Roxanne Luna - EP Americas HS - Adjustments & Timing w/ Purposeful Drills


Roxanne Luna - EP Americas HS - Adjustments & Timing w/ Purposeful Drills

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Discover How to Elevate Your Team to New Heights

Introducing Roxanne Luna's transformative lecture, "Adjustments & Timing w/ Purposeful Drills," from the prestigious Texas High School Coaches Association 90th annual Coaching School and Convention in July 2022. Roxanne Luna, a seasoned coach with a track record of historic successes, shares her insider knowledge and strategies that propelled her team to unprecedented achievements. This is your chance to learn from a back-to-back All City Coach of the Year and the mastermind behind one of the most remarkable journeys in Texas high school softball history.

Why This Lecture Is a Game-Changer

  • Exclusive Insights: Gain access to Roxanne's unique approach to making timely adjustments and conducting drills that have a purpose, driving your team towards peak performance.
  • Proven Track Record: Learn from a coach who led her team to the state finals for the first time in 28 years, making city history.
  • Comprehensive Guidance: Roxanne's lecture covers everything from foundational skills to advanced strategies, ensuring coaches at all levels can make immediate, impactful changes.
  • Inspirational Story: Roxanne's journey from a player in the first classes of Texas HS softball to a celebrated coach is nothing short of inspiring, offering valuable lessons in perseverance, strategy, and success.
  • Practical Application: With 55 minutes of content, this lecture provides actionable tips and drills that can be implemented into your coaching strategy right away.


Who can benefit from this lecture?

Both new and experienced coaches looking to enhance their team's performance and achieve unprecedented success will find immense value in Roxanne's teachings.

How long is the lecture video?

The lecture video is 55 minutes long, packed with valuable lessons and actionable strategies.

Is this lecture applicable to other sports?

While the focus is on softball, the principles of adjustments, timing, and purposeful drills are universally applicable across various team sports.

How can I access the lecture?

Upon purchase, you will receive a link to the video lecture, which you can watch at your convenience.

Transform Your Coaching and Inspire Your Team

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the most successful high school softball coaches. Roxanne Luna's "Adjustments & Timing w/ Purposeful Drills" is your key to unlocking the full potential of your team and achieving historic successes. Embrace Roxanne's strategies, and start making a difference today.

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