(Rental)-Wooten Basketball Camp: Shooting, Defending, & Rebounding Drills


(Rental)-Wooten Basketball Camp: Shooting, Defending, & Rebounding Drills

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Coach Wooten’s Basketball Camp: Shooting, Defending, and Rebounding Drills

Bishop O’Connell (VA) HS head coach Joe Wooten is back with over 20 drills to help players become better shooters, defenders, and rebounders. Coach Wooten has a long history of developing quality players in his program. He has coached five Virginia state independent champions, won three Virginia Coach of the Year Awards, and has amassed over 400 wins during his illustrious career.

In this video, Coach Wooten addresses proper shooting form and offers up a number of drills that can be used in small or large group settings. He discusses some basic defensive concepts and closes his presentation with some rebounding drills that will make you rethink how you teach this skill.


Where’s LA-BEEF? No, it has nothing to do with food. Coach Wooten uses the acronym LA-BEEF to teach shooting and how to develop consistent shooting form. He spends some time on the “A” which stands for attitude. Wooten addresses the mental aspect of shooting, which is often the missing piece when it comes to becoming a great shooter.

Coach Wooten then dives into some of his best shooting drills for developing form. These include:

  • Shooting off the backboard: players work on form and shooting from different angles
  • Spot shooting: players learn to shoot the same from close range and long range
  • 25 Made 3s: to develop range
  • 20 makes at 20 spots: high repetition drill where athletes take game-like shots
  • Shooting off fade screens: another game-like drill where players learn to shoot off a screen


Coach Wooten offers some valuable defensive drills and concepts and emphasizes his three keys to playing great defense:

  • Heart: players must be willing to sacrifice to be a great defender
  • Mind: players must know how to play the right way
  • Feet: play defense with your feet and not your hands

Wooten adds some quickness drills in this segment and while teams may play different defenses, Coach Wooten’s ideas and drills can be applied to any of them.


Rebounding is a skill necessary to become a great team. Coach Wooten likes to focus more on “going to the get the ball” than rebounding. This idea might be the most important of any rebounding drill or strategy. If players have a desire to go and get the ball, they can become good rebounders.

Coach Wooten shares the Superman Drill, a basic rebounding drill that players must excel at to play for Coach Wooten. It is also a great conditioning drill. Wooten adds a second effort drill that should be done in every program.

Coach Wooten is an excellent teacher as you will see throughout the video. He teaches each concept and drill in detail and can help you and your players become better shooters, defenders, and rebounders.

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