The Rise Ball For the Younger Pitcher


The Rise Ball For the Younger Pitcher

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Discover the Secrets to Mastering the Rise Ball

Every pitcher dreams of mastering the elusive rise ball, the pitch that has baffled hitters and secured strikeouts throughout the history of softball. With "The Rise Ball For the Younger Pitcher," you're not just purchasing a DVD; you're unlocking a comprehensive guide to elevating your pitching game. Created by Jerry Johnson, a veteran with over 30 years of softball coaching experience, this DVD is your ticket to not only learn but master the rise ball.

Why Choose "The Rise Ball For the Younger Pitcher"?

From beginners to advanced pitchers, this DVD offers a structured approach to improving your rise ball technique. Here's why it stands out:

  • Step-by-Step Instructions: Break down the mechanics of the rise ball in an easy-to-understand format.
  • RevFire Technology: Utilize the latest in pitching technology to analyze and refine your pitch.
  • Diverse Training Drills: Engage in drills tailored for different skill levels - beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
  • Slow Motion and Split Screen Analysis: See the subtle nuances of the rise ball mechanics broken down for better understanding.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from Jerry Johnson’s 30+ years of coaching experience, bringing you insights from a seasoned professional.

What You'll Achieve

With dedication and practice, using this DVD will enable you to:

  • Master the mechanics of the rise ball, making it a powerful addition to your pitching arsenal.
  • Develop a solid foundation and muscle memory through detailed, step-by-step drills.
  • Improve your overall pitching performance by learning from student and teacher demonstrations.
  • Gain confidence on the mound, knowing you have the skills to execute one of softball's most challenging pitches.


Is this DVD suitable for beginners?
Absolutely! "The Rise Ball For the Younger Pitcher" is designed to guide pitchers at all levels, including beginners, through the fundamentals of the rise ball.

How long will it take to see improvement?
Improvement depends on the individual's commitment to practice. With regular use of the drills and techniques outlined in the DVD, pitchers can start to see progress in a matter of weeks.

Can more experienced pitchers benefit from this DVD?
Yes, even pitchers with previous experience can find value in refining their technique and learning new drills to enhance their rise ball pitch.

Embrace the journey to mastering the rise ball with "The Rise Ball For the Younger Pitcher." Order your copy today and start transforming your pitching game!

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