(Rental)-Tom Izzo Offensive Playbook


(Rental)-Tom Izzo Offensive Playbook

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Basketball Offensive Playbook

Want to take a page out of Tom Izzo’s basketball offensive playbook ? You can with this video packed full of Coach Izzo’s ideas about attacking man-to-man and zone defenses as well as ideas about transition offense. Coach Izzo is widely regarded as one of the masters when it comes to basketball X’s and O’s. His seven Big Ten championships, seven Final Four appearances, and a 2000 NCAA tournament championship are evidence of that fact.

Izzo likes pro-style offensive sets and half-court execution in an effort to get the best shot. You will see Izzo teach his players every detail of a set’s execution, which opens up a number of aspects of the coach’s playbook. You’ll see everything from zone quick hitters to transition offense and even end-of-shot-clock plays.

Tom Izzo Philosophy

In this segment, Coach Izzo shares some key elements behind his philosophy of offense at Michigan State. You will learn why he runs certain plays at certain times. He also gives some insight into why he prefers pro-style sets. Coach Izzo also details some of the players he’s had through the years and how he best used their talents.

Tom Izzo Zone Offense

Using a whiteboard, Coach Izzo diagrams several sets that attack zone defenses. His core philosophy behind defeating the zone is to attack from inside out. He shows you his base set, the 1-3-1, and why he uses it to attack all zone defenses. Coach Izzo diagrams three of his go-to plays against 2-3 and 1-3-1 zone defenses and then demonstrates a few more with his players in a scrimmage format. You’ll see Izzo in action during a scrimmage session where you will see his players attack zone defenses and how he corrects them.

Man-to-Man Offense

Izzo uses packages of set plays to beat man-to-man defense. He breaks down five plays in his Horns and 452 Series of quick hitters using the whiteboard before showing them in live scrimmage action. Each set in Horns comes with a counter depending on how the defense is playing. All plays are designed to get the ball into the lane in some fashion.

Structured Transition Offense

Coach Izzo takes you through to practice drills to teach transition offense. It is imperative that a team learn to stay organized while playing fast. Coach Izzo’s drills show you all of the scoring options available in the two drills – the 5-on-0 Break and the Dummy War into Break. The 5-on-0 Break gives players an opportunity to walk through the drill and see each scoring opportunity.

End of Clock Execution

Teams must be able to execute in an end-of-clock situation. Coach Izzo teaches his players by placing 10 seconds on the shot clock as they go through a series of quick hitters.

Coach Izzo’s video is a treasure trove of information about how to play offensive basketball. There are plenty of nuggets to take and use in your program. Rent this basketball offensive playbook video today.