Super Sport Star Sessions - Follow along PE skills and circuits


Super Sport Star Sessions - Follow along PE skills and circuits

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Revolutionize Physical Education for Grades 2-6

Introducing the Super Sport Star Sessions, a comprehensive PE course designed by Coach Danny to transform the way sports are taught in schools. With 10 high-quality, follow-along video lessons, students from grades 2-6 can now enhance their sports skills with ease and enthusiasm.

Key Features & Benefits

  • 10 Follow-Along PE Lessons: Engage students in a series of 10 video lessons, covering fundamental sports skills across basketball, tennis, soccer, volleyball, and more, fostering both physical and cognitive development.
  • Individual & Adaptive Learning: Designed for individual learning, students can pace themselves through the exercises, ensuring a personalized and inclusive experience for all skill levels.
  • Comprehensive Skill Development: Beyond physical prowess, students will enhance locomotion, hand-eye coordination, and reaction time through varied challenges and drills.
  • Two Types of Sessions: Choose between 6 skill-focused sessions and 4 circuit sessions, offering diverse training methods to keep students engaged and challenged.
  • Educational Content: As students progress, they’ll also learn about the bones, muscles, and mechanics involved in each activity, adding a valuable educational layer to their physical training.
  • Easy-to-Use: Access sessions easily via Google Drive and project them in your gymnasium. Each lesson comes with a detailed plan for effortless implementation.
  • Expert Instruction: With Coach Danny at the helm, benefit from professional sports coaching tailored for young learners, making PE classes more dynamic and effective.

Why Choose Super Sport Star Sessions?

With over 90 different skills, warm-ups, and fitness tasks, the Super Sport Star Sessions offer an innovative approach to physical education. This course not only builds physical skills but also enriches students' understanding of sports science, all under the guidance of an experienced coach. Say goodbye to traditional, uninspiring PE classes and welcome a new era of engaged, active learning with Coach Danny.


Who is this course suitable for?

This course is designed for students in grades 2-6, catering to a wide range of skill levels.

Do I need special equipment?

Basic sports equipment found in a typical school's sports hall is sufficient. Each student works with their own equipment following along with the videos.

Can the lessons be adapted to different time frames?

Yes, the lessons can be easily adapted to be shorter or longer than the original 25-35 minutes, making them versatile for different school schedules.

How do I access the video lessons?

Upon purchase, you'll receive instructions on how to download or stream the video lessons from Google Drive.

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