(Rental)-Training Camp Defensive Drills


(Rental)-Training Camp Defensive Drills

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Dwane Casey: Training Camp Defense Drills

While many great players are known for their offensive skills, the best of the best spend a great deal of time working on the basic fundamentals of defense. In this video, you have the opportunity of learning from one of the NBA’s great defensive minds, Detroit Pistons head coach Dwane Casey. As an assistant with Dallas in 2011, Casey helped the Mavericks win an NBA title. That helped him earn the head coaching job in Toronto where Casey is the career leader in wins.

In this defense drills video, you will see Casey lead the Toronto Raptors through nine training camp drills focused on individual and team defense. Learn Coach Casey’s methods for keeping the ball out of the paint and how to communicate different coverages.

Defense Drills for Individual Development

The most basic of defensive skills cannot be overlooked. Coach Casey demonstrates three closeout drills with five variations that help players perfect the closeout technique. The drills teach players to use a “no middle” defensive stance on the wing. Players learn the run off and recover tactic to deny a great shooter and how to rotate with the X call to cover shooters in a dribble penetration situation.

Casey continues with a few more drills that progress from the closeout technique and incorporate defending the ball off the dribble, challenging shots without fouling, and boxing out to prevent offensive rebounds. Coach Casey demonstrates the Mine Drill where players are put into a 4-on-3 disadvantage and are forced to scramble. The drill develops a ‘never quit’ mentality.

Defense Drills for Team Development

Coach Casey gets into the Raptors defensive philosophy in the next few drills. The 3-Line Closeout Drill simulates the Blue technique used against side ball screen and the Weak technique used against high ball screens. Casey breaks down the details of both coverages, including the terminology Toronto used to communicate. One variation of the drills shows how you can switch with your post players using a Pull It strategy.

Two more drills teach players how to beat the dribble hand-off, how to use Blue on pinch post action, and how to defeat the wide pin-down. You will see three more drills that review a number of both offensive and defensive concepts.

See how the Raptors warm up with a Five-Man Weave Drill. The 2-on-1 Finishing Drill serves multiple purposes including teaching players to score at the rim as well as helping defensive players protect the basket.

Coach Casey draws on his years of experience at the highest level of the game to present these simple but powerful drills that can develop the defensive habits you need to take your program to the next level. Rent this defense drills DVD today.