(Rental)-Ultimate Basketball Set Play Portfolio


(Rental)-Ultimate Basketball Set Play Portfolio

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The best way to give your players the advantage is what coaches are constantly looking for. You can give your best players the ball by having a complete arsenal of plays that you can use to create specific situations for your offensive attack.

This instructional video is packed with set plays and offensive strategies that will make your offense more successful. Jeff Boals reveals his favorite portfolio of set plays for key, in-game situations. Coach Boals goes into detail about each play and the reasons they are so successful. Then, he gives a coaching lesson plan and then demonstrates game-tested plays that will help you offense score more points next year.

  • Variations possible with Flex Offense
  • Variations that are too loose.
  • Variations of box sets
  • All five offensive positions are covered by plays.
  • Baseline out-of-bounds plays (BLOBs)
  • Sideline out-of bounds plays

Half-Court Set

Coach Boals starts by discussing the importance to identify your best players and how you can best use their skills-set. This will help you design plays that match your players strengths, giving your team more chances to score. Coach Boals explains why his teams use set plays 75% of their time on offense. He also lists key statistics that his teams strive for each season. He details the important attributes that make any play successful, including ball reversals, paint touches and post touches, explaining how each facet increases an offense's points-per-possession metric.

Coach Boals offers multiple sets and counters to man-to-man defense by jumping into set plays. Each play has three to four counters, which makes it very difficult for an opponent to observe your offense throughout the season.

The advantage to using the same alignment on different plays is that your players will be able to retain the information. Boals explained that every play call includes the actions the players will perform. For example, the 'Twelve Series' starts in a Floppy Set configuration and offers scoring opportunities around block and perimeter areas, as well as a great lob option.

Coach Boals then takes a look at one of the many counters displayed in this video. It is 'Twelve Flat', which is the initial play setup followed by a flat screen step-up screen. Cue words are used in play calls to allow players to quickly remember the actions that they need to perform the play. Boals offers multiple pick-and roll plays with counters. Play 'Hip" gets your players to look at the rim for post-ups or wide open jump opportunities. Multiple counters are on display to help manipulate the help-side defense and take away the pick-and roll action.

The 'Nevada and 'Fist Wheel Series offer any shot you might need in any situation. Coach Boals also explains the versatility of the 'Fist' Wheel as an out-of-bounds option. There are nine variations of each series, with counters.

Plays for 3-Point shots and Zone Plays

The coaches are always on the lookout for new options and a set-play that gives them a great view at 3-point shots for their best shooters. Coach Boals offers an inside look at three sets that force defenses to make difficult decisions. He also gives coaches a chance to attack the rim from the inside and opens up 3-point shot possibilities.

The fun doesn't end there. Boals also shows five zone-busting play plays, culminating in a continuity offense using ball-screens. Although it is simple continuity, Boals explains that simplicity does not necessarily mean unproductivity.

Boals explains that these zone-busting alignments cause problems for 2-3 zones. He positions his offensive players at the weak points of the zone and allows them aggressively to try to make plays. The 1-3-1 zone also has two other zones. These are where the offensive players are positioned in weak spots of the 1-3-1, creating great two-on-one situations.

Out of Bounds Plays

Coach Boals also discusses out-of-bounds play on the baseline and sidelines to complete the video. This section has a play to suit any need, whether it's a quick three-pointer or late clock lob to rim.

Two out-of-bounds plays on the sideline that Coach Boals learned while attending NBA practice are sure to provide opportunities for your team when they need them most. Boals also shares one last, fantastic, half-court set play from a 'Horns alignment that he has used with his teams many times in recent seasons.

Every coach needs to set plays, and even the most talented offensive teams must refresh their playbooks every now and again. This video will give you the opportunity to boost your team's playbook for next season.

Coach Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. "Great set plays!" Coach Boals enjoys discussing the many aspects of the plays with the players. It is easy to follow, and the plays are fantastic.

79 minutes. 2023.