(Rental)-Zone Offense Sets & Ball Screen Continuity


(Rental)-Zone Offense Sets & Ball Screen Continuity

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Eric Flannery: Zone Offense Sets and Ball Screen Continuity

Eric Flannery has built a powerhouse at St. Edward High School in Ohio. He has won two Division I state championships and numerous other awards adhering to an offensive philosophy that can take apart any defense. In this video, Coach Flannery focuses on the principles of dismantling the zone defense. You will see an array of set plays and inbound plays you can integrate into your program.

The session begins with insights on practice planning as well as working with players on the court. Coach Flannery has worked with some of the game’s premier coaches as part of USA basketball. He uses that experience to begin explaining the seven principles common to attack zone defenses.

Coach Flannery then takes the presentation to the court where he breaks down these seven principles. The big idea is the concept of attacking the zone with smart passes, screens, and drives. Flannery shows you how to get the ball inside, attack gaps, and play behind the zone in an effort to beat it.

The ball screen continuity offense is then introduced by Coach Flannery. This is the same offense used by the USA men’s developmental team that participated in the FIBA World Cup. Most ball screen offenses rely on multiple passes to good looks at the basket. This system relies more on spacing the floor to set up quick strikes. The 1-4 high motion offense is easy to implement and is effective against both man and zone defenses. Coach Flannery also shows you two drills that help players understand the offense and improve their skill sets.

No offense is complete without a series of baseline and sideline out of bounds plays. Coach Flannery and his assistants share four baseline plays and two sideline plays. All are simple and effective and they all work to put zone defenders in an indecisive state of who to guard. This can open up a layup or an open 3-point attempt.

If you have been searching for effective ways to score against a zone defense, this is the presentation for you. Coach Flannery and his staff give you the tools needed to have success against any zone defense.