaching game. With over 750 plays derived from a multitude of alignments, quick hitters, counters, entries, false motions, and drills, your offense will keep the defense guessing at every turn. This isn't just a playbook; it's a treasure trove of basketball strategy, distilled from Coach Vann's life work, shared with no secrets held back.


How many series does the playbook cover?
There are 23 different series, each with numerous counters for comprehensive offensive strategies.

Is this playbook suitable for all coaching levels?
Absolutely. Whether you're coaching youth basketball, high school, or collegiate level, The Series Playbook offers valuable insights and strategies for all.

Can I find plays for any team's skill set?
Yes, the playbook is designed to cater to diverse team strengths and player abilities, ensuring you can adapt your offense to best suit your team.

Where can I purchase The Series Playbook?
Visit our website at to grab your copy and begin transforming your team's offense today!

Don't let your offense be predictable. Make the strategic move with The Series Playbook and lead your team to victory after victory. Secure your copy now!

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