(Rental)-Transition Into The 4 Out 1 In Motion Offense & Special Situations


(Rental)-Transition Into The 4 Out 1 In Motion Offense & Special Situations

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An attacking offensive mentality can help generate points early in possessions. TCU head coach Jamie Dixon shows you how to run a transition offense that will create more early scoring opportunities. Dixon won two Big East titles and was the 2009 Naismith College Coach of the Year (2009) at the University of Pittsburgh. Coach Dixon opens up his practice for an in-depth look at how he instills an attacking mindset into his transition and motion offense.

In rebuilding the TCU program, Coach Dixon uses a spread 4-Out, 1-In attack that suits his current roster. You will see how Coach Dixon uses this set in his offensive attack as well as the movements and key coaching points of his transition and motion offense.

Transition Offense

Coach Dixon emphasizes getting the ball up the floor as quickly as possible. Four of his players are what he calls “bust-out” guys, meaning any of the four can handle the ball and push it up the floor. The others fill their positions while always looking ahead for an open man. The point guard and the trailer’s role in transition is critical. If the trailer is ahead of the point guard, he is taught to set a ball screen. If not, the trailer looks for a pass from the point guard.

This mentality of getting up the floor quickly often creates early scoring opportunities. When the offense doesn’t score in transition, the opportunity to flow right into the secondary offense or motion is still available.

Half Court Sets

Coach Dixon also presents a number of half-court sets that can jump start your offense. He uses screens, dribble hand-offs, and constant motion out of a 2-Out, 3-Down set to start. The offense starts with an open wing with screens to that side. These sets can be disguised by starting them from different areas of the floor making the offense less predictable. You will see a variety of elbow options with screens as well as how you can switch right into a Horns look.

Full Court Quick Hitter

It is imperative that any basketball program have the tools to get a full court basket as quickly as possible. Coach Dixon shows you a number of plays for all situations, including the full court quick hitter. You will see options that involved a long pass down the floor as well as short options that include screens and pushing the ball up the floor quickly. Coach Dixon also adds a few full court plays to use with more time available on the clock. He demonstrates a press break that runs into his motion offense.

For coaches looking to add some spice to their offense, Coach Dixon’s 72-minute video offers a wide array of information as well as an inside look at how his team practices.

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