(Rental)-Transition Into the Space & Attack Offense


(Rental)-Transition Into the Space & Attack Offense

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Use an aggressive offensive system to attack open areas on the floor!

  • To play in space faster, learn how to drive, pass and catch.
  • Get full court drills so you can play at a fast pace and take advantage of a number advantage in transition
  • Your team should have the right mindset to take extra shots and create more chances.

As the game evolves, Coach John Calipari continues to find ways to improve the dribble driving offense. This video shows Coach Calipari's approach to the dribble drive of today's game. He shows how to make it more efficient in space. Cal demonstrates how to exploit defenses using quick cutting and ball movement. Cal emphasizes the importance of driving, shooting and passing the catch.

Replaying the Catch

Coach Calipari shows his new approach to the full court and half court, which allows him to play faster while creating more space. He demonstrates various drills and techniques that are focused on driving, shooting and passing the catch. He also demonstrates the importance to develop the floater.

Fast Play in the Full Court

Calipari continues his presentation by discussing the implementation of driving, shooting and giving the catch to the full court. Flying and Looping drills are useful in developing a fast pace and creating advantages for players in transition. These drills and skills can help your team win in transition.

Making an Extra Pass

Coach Calipari's final words emphasize quick ball movement and passing the catch in the half-court. Your team will be required to do extra passes. This will help your team develop the "extra pass", a mindset that allows for more space for shots and drives. Calipari's favorite out-of-bounds play, which he calls "Old reliable," is where he ends.

This video will provide you with all the details to help your team play faster and make space on both the half-court and full court. These skills and drills can be used at any level, from high school to college. This will allow you to improve your dribble drive!

89 minutes. 2022.

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