Ski Tips - Gripping the Snow for Intermediate Skiers


Ski Tips - Gripping the Snow for Intermediate Skiers

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Transform Your Ski Skills

  • Comprehensive Course Coverage: From bunny slopes basics to mastering mountain tops, this course caters to all your skiing needs.
  • Expert Instruction: Learn from Tobin Leopkey, a seasoned ski instructor with certifications from prestigious associations and a background in training world-renowned freeskiers.
  • Free and Premium Content: Get access to both free and premium lessons, including drills, techniques for larger turns, tips for steep terrains, and methods for gripping the snow like a pro.
  • Wide Variety of Skills: Covering everything from heli-spins to tackling death cookies and crud, this course prepares you for all types of skiing challenges.
  • Personalized Feedback: With Carving Ski Clips for Analysis, get personalized tips to improve your technique.
  • Why Choose This Course?

    • Highly Qualified Instructor: Tobin Leopkey brings years of experience both as a professional skier and an esteemed instructor. His comprehensive background ensures a rich learning experience.
    • Diverse Skiing Background: From the steep and deep tree lines of Vancouver Island to the slopes of Whistler-Blackcomb, Tobin's vast experience covers a wide range of skiing environments.
    • Committed to Excellence: As a member of various high-level skiing organizations and with numerous certifications, Tobin's dedication to skiing excellence is unmatched.
    • Community and Leadership: Beyond skiing skills, this course also focuses on developing leadership qualities and fostering a sense of community among skiers.


    • Who is this course for? Intermediate skiers looking to refine their technique and beginners eager to progress quickly.
    • How do I access the free content? Select lessons are marked as 'Free' in the course outline. Simply register to gain immediate access.
    • Can beginners benefit from this course? Absolutely! While tailored for intermediates, beginners will find the foundational skills invaluable for rapid progression.
    • What makes this course different from others? The unique blend of Tobin's extensive skiing and teaching experience, coupled with a diverse range of lessons and personal feedback, sets this course apart.

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