(Rental)-Warm-up & Shooting Drills Around The World


(Rental)-Warm-up & Shooting Drills Around The World

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Warm-Up and Shooting Drills from Around the World

Nike scout and International Basketball Consultant Terry Layton takes you around the world to show you warm ups, shooting strategies, full-court drills, and explosive training techniques used with international athletes. Coach Layton has over 300 career wins at the high school, junior college, and college levels in the U.S. and 300-plus wins at the international level as well.

In this video, he takes you through everything from dynamic warmup drills to half-court shooting drills used by some of the best shooters in the world. Coach Layton’s drills are sure to improve your players’ athleticism and skill.

Warmup Drills

Coach Layton runs you through his warmup drills. He believes in every player handling the ball as it makes practice more fun and adds to the skills players can learn. He calls it “the magic of the ball.” Warmup drills can be done with or without a ball and he will show you how you can improve basketball skills as well as communication between players.

Reaction drills help players to develop the ability to think quickly while on their feet. You’ll see how to increase the complexity and degree of difficulty of ball-handling drills to challenge players in skill development. Layton also covers the rhythm of play and how changing speeds makes players harder to defend.

Coach Layton demonstrates the All in One drill that improves a player’s ability to get game shots. He takes you through the drill step by step with each skill building on the previous one. You will also see how to maximize just two baskets and develop layup skills, post player shots, perimeter shots, dribble penetration and relocation, and passing skills.

Shooting Drills

Going deep into his experience, Coach Layton shares 15 of the best shooting drills he has seen from around the world. Each drills uses just two baskets, so you learn how to maximize gym space and time while giving your team an efficient workout. Drills are broken down into phases that simulate game situations. The drills also provide conditioning and train other skills while improving shooting ability.

Layton also shares four competitive shooting games that are fun and engaging. They also push players to get out of their comfort zones and develop their shot. Near the end, Coach Layton demonstrates Dice Free Throws where post players practice block out techniques and free throw shooters are put in pressure situations.

Coaches at every level can benefit from Coach Layton’s expertise. This is a great training video for warmups and for developing skills.