(Rental)-Winning Dead Ball Situations


(Rental)-Winning Dead Ball Situations

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Tom Izzo: Winning Dead Ball Situations

In the course of any basketball game, there are special situations that will arise in which the best teams add an extra four to five points and win close games. In this video, Naismith Hall of Fame member and three-time National Coach of the Year Tom Izzo teaches you how to maximize these special situations to win more games.

Izzo, the Michigan State head coach, calls these “special teams situations” and they include the following:

  • Jump balls: Izzo shares three plays to help you score on the opening possession of a game
  • Missed offensive free throw: Izzo shows you how to get the ball back after a miss
  • Baseline out-of-bounds: Five plays to attack from the baseline
  • Sideline out-of-bounds: Four plays are presented with multiple options
  • Plays after a time out: Five set plays to counter heavy defensive pressure

Coach Izzo stresses the three main goals when it comes to any special teams play. The first is to score points. You will see several plays that help you take advantage of a special situation and score. Second, you have to have a specific purpose for each special teams situation, and third, always have two options (inside and outside) on any special teams play.

These special teams plays and strategies helped Izzo take an NIT caliber Michigan State team to a team that routinely makes the NCAA tournament. These plays also helped Izzo take the Spartans from a team that simply made the tournament to one that consistently makes deep runs in the tournament. Use these same ideas to help your team win more games and championships. Rent this dead ball situations DVD today.