(Rental)-Wootten Basketball Camp: Moving Without The Ball & Using Screens


(Rental)-Wootten Basketball Camp: Moving Without The Ball & Using Screens

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Coach Wooten’s Basketball Camp: Moving Without the Ball – Getting Open and Utilizing Ball Screens to Score

One of the hardest things to teach basketball players is how to move without the ball. Joe Wooten, legendary Bishop O’Connell (VA) HS head coach, shows you athletes can get themselves and their teammates open in this on-court video. Wooten, who has over 400 career wins and five Virginia state independent championships, covers all areas of movement without the ball and will help your players raise their basketball IQ by teaching them to read and react to defenses.

Whiteboard Session

Coach Wooten uses the whiteboard to teach the reads that players will make. Wooten reviews cuts and screens and how players can get open. That includes curling off of screens, slipping screens, using back cuts, and getting open on the wing.

Getting Open without the Ball

While this seems simple enough, players need to be taught how to create scoring opportunities for themselves and their teammates. Coach Wooten goes over a number of movements players can use to get open including the L-cut, inside pivot, and the fake inside pivot.

Coach Wooten also teaches how to get your teammates open. The Individual Movement Sequence teaches players to set screens and use cuts in 2-on-2 and 3-on-3 situations. Players are taught to read defenses in hopes of raising their basketball IQ.

To help get teammates open, Coach Wooten goes through a series of screens. He teaches each screen, the screener’s job, and the receiver’s job. The screens and movements off the screens taught include:

  • Drift Screen
  • Down Screen
  • Curling off the screen
  • Reverse curls
  • Fade cuts
  • Pop outs
  • Slips

Ball Screen Drills

The ball screen may be the most useful offensive strategy in basketball. Coach Wooten teaches players to read the defense as well as the goals of the ball screen offense. He breaks down all the reads for both bigs and guards and he teaches counters for defenses that hedge, flat hedge, soft hedge, and trap.

For each defensive strategy, Coach Wooten teaches guards and posts what they need to successfully attack every situation. You will see a number of fun and competitive drills from Wooten that put all of his teaching into action.

Regardless of the type of offense you run, Coach Wooten’s video has something for you. It will teach your players how to read defenses and is a must for your offensive library.

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