(Rental)-Winning With A Hybrid Princeton Offense


(Rental)-Winning With A Hybrid Princeton Offense

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Winning with a Hybrid Princeton Offense

Former Williams College and Marist University head coach Mike Maker was very successful using a hybrid style Princeton offense. His Williams teams made four appearances in the NCAA Division III Elite Eight, three in the Final Four, and finished as the runner-up twice.

In this video, Coach Maker shares his offensive philosophy and his strategies for attacking man-to-man defense. His ideas are built around the old Princeton offense.

After discussing philosophy, Coach Maker goes into detail on the use of pivots, reverse pivots, and passing the basketball. The on-court demonstration continues with a “20-on-2” Shooting drill that forces players to score in a timed situation.

The offense is taught in 3-on-0 and 4-on-0 situations and finally tying everything together in a 5-on-0 setting. All of the basic fundamentals are put into play here. His Princeton style offense emphasizes quick slips, ball screens, pick and pops, post ups, and back cuts.

In addition, Coach Maker shows you how you can use two good post players in this system. He does go into some defense and how he develops it, but the primary concepts in the video are on developing the offense.

Coaches looking to enhance their man-to-man offense can benefit from the tips offered by Coach Maker on screening and cutting. It’s an excellent presentation of how a modern offense can use old school ideas to succeed.