(Rental)-Youth Feeder System: Shooting Drills


(Rental)-Youth Feeder System: Shooting Drills

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He is the Cuba city HS. He is a coach with over 40 years of experience in basketball. He also has 19 conference championship titles to his name. Also, he is a three times Wisconsin state championship winner.


If you are looking for a way to find all that you can about footwork and so much more, this video which has been developed by Coach Jerry would go a long way in ensuring that all young basketball players learn the fundamentals on the ways to ensure that the basketball is being shot the proper way.

The coach starts his presentation by identifying the four sections which cover shooting. One of the fundamental principles of this program is the fact that no one is born a natural shooter of the ball. The next stage is for the players to take part in drills which would test their shooting capabilities. These tests are not focused on the result. However, it is focused on the process of shooting itself. This would give every player a foundation which they can build on to become an incredible shooter. It also ensures that the players are aware of the problems which could result and how to effectively deal with them.

The program would introduce the student to drills that if repeated regularly has the potential of making the players very good shooters of the ball. For example, the shot builder drill would give the player the opportunity to learn how to keep his elbow in place while he is making a shoot. This drill is taken at different areas of the court.

The coach also encourages getting the players to do the sprint shot drill. Just like the name implies, this would see the players making a short sprint before taking a shoot. Also, the game-like test would also see most players take shots while holding the ball and not making many movements.

If you are looking to find drills which would teach you or your players how to attack the basket through the rim with the sole purpose of scoring those beautiful three-pointers while just making one dribble, then the peed dribble drill would assist you in making this possible. The coach makes the drills a continuous process by introducing new ones after the end of one. Therefore, you can expect to see drills such as the ball position drill and 3-man-2 ball shooting drill. This drill would allow for players to do all the elements of the game while sprinting. This would include passing, catching the ball and trying to shoot.

There is no doubt that Coach Petitgoue has done an amazing job with this video. This would definitely help coaches who are in feeder program. Therefore, you should endeavor to use this video to allow your players to develop their shooting abilities faster and more effectively.

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