The Art of Setting


The Art of Setting

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Unlock the Secrets to Masterful Setting

  • Comprehensive Training: A total of 2 hours of focused training designed to revolutionize your setting technique.
  • Expert Techniques: Learn from Charlene Johnson, an Olympian, NCAA Division I National Champion coach, and volleyball legend.
  • Dynamic Footwork Patterns: Master footwork that enables you to reach any ball effectively and efficiently on the court.
  • Extensive Drills: Access a variety of drills suitable for warm-ups, individual practice, or team sessions to perfect your setting skills.
  • Core Strength Exercises: Enhance your control over the ball with targeted core exercises for better body awareness and control.

Why Choose "The Art of Setting"?

  • Elevate Your Game: Adopt techniques that have been proven successful at the highest levels of volleyball competition.
  • Learn at Your Pace: With free and paid sections, you can start improving your skills immediately and advance through the series at your own pace.
  • Exclusive Insights: Gain knowledge from a decorated athlete and coach’s years of experience and learn drills not available anywhere else.
  • For All Skill Levels: Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced setter, find valuable lessons tailored to help you grow.

Success Stories

Join the ranks of successful volleyball players who have significantly improved their setting skills with "The Art of Setting". From NCAA champions to Olympic athletes, learn the same techniques that have led many to the pinnacle of volleyball success under the guidance of Charlene Johnson.


  • Who is this training suitable for? It is designed for volleyball players of all levels who wish to improve their setting skills.
  • How can I access the training? The training is available in both free and paid segments, easily accessible for everyone interested in enhancing their skills.
  • Is prior experience required? No, the training caters to both new and experienced players, with techniques that can benefit everyone.
  • Can the drills be practiced alone? Yes, there are drills specifically designed for individual practice as well as team settings.

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