(Rental)-Winning The Turnover Battle


(Rental)-Winning The Turnover Battle

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Winning the Turnover Battle

In any basketball game at any level, turnovers can be the difference between winning a game and losing it. Win the turnover battle and your team is much more likely to win when the final buzzer sounds.

In this video, former LaSalle University head coach John Giannini shares his strategies for minimizing turnovers in game-day situations. Giannini won an NCAA Division III national championship at Rowan University before becoming the head coach at Maine and LaSalle. His 2013 LaSalle team advanced to the Sweet Sixteen.

Practice Drills to Reduce Turnovers

Coach Giannini goes to the whiteboard first to discuss and explain 10 different practice drills designed to reduce turnovers and help players play more confidently in high pressure situations. The presentation also goes onto the court to demonstrate each drill. You will see Giannini’s 40-minute workout that he used daily to help LaSalle reduce its turnovers from 14 per game to 11 a game in one season.

Pressure Drills

Each drill serves two purposes. Players learn to apply relentless pressure while on defense. The offense learns how to handle that pressure by advancing the ball via the dribble and passing. Some of the drills focus on the half-court while others are full-court drills. The common 3-on-2/2-on-1 as well as full-court 2-on-2, 3-on-3, and 4-on-4 are simple drills designed to improve the ability to handle pressure.

The Jump Stop Drill and LaSalle’s Two-Minute Play Hard Drill will help players improve their ball-handling and passing skills. All of the drills help players develop confidence in their dribbling and passing. Players learn to deal with pressure so that it becomes second nature.

The energy created in practice carries over into game situations. Coach Giannini discusses how you can hold players accountable in each drill. This helps players focus and become more consistent in doing the little things like cutting to get open or using screens.

Limiting turnovers is an important aspect of basketball. Players can improve upon their individual skills and learn to prevent turnovers. Coach Giannini’s video is a must-have for players and coaches that want to become more consistent against pressure defense. Rent this winning the turnover battle DVD today.