(Rental)-Universal Zone Offense: Take Down AnyZone Defense


(Rental)-Universal Zone Offense: Take Down AnyZone Defense

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Universal Basketball Zone Offense: Take Down Any Zone Defense!

Over the course of his 40-plus-year coaching career, Amherst College head coach David Hixon has seen teams install zone defenses in an effort to limit scoring around the rim and disrupt the flow of opposing offenses. In this video, Hixon teaches his zone offense which has helped him win over 800 career games and two NCAA Division III national championships (2007, 2013).

Hixon has taken his teams to 20 NCAA tournament appearances and his zone offense is one reason why. Watch as he teaches his zone offense which builds into a more complex continuity type of offense against a zone defense.

Basic Basketball Zone Offense

Hixson teaches a simple basic attack that creates a ton of space by stretching the defense from sideline to sideline and from half-court to baseline. Hixson runs “1” against a 2-3 zone. The idea is to move the ball from side to side and have post players run the baseline. Scoring opportunities are created at the high post and for shooters as you skip the ball.

“4” uses an even front against a 1-3-1 or 1-2-2 zone defense. Posts are used to screen the zone, post up, stretch the zone, or even as a distributor. When you get the ball to the short corner, you create a mismatch.

Continuity Basketball Zone Offense – Cutters

Hixson uses “Cutters” to beat a matchup zone. It’s a continuity offense, but it’s unpredictable and creates mismatches. Guards run through the zone to help stretch and put pressure on the defense. Shooters get plenty of opportunities running off screens for open looks.

In addition to the continuity offense, Coach Hixson offers up a number of set plays to get quick scores out of a timeout. A simple ball screen at the top of the zone can create misdirection and even a mismatch against an odd or even front defense. Players look for gaps in the defense as the ball is swung around the perimeter.

With years of experience defeating zone defenses, Coach Hixson’s expertise shines in this presentation. If you regularly encounter zone defenses, this video will serve as a valuable resource in attacking them with success! Rent this basketball zone offense DVD today.

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