(Rental)-The Winning Combination Of The 4 Out 1 In & 5 Out Motion Offense


(Rental)-The Winning Combination Of The 4 Out 1 In & 5 Out Motion Offense

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Together as One! The Winning Formula of the 4 Out/1 In & 5 Out Motion Offense

Mike Brey has quietly won over 400 games at Notre Dame, a school more widely known for its historic football program. A three-time Big East Coach of the Year, Brey has helped the Fighting Irish compete at the highest level of the game by using a motion-based free-flowing offense that is predicated on sharing the basketball and playing as a team.

In this video, Brey takes you through two practice sessions which lay out the foundation of his offense. You will learn to run the offense against two different styles of defense and discover how to find scoring opportunities early in possessions. Coach Brey also provides breakdown drills to help you and your players learn the offense.

Day 1 Practice

The first 70 minutes of the video is dedicated entirely to offense. Brey stresses the importance of playing together as a unit and uses different drills – individual, pairs, four- and five-man units – to facilitate chemistry and efficiency. You will see how Brey puts his team through a series of exercises that lead up to the free-flowing offensive machine that is his motion offense. Coaching points include:

  • Using 2-man, 3-on-0, 4-on-0, 5-on-0, and 5-on-5 to incrementally put the pieces of the offense together to play as a whole.
  • Coach Brey reviews game film to explain the importance of an unpredictable offense driven by motion in an effort to obtain high percentage shots.
  • 2-on-0 drills pairing bigs and guards together to simulate and break down the most common offensive interactions between the two within the scheme.
  • Individual development using stations for bigs and guards in order to work on the skill sets needed to play within the framework of the offense.
  • Shell-based 5-on-0 work to practice sets such as Cutter, Circle, Wide, and more as a means of developing timing and pace necessary to maximize scoring opportunities
  • Executing transition offense in both 5-on-0 and 5-on-5 situations to increase pace and score when possessing a numbers advantage.

Day 2 Practice

The second practice maintains the emphasis on offensive execution, but a defensive element is added to complete the offensive equation. Coach Brey adds some wrinkles while emphasizing his idea of cohesion and playing as one. The second practice includes:

  • Individual shooting drills that help players develop a variety of moves based on their position.
  • Shell-based defensive drills that require communication, quick reaction time, and four- and five-player units acting as one to achieve defensive stops.
  • Multiple sets such as Cutter, Circle, Wide, and Slide executed in a 5-on-0 setting to practice proper spacing, pace, and timing.
  • All of the previously mentioned sets executed out of a transition attack.

Coach Brey’s video is a complete look at one of the nation’s most effective and efficient offensive attacks.