The Blissology Project


The Blissology Project

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Why Choose The Blissology Project?

  • Comprehensive Program: A fully immersive 6 disk DVD and downloadable series crafted over two years, providing an unparalleled journey into Yoga and Meditation.
  • Daily Meditation: Experience a unique meditation program for every day of the week, blending traditional techniques with modern approaches to suit our contemporary needs.
  • Varied Yoga Routines: Enjoy a different Yoga routine for each day, including both a longer Full Routine and a shorter Quickie option, perfect for beginners and intermediate practitioners.
  • Inspired by Nature: Filmed against stunning backdrops, each session is designed to connect you deeply with the beauty of the natural world.
  • Themed Content: Daily themes and lifestyle elements guide your journey, enhancing the connection between your body, mind, and the environment.
  • Created by Eoin Finn: Benefit from the wealth of knowledge and passion of Eoin Finn, a renowned yogi, surfer, and blissologist committed to bringing joy and bliss into lives.

Transform Your Life with The Blissology Project

The Blissology Project is not just about practicing yoga and meditation; it's about fostering a deep connection with yourself, others, and the environment. This program invites you on a journey to discover the source of love and joy within you, encouraging a life lived in harmony with nature and your community.


  • Is The Blissology Project suitable for beginners?
    Yes, the program is designed to accommodate both beginners and intermediate practitioners with routines and meditations that everyone can enjoy.
  • Can I use The Blissology Project without the 28 Day Program?
    Absolutely. While it complements our 28 Day “Commit to Bliss” Program, The Blissology Project can be enjoyed on its own, offering flexibility in how you choose to engage with it.
  • What makes The Blissology Project different from other yoga programs?
    This program uniquely combines yoga, meditation, and a profound connection with nature, guided by Eoin Finn’s extensive experience and heartfelt teachings.

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