(Rental)-Using the Ball Screen In Your Transition Offense


(Rental)-Using the Ball Screen In Your Transition Offense

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Using the Ball Screen in Your Transition Offense

Learn to use the ball screen offense as part of an up-tempo strategy from one of college basketball’s up-and-coming coaches, Youngstown State’s Jerrod Calhoun. The former Fairmont State head coach led the Fighting Falcons to four straight NCAA Division II tournament appearances culminating with a trip to the national championship game in 2017. Now rebuilding the Youngstown State program, Calhoun’s offensive philosophy centers around an NBA-style transition game that uses the same language and terminology that the pros use. You’ll get an inside look at Calhoun’s philosophy as well as how he teaches the offense through a number of high-level drills.


The transition offense begins with a defensive rebound. Calhoun emphasizes getting the ball up the floor quickly and into the middle third of the court. Once in the frontcourt, Calhoun’s players must understand the terminology so that they all are on the same page. A “Philly” call indicates a side pick and roll. “Tony” is a screen/re-screen action and “Bingo” means to reject the ball screen. Once players learn all the calls, it becomes easy to create a dynamic, fast-paced transition offense that uses the ball screen.


Calhoun begins teaching the offense with a 3-on-0 building to 5-on-0. He demonstrates how to create multiple scoring opportunities and go right into the half-court offense. After rejecting a ball screen, players look to attack the paint. They are always looking to score in any number of ways including a corner 3-pointer, dump pass to the post, or passing to the big on a pick and roll.

The Read Drill, like it sounds, teaches players to read and attack the defense. Players read coaches or managers as they come off a screen. Coaches/managers may help on a drive, stick with a shooter, or stay with the post. Players must be able to read the defense and take what is given to them.

Coach Calhoun emphasizes passing to get the ball up the floor as fast as possible. He uses Wave Passing and Spray Ahead Passing to train players to hit an open teammate in the hands. Both drills emphasize getting players to play fast with their hands always ready to shoot.

Coaches looking to improve in transition will surely find something here to help their offense. Coach Calhoun does a fantastic job of demonstrating how to play fast, move the ball up the floor quickly, and score.