(Rental)-Zone Attack: Strategies For Beating Zone Defense


(Rental)-Zone Attack: Strategies For Beating Zone Defense

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Strategies for Beating Zone Defense

Mike Dunlap has been successful at various levels of basketball and part of his success is due to his unique approach to zone offense. In this video, Dunlap, now the head coach at Loyola-Marymount University, shares his vast knowledge of attacking zone defenses. Coach Dunlap won two NCAA Division II national championships and served as the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats head coach, yet still shows you how to keep your zone offense simple.

Philosophy of Zone Offense

To begin, Coach Dunlap shares five philosophical questions. He will make you think about your own philosophy as well as your own coaching/teaching style. No matter how you teach your players zone offense, Coach Dunlap has a solution.

Mastering the Zone Attack

To master the zone offense, Coach Dunlap shares 10 key points and uses very simple, easy to understand 5-on-0 situations. Coach Dunlap likes to make the defense chase the ball around the zone and he likes to use man-to-man principles in the zone offense. The use of screens, dribble penetration, spacing, ball movement, and even beating the zone down the floor are all covered.

In talking about attacking the zone with movement, Coach Dunlap demonstrates two different looks to catch a defense off guard. When the defense has denied your ball movement, Coach Dunlap shows you how to use a “look back” action and feed your post player repeatedly creating an opening in the short corner.

Coach Dunlap also offers a third solution to attacking 2-3 zones. You will see an NBA set that uses ball screens and misdirection to get an open 3-point attempt. By teaching players misdirection and ball movement and then coaching to your personnel, Coach Dunlap believes you have a strategy that can dominate any zone defense at any level.

If you struggle against zone defenses, Coach Dunlap’s video is for you. Rent this beating zone defense DVD today.