Skills, Drills & Thrills


Skills, Drills & Thrills

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Why Choose Skills, Drills & Thrills?

  • Comprehensive Content: Over 150 game-based drills to make your practice sessions more engaging and effective.
  • Expert Guidance: Created by Joe Dinoffer, a Master Professional in both the PTR and USPTA, with a global reputation.
  • Realistic Play Environment: Drills designed to simulate actual play conditions to improve your game realistically and quickly.
  • For All Levels: Whether you're a recreational player or an advanced competitor, there's something to challenge and improve everyone.
  • Easy to Follow: The 90-minute video breakdown illuminates each drill in an accessible manner, complete with introductions and step-by-step guides.

Benefits of Skills, Drills & Thrills

  • Quick Improvement: The targeted drills ensure rapid enhancement of your skills with visible results.
  • Engaging Practice Sessions: Say goodbye to monotonous practices. These drills keep the fun alive in your training sessions.
  • Develops Critical Skills: Focuses on crucial aspects like groundstroke isolation, soft hands, pressure serves, and more to comprehensively develop your game.
  • Access to Professional Insights: Benefit from Joe Dinoffer’s extensive experience and successful coaching methodologies.
  • Versatile Training: With drills covering every aspect of the game, prepare to excel in all departments - offense, defense, and strategy.


  • Is this suitable for beginners? Absolutely! While geared to challenge players at all levels, beginners will find the drills approachable and immensely beneficial.
  • How can I access the drills? Upon purchase, you’ll receive access to a 90-minute video that comprehensively guides you through each drill.
  • Can these drills be practiced alone? Many drills are designed for individual practice, while others might require a partner to fully benefit from the training session.
  • Is there customer support if I have questions? Yes, customer support is available to help with any queries regarding the drills or implementation.

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