The Missing Link to Elite Performance - 2 in 1 Course Bundle


The Missing Link to Elite Performance - 2 in 1 Course Bundle

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Discover the Secret to Elite Performance

Introducing the groundbreaking course that is set to revolutionize the way you approach coaching and team performance. The "Missing Link to Elite Performance - 2 in 1 Course Bundle" provides unparalleled insights into leveraging Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for sports excellence. Crafted by Heather Macy, a seasoned coach with over 20 years of experience and more than 250 career wins, this course is your ticket to transforming both your coaching style and your team's success.

Why This Course is a Game-Changer

  • Comprehensive EQ Training: Learn to integrate Emotional Intelligence into your coaching to unlock your team's highest potential.
  • Practical Insights and Strategies: Immediate takeaways that can be seamlessly integrated into daily training routines.
  • Elite Mindset Formation: Master the art of cultivating the mindset rules followed by elite performers.
  • Stress Management Techniques: Equip your team to perform under pressure by understanding and managing brain functionality under stress.
  • Exclusive Access to Expertise: Gain insights from Heather Macy's illustrious 20-year coaching career, including her secret sauce to maximizing performance.

What's Included in the Course?

The course is packed with content designed to elevate your coaching and your team's performance, including:

  • Insights into decision-making processes and how to influence them positively.
  • Understanding your brain under stress and at work for better performance management.
  • Physical and mental exercises to foster an elite performer's mindset.
  • Engaging lessons on Emotional Intelligence in athletics and its impact on coaching.
  • Access to Powerpoint slides and exclusive Q&A sessions with Heather Macy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

This course is meticulously designed for coaches at all levels seeking to integrate EQ into their coaching strategy and significantly boost their team's performance.

How will this course help my team?

By understanding and applying the principles of Emotional Intelligence, you'll be able to enhance team cohesion, improve stress management, and foster a winning mindset.

Can I integrate these learnings into my current coaching strategy?

Yes, the course offers practical insights and strategies that can be easily integrated into your existing coaching strategy for immediate benefits.

How can I access the course?

Visit to enroll and start transforming your coaching journey today.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your coaching and unlock your team's full potential. Enroll now and be the catalyst for change that leads your team to new heights of success.

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