(Rental)-Wooten Basketball Camp: Breaking Down Your Defender


(Rental)-Wooten Basketball Camp: Breaking Down Your Defender

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Coach Wooten’s Basketball Camp: Breaking Down Your Defender – Ball Handling and Passing Drills

Hone your team’s ball handling and passing skills with this skill development video from Bishop O’Connell (VA) HS boys head coach Joe Wooten. The son of legendary high school coach Morgan Wooten, the younger Wooten has collected over 400 career wins, five Virginia state independent championships, and three Virginia Coach of the Year awards. In this video, Coach Wooten shares a number of great drills to help players improve their ball handling and their passing skills, including his “Moves on the Move” series.

Passing Drills

Passing drills might be boring for players, but they are absolutely essential to developing a well-rounded game. Coach Wooten teaches a set of two-man passing drills that begin with fundamental passes and progress to more challenging ones. He also shows you a pressure release passing drill that can help cut down on turnovers.

Players work on catching bullet-like passes in “Sick, Dying, or Dead,” another two-player drill. In the Rope Drill, players try and keep a pass “on a rope” as they progressively increase the distance of the pass. Wooten adds some competition in the drills to make them more challenging.

Moves on the Move

Coach Wooten’s Moves on the Move series addresses what players can do with the ball when attacking defenders. Some of the dribble moves that Coach Wooten reviews include:

  • Slasher move: a hard, downhill attack
  • Stop and Go move: a change of speed attack that can prove deadly
  • Between the Legs: same as a crossover that can take advantage of a defender
  • In and Out move: dribbler sets up a player then uses the move to put defender on his heels
  • Combo moves: multiple moves that keep defenders guessing

Each move is explained in detail and Wooten provides extra commentary to make each one deadly on the court. He also gets into when and where to use the different moves which helps players develop their basketball IQ.

Ball Handling Series

Coach Wooten shares nearly 50 different ball handling drills – some stationary, some dynamic. The idea is to build a player’s confidence in his ability to dribble. A player becomes more comfortable and confident with improved ball handling.

Coach Wooten offers up a complete library of attack moves and passing and ball handling drills in this player development video. Your players will benefit from Wooten’s years of experience and have a full suite of moves to utilize on the court.