(Rental)-Transition Offense & Evaluating Your Season


(Rental)-Transition Offense & Evaluating Your Season

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Geno Auriemma: Transition Offense & Evaluating Your Season

Learn how to improve your transition offense from one of the very best in the game – University of Connecticut head women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma. The Huskies coach has won 11 NCAA women’s championships, 3 Olympic gold medals leading the U.S. women, and has already been inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame (2006) and the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame (2006).

In this video, Coach Auriemma shares with you transition offense and drills to execute the offense, but also shares the intangibles that make his teams great. He shows you how to perfect the drills you run for it’s not the drill, it’s how you run and teach within the drill that will lead to success.

Transition Offense Break Drills

Coach Auriemma presents five transition drills all designed to get your team to play at a fast pace. Learn how Coach Auriemma gets players to fast. Coach demands pace and forces players to execute even the smallest details with precision. He is also able to build pressure into the drills to ensure that players use the proper techniques to be successful. Demanding excellence in each drill helps to build the culture of a program just as it has done for Auriemma at Connecticut.

Each of the drills give players the opportunity to practice the types of shots they would take in games. A 4-man transition drill shows you the different options you can use in your transition offense. The drill serves multiple purposes working on ball handling, passing, catching, and making shots. It’s also a great conditioning exercise.

Coach Auriemma also shares three other drills that help teach the transition offense and work on a variety of skills. These include:

  • 2-on-0 Half-Court Layups: Warms players up while working on passing, catching, and making layups.
  • 3-on-0 Half-Court Bank w/Box Out: Works on passing, catching, and the pull-up jump shot.
  • 3-on-0 Full Court Layups: Teaches athletes how to transition from a rebound to outlet to layup and back while making good passes, sprinting, and finishing.

Coaching Philosophy

You also get a glimpse inside what has made Auriemma’s Connecticut program so successful. Coach Auriemma shares with you some elements of his coaching philosophy including things like how to coach your players after a game, building noise and communication into the gym, and what fundamentals to prioritize.

In 80 minutes, you will learn the transition offense as well as much more from one of the greatest coaches to ever grace the sideline. Rent this transition offense DVD today.