(Rental)-Total Body Strength Training For Basketball


(Rental)-Total Body Strength Training For Basketball

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Total Body Strength Training for Basketball

A first-class strength and conditioning program can make all the difference in a successful basketball program. Understanding how to put together such a program can be a chore, but St. Joseph’s University Director of Strength and Conditioning Brian Bingaman shows you how to maximize the speed and power of your athletes in the weight room.

Bingaman is a certified strength and conditioning coach and is recognized as a Level 1 Club Coach by United States Weightlifting. Coach Bingaman takes you through a standard weight training day in the St. Joe’s basketball program. He combines compound lifts with other exercises to maximize the time in the weight room and train a variety of skills in a short amount of time.

Plyometric Drills

Balance stability and quickness are two key skills that can help a player improve his or her performance on the floor. Coach Bingaman uses a variety of plyometric drills were players go through a series of box jumps and hurdle hops. Players learn to explode upward into a jump and land softly in preparation for another jump. The drills are done with one leg and two legs to build coordination. The drills are also done forward and laterally and Bingaman teaches athletes to be “quick off the ground.”

Olympic Lifts

For building explosive power, nothing beats Olympic lifts like the clean and the snatch. You will see Bingaman take athletes through a series of clean pulls and hang cleans. Here, he teaches the idea of triple extension and quick, explosive movements. These Olympic lifts are combined with mobility-based exercises to promote core development, flexibility, and injury prevention.  Olympic lifts are great for strength training for basketball.

Compound Lifts

Coach Bingaman shows a series of lifts for the upper and lower body designed to build strength and power. He emphasizes various squat variations as these lifts can be difficult for taller athletes. Coach Bingaman also addresses the issue of safety when squatting and points taller athletes to using the leg press and other alternatives to the squat.

Squats are great and are used in Bingaman’s program, but using these types of machines can help to reduce spinal loading. Taller athletes can then lift heavy with much less risk. In 64 minutes, Coach Bingaman gives you all you need to develop a top-notch strength program. Rent this strength training for basketball DVD today.

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