Speed and Power Sports Program


Speed and Power Sports Program

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Transform Your Performance

Are you ready to take your athletic prowess to the next level? The Speed and Power Sports Program is a meticulously designed, 10-week journey to supercharge your speed, power, and strength. Unlike any other program on the market, we don't just give you exercises; we delve deep into the why and how, ensuring you understand the key concepts behind every phase of your transformation.

Why Choose the Speed and Power Sports Program?

  • All-Inclusive Curriculum: From eccentric strength building in Phase 1 to explosive power in Phase 3, every aspect of your athletic development is covered.
  • Expert Instruction: Every exercise comes with a video demonstration, ensuring you perform each technique perfectly for maximum effectiveness.
  • Comprehensive Support Materials: With a printable PDF to track your progress, you're set up for success from day one.
  • Designed by Experts: Tom, a physical therapist and strength & conditioning specialist, has poured his passion and expertise into creating a program that’s both comprehensive and effective.
  • Flexible and Informative: Learn the nuances of recovery, warm-ups, and how to maximize your performance both on and off the field.

What Makes This Program Different?

The Speed and Power Sports Program stands out because it’s built on a foundation of expert knowledge and real-world application. Tom and his team at Bold Base Performance have dedicated their careers to understanding what athletes truly need to succeed. This program is the culmination of years of research, commitment, and hands-on experimentation, designed to empower athletes, trainers, and coaches with actionable knowledge and results-driven exercises.


Who is the program for?
Athletes, coaches, parents, and trainers looking to significantly improve speed, power, and strength in a comprehensive, informed manner.

How long is the program?
The program spans 10 weeks, divided into three progressive phases to build upon each aspect of your athletic performance.

Do I need special equipment?
Most exercises can be performed with standard gym equipment. Any specific requirements will be clearly outlined in the program materials.

Can beginners use this program?
Yes! While challenging, the program is structured to accommodate athletes at various levels of fitness and experience, with clear instructions and progress tracking to guide your journey.

Where can I access the program?
Upon purchase, you'll receive immediate access to all program materials, including video demonstrations, the printable PDF tracker, and detailed instructional content for each phase.

Ready to unlock a new level of athleticism? Join the Speed and Power Sports Program today and start building the speed, power, and strength you need to excel in your sport and in life.

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