The Basics of Windmill Pitching For the Younger Pitcher


The Basics of Windmill Pitching For the Younger Pitcher

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Transform Your Pitching Game Today!

Whether you're just stepping onto the pitcher's mound or looking to refine your skills, The Basics of Windmill Pitching For the Younger Pitcher is the ultimate coaching course you need. Spearheaded by the experienced and renowned coach Jerry Johnson, this course is your gateway to mastering the art of windmill pitching. With a focus on young beginners to advanced pitchers, this course acts as two comprehensive guides in one, ensuring your success on the field.

Why Choose This Course?

  • Comprehensive Coverage: From grips and stances to follow-throughs and drills, every aspect of windmill pitching is covered.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions: Delve into the "how-to" method of training with detailed explanations and correct mechanics.
  • Expert Demonstrations: Learn from the best as Jerry Johnson, alongside Morgan and Megan, showcases the right techniques to develop a fastball that impresses.
  • Consistent Practice: Embrace the mantra that "practice and commitment make the difference!" With recommended practice sessions of at least four days a week, witness rapid improvements in your pitching.
  • Affordable Learning: Gain access to invaluable coaching at the affordable price of only $19.95, making elite training accessible to all.

Meet Your Coach: Jerry Johnson

With over 30 years of coaching experience and a rich history in softball, Jerry Johnson brings his expertise straight to you through this engaging course. A retired Sergeant Major and a respected pitching coach for the Mountain State University Lady Cougars softball team, Jerry's approach to training is both effective and inspiring. His personal involvement in developing the course content guarantees a learning experience that is both enriching and practical.


  • Is this course suitable for complete beginners?
    Yes, this course is designed for pitchers at all levels, from complete beginners to more advanced players looking to enhance their skills.
  • How long does it take to see improvement?
    With dedicated practice of at least four days a week, as recommended by Jerry, most players begin to see noticeable improvement in their pitching mechanics and muscle memory within a few weeks.
  • Can older pitchers benefit from this course?
    While the course focuses on younger pitchers, pitchers of all ages can find value and improve their skills with the detailed instructions and drills provided.
  • What makes this course different from others?
    Unlike other courses, Jerry provides more step-by-step details about the "how-to method of training", prioritizing proper mechanics and muscle memory developed through practical demonstrations and exercises.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your game with The Basics of Windmill Pitching For the Younger Pitcher. Your journey to becoming a confident and skilled pitcher starts here. Practice, patience, and the right guidance will unlock your full potential on the mound. Get started today!

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