(Rental)-Transtion Offense, Man To Man Actions, & Zone Ob Plays


(Rental)-Transtion Offense, Man To Man Actions, & Zone Ob Plays

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Transition Offense, Man-to-Man Actions, and Zone OB Plays

Ole Miss head coach Kermit Davis has been known throughout his coaching career for his well-balanced scoring offenses. With over 300 wins at Middle Tennessee State, Davis took over the Rebels program and is implementing his up-tempo offense with success. In this video, Coach Davis shows you how to score quickly against zone or man-to-man defenses. You also get an idea as to how Davis likes to attack zone offenses in transition as well as in the half-court offense.

Dribble Penetration

To play transition basketball, the key is spacing. Using whiteboard discussion and on-court demonstrations, Coach Davis shows you how proper spacing forces long closeouts from defenders. He also emphasizes the shot fake to keep defenders on their heels. You will see the Shot Fake & Drive Drill which helps players see how paint touches translate into passes for open shots. Coach Davis also emphasizes getting the post involved in the drive and kick game using proper spacing and post ups.

Fast Break Scoring

The fast break offense used by Davis heavily involves ball screens. In this segment, Coach Davis diagrams his system and then shows you three plays that are used against any defense. You will see five different breakdown drills that help to demonstrate these concepts to see how drag and double drag screens are used.

The 5 Action is a quick hitter that runs preoccupied defenders into a high ball screen. Coach Davis also shows you the 3-on-0 Snap Shots Drill that he used at Middle Tennessee. This is used to free up a screener in the pick-and-roll from locations all over the court.

Zone Offense

Coach Davis outlines his philosophy for attacking zone defenses. He will show you how he attacks a zone defense in transition before flowing into his motion offense. In addition to the motion offense, you will also see three set plays that can be used to attack a zone defense in the half-court or can be used as baseline inbounds plays.

Half Court Sets

Coach Davis gets into his Motion and Floppy offensive series. You will see how his players run multiple plays out of the Floppy series, which has guards cross under the rim to run off down screens to get open shot opportunities. Davis’s players also run variations of the Motion series, which has guards work off screens at the elbows and blocks in an effort to find scoring opportunities.

Learn from one of the best in this 93-minute video. Coach Davis breaks down each action into steps in this easy to understand teaching video.

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